Wednesday, August 17, 2016

TAGgin' ARTymis News!

Skit time! You know you love 'em! 

Me: Good morning, everyone!
You Guys: Um, it's not even close to morning.
Me: Oh. Good afternoon, everyone!
You Guys: Nope. Past that, too.
Me: Fine, then! Good NIGHT everyone!!
You Guys: Good night! See ya tomorrow!
Me: .....

Ah, nothing like a good skit to start off a post! Well, maybe not GOOD...
Yes, I am aware that it may be morning or noon in other places, but I'm in the United States, so it's basically 11 PM. I get on my computer super late, I know. So ashamed...


Anyways, how have you all been? I surely hope you had a better day than I did! I had to get up at, like, 8 in the morning, for a volleyball camp that I'm going to for the entire week. But, I had a doctors appointment, so I had to leave an hour early. Had to get two shots, one on each arm, kinda under my shoulder. Why that detail matters, I do not know. 
I think one of them was a tetanus shot, and the one on my right arm still hurts when I stretch it out. Wouldn't it be ironic if that arm got the tetanus shot? A tetanus shot is making me feel like I need a tetanus shot! XD
I really need to stop saying tetanus shot...OH DANG IT!
After that was over, my mom dragged me off to another place to get an x-ray of my back. My mom has a really bad back, in fact, it was even curved! She also can get migraines, and she's got pretty bad eyesight.
Guess who inherited all that.    ): /
My eyesight's pretty bad, I gotta admit. I have glasses, but I don't normally use them. I actually like them, but I just don't like keeping track of them. I've also gotten a couple migraines in the last few years. You know, the really, REALLY bad headaches? 
But, getting back on topic, I had to put this blue robe-thing on for the z-ray. 
Oh my gosh, I just typed z-ray! XDDD
X-ray, I mean.
Then, the lady doing the x-ray taped a little metal ball to my back, and I had to stand still with my head up and not breathe as the x-ray took pictures. Wasn't
After that, we went and got DQ.   c:
I was going to have to go shoe shopping, which I hate almost as much as jeans/shorts shopping, but thankfully, my mom said we could do it tomorrow! 
Probably won't be so thankful tomorrow...

Oh're kidding me. YOU'RE KIDDING ME.
I just typed z-ray two more times!!! What is wrong with me!? 
Fixed. :1

When I got home, I had to practice a song for a choir performance that I'll be doing tomorrow. It's quite a high song, almost too high for me to sing, but I switched from soprano to alto, so it's a bit easier! Good news is, I get to sing the Cup Song this week too! Sweet! Something in my range, AND I like the song! 
Why is it just called " Cup Song", though? I mean, I know there's a cup thing that goes with it, but honestly! Give the song a real name! I think it should be called " When I'm Gone", but it's not like I can change song titles. 

Oh, right! I ALSO have a book I need to finish for a summer reading school project! And I gotta do 3 "activities" with it! Delightful. This week is TOTALLY not stressful at all. *Sarcasm, of course!*

Well, that's my story! Sorry I babbled on for so long! How about we get onto the part of the post that's NOT about my day?

First up, we've got yet another tag, made by Penguin55544! Awesome! I love doing these! Each one is different, and that's why they're so fun! 
I was gonna make an AJ tag, too, but I figured that we've got quite enough tags going around in the blogging community for now! I will do one sometime soon, though!
Let's get going on that tag!

1. Overflow was one of my favorites, since it's great if you need some quick gems! But, since it's not exactly super fun, I'll be going with Best Dressed! It's challenging, fun, and there's no telling who'll be winning the next round!
2. Item. Ohhh no. Not this again. I can't pick just ONE, you guys!! Out of all the clothing AND den items!? *Faints*
But, if a question is asked, I need to have an answer. So let's see...
Okay, I already can't decide. So I'm doing a favorite item for each category. 
Guess what my favorite clothing item is? Guess!

If you guessed Peacock Feathers, you are correct!

Now let's see...den items...hmm...
Honestly, I'm going with Masterpieces!

They express me, they show how I've improved, and plus, they look pretty swagalicious in dens! I also LOVE seeing other jammers' Masterpieces! 
3. His name starts with a "Gree" and ends with a "ly"
Ahem, I mean, Greely.
4. Does this answer your question?
Hopefully yes.
5. Ooo, I've never been asked this before!
I found out about AJ by reading a magazine. A Nat Geo Kids magazine. There was a little quiz, and one of the questions asked about an Animal Jam Alpha. It was either about Cosmo or Graham. I saw the words "virtual world of Animal Jam", and...
Wait a moment. No, this isn't right! Yes, I first found out that AJ existed by reading that magazine, but I JOINED AJ because of my best friend! I had a sleepover party that year, and the next day, my friend asked if I wanted to see her "Animal Jam".
Call me crazy, but I thought Animal Jam was a DS game at first. I'm serious.
When I found out that it was a computer game, I instantly liked it! A game where you could basically BE wild animals! Sign me up! 
I believe I DID sign up the next day.
6. Mmm, tough one.
I don't exactly LIKE it, no. I mean, it sells animals, which I'm grateful for, and dens, but it's honestly not really needed! If AJHQ had stuck to gems, they're be no need for the Diamond Shop. 
If you ask me, that Diamond Shop is kinda supporting non-member discrimination. Since non-members can only get diamonds from memberships, or very lucky Daily Spins, it basically is off-limits to them. D:

Now I gotta tag some people! Let's see...I tag...


And finally, the last person I tag...


I hope you all have fun doing these tags! :)
I just realized I didn't tag anyone for yesterday's tags! Oops.
I'm a lazy bum, though, and I don't feel like going back on more blogs to figure out who's already been tagged and who hasn't. So, to satisfy you all... I TAG EVERYONE WHO HASN'T DONE THOSE TAGS YET! 

Alrighty! What's next on the topic list?

Ah, yes! Art!

This isn't as much a topic as it is a shoutout, but oh well.

A HUGE thanks to Purplestarclub, for making me this A-MA-ZING drawing of my wolf!
Honestly, I see no flaws. I love it!!

I'll be posting a little something I created for YOU very soon, Purple!!!

I love getting fan art, so if you're a good artist, and you feel like making me something, go on ahead! Even if you think you're not a good artist, you still have permission to make me any art! ;)

Oh! By the way, I'm working on a pretty big a piece of art for all my friends and blog contributors! If you don't see yourself on this list, please be sure to let me know so I can add you!

Flora Cutegirl
CanineClaw AJ
Cosmic Cheetah

This is gonna take a LOT of work, but hopefully I can pull it off! You'll be seeing the finished product soon! :D

We're down to our LAST topic of this post! Finally!

So, as you all probably know, I LOVE creating fanfictions. I'd love to post them all on this blog as new pages, but that'd be way too many pages! 
Then I thought: Why not make a whole new BLOG just for my fanfictions?!

Now, I'm aware that this idea is not exactly...original. CanineClaw AJ and Cookycupcake already did this, with a blog called the Animal Jam Story Books
But this little story-blog would feature my stories, and mine only. Yes, I will give shoutouts if you guys have any good fanfics you want me to mention, but no one will be posting on this blog except for me. I don't exactly know how to add authors, anyway...To be honest, I don't want authors anyway. I love running the WJN as the one, sole author. It just feels Know what I mean?

Anyways, I think the new blog would be called " Swirl's Stories"! Got a nice ring, huh? Lol!

But, keep in mind that this idea of a new blog has NOT been approved. I haven't even mentioned it to my mom yet, who will decide if I can make more mini-blogs. If she says I can, then we've got ourselves a story blog!    c:

Alright. Now, I'm FINALLY done with this post! Sorry that it was so long! It's probably more fun to read than it was to type, hehe! My pointer finger needs a break! *Yes, I type with one finger.* 
I really hope you enjoyed this post! Remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON, and stay tuned for more info on The Weekly Jammer News!


  1. I have to have shots when I get back to school for a bunch of different things D: I'm TERRIFIED of needles after I had food poisoning, got dehydrated and ended up on a drip for 8 hours. That was the worst holiday of my life DX

    Also, my mum actually has a really bad back too. For a while, it was curved, but she started seeing someone who fixed it somehow.. Yeah I'm terrible with medical stuff XD
    Also, holy cow my mum and I get migraine too. I actually had one just yesterday, they're horrible. Never been x-rayed about it though...

    I hate shoe shopping too... My feet are huge and it takes forever to find shoes the right size XD

    I wish you luck with your reading assignment.. They can be torture even though I personally love reading. I just hate having to read a PARTICULAR book for school.

    You have an awesome masterpiece collection :0

    And I am so hyped for this giant project you're working on :oo

    Finally,I cant wait for you to post some stories :ooo!!

    1. :O
      You got food poisoning? That sound awful! D:
      Was it from a shot?

      Yeah, same here. She went to a chiropractor, and now, it's a lot better.
      Aw, I'm sorry about that. They aren't fun at all, are they?
      Oh, the x-ray was not for my migraines. It was for my back. The migraine detail was just added in there because I could. XD

      XD! I honestly hate most shopping. Unless I'm hanging in the toy or craft section of the store, I'm normally wishing it was over.
      It takes HOURS when we shop for shorts. D:(

      Thanks. I'm halfway through the book right now. I've got a friend who doesn't even have her book yet, though, so now I feel better, XD!
      Yeah, I hate doing that, too. I like to choose what I read for myself.

      Aw, thank you! They're all by me! You can stop by my den anytime if you wish to visit them. :)

      I'm excited to finish it and show you! :D

      I can't wait, either! I've got some ideas already!

    2. Oh XD I did assume it was for your back, just read it wrong.
      The food poisoning was probably from a slushy or chicken nuggets... Yeah it was pretty bad

  2. Funny thing, yesterday I had 3 shots, one on my left, 2 on my right.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you!!! All made by me! :D

      Well, except for Purple's drawing, of course!

  4. Ooh! I'm so excited to see the final result of the art you're making!! :DD


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