Monday, September 19, 2016

An Amazing Day!!!

Hello Jamaasians!!! How are you today, or, in my case, tonight? I'm actually doing quite well, because today, I went to my town's park! I've been there plenty of times before, but my family and I normally hang around the playgrounds, which are louder and not as nature-y as others. But today, we went to the quieter part, and WOW! I LOVED IT!
There was a little wading pool place, where my mom, sister, and brother hung out for a bit. I, on the other hand, decided to sit by the shallow stream and just look at it.
Okay, so maybe it sounds a little boring to some of you, but trust me, it's really relaxing to just watch the ripples for a while.
Plus, there were ducks and dogs scattered about, so that made it even better! A few ducks even swam so close, I could have reached out and touched them if I had tried! And if they had let me, hehe!
After walking around for a few minutes in the FREEZING cold wading pool water, my family went up to a little stage on top of a hill, that's used for performances. While they played around over there, I got to sit on a bench overlooking the lake. Hey, don't get me wrong, I love having fun, but I also love relaxing and just appreciating the nature around me, y'know?
Then, as we went on to another attraction, I realized how BEAUTIFUL that lake looked at night (the sun had just set)! It made me just want to sit and stare at it forever! Paradise, I swear.
We got to see a tree that was more than 1,000 years old! It's branches were so long, they stretched way out of the fenced-off area the trunk was in, and there was even a pole holding one up, XD! Looked pretty useless to me, though; with a trunk THAT thick, it wouldn't need supporting!
After that, we headed back. To be honest, I headed back pretty slow. XD
What? The park was just so PRETTY!! Mostly the lake! Man, how I wish I could've sat on one of those benches close to it and stared out across it.
I seriously wish I could live out in a forest or something. The bugs would dull the excitement a bit, but I'd still love it.

I don't know what the benefit of reading this post was, you guys. I just wanted to post this somewhere. Nature is amazing, you guys. NEVER destroy it. EVER.

I suppose I don't need to tell you that I didn't intend to brag in this post. You already knew that, didn't you? I hope so!

Oh, one last thing! Comment a number between 1 and 20 below. If you get the closest to my number, you get a mini Adopt-A-Pet gem code! I know it's not much, but I need to do something with it, since my brother doesn't play AJ!

Well, I suppose that's all I've got for today, my friends! Sorry that this wasn't really AJ related. I'll try to uncover some good news in Jamaa soon!
Remember to Party Hard, Take Care Of Nature, and JAM ON, everyone!


  1. Looks like you had an amazing day :D


    I had a pretty boring day yesterday. We just went to Costco and I was mentally screaming because they put mcsm on the cover of Guinness gaming records. Might have to get that one mainly because I'm curious ad to what records people have set for that game lol
    Still have no idea what the heckadoodles happened to my adobe account o.O

    1. I did! I hope I can do something like that again soon! :D


      XDDD, Costco!? How ironic. XD
      Woah, really!? That's awesome! I'll have to try MCSM sometime!
      Is anything else going on with it?

    2. I think the adobe thing was just a strange glitch... Idk

      Aaand I updated AJA and JH over on the AJFF. I'll put the new chapters here too soon


    3. MCSM is on the cover of Guinness Gaming Records?!?! AWESOME! I just finished the new episode!

    4. O m gosh another storymode jammer! Join the squad!*throws SkyWatcher a pig and a cookie*



    5. Ruebannnnnnnnn ='( COOOKIEEEEE =D


    7. Don't even think about it, SkyWatcher. I call dibs on that cookie.


    8. Its ok, I have enough cookies for everyone!
      *throws cookies at everyone*

      And I have REUBEN CLONES!
      *Reuben clones fire out of cannons* everyone can have a Reuben! Just don't let him try and save the world :'(


  2. DX There aren't any lakes where I live (this time I mean close to my house), not even fake handmade fountains!! You're so lucky!
    Number: 19

    1. Aw, I'm sorry! D:
      Bet you got some form of nature around you, though! c:

    2. O wait, there is a forest near my church! How come I forgot that XDDDD (a small one, but I think you can find squirrels and hedgehogs there).

    3. That sounds awesome! :o

      I'm in North America, so no wild hedgehogs here! :c

    4. I once spotted a baby hedgehog eating ants... SO KAWAIIIIIIII

  3. That park sounds amazing! I'm not too fond of the crowded, childish parks either. I myself, have visited one of these nature-y parks. They are just so amazing! Mine didn't have a lake, but they did have TONS of animals (mostly birds). I get why you headed out slowly, I wanted to stay there longer when I visited too. XD Nature relaxes so much. :')
    I'll enter the mini giveaway too. I'm guessing the number is... 8? Or something close to that, y'know. XD
    I'm glad you had a good day, mine was okay too. I went on a road trip with all of my family. It was tiring, but fun hanging out with my cousin. :D

    1. I know, right!? I felt sooo calm there! It was quiet, but kinda loud, if you know what I mean. You know, loud with little animal and water noises and all that, hehe!
      XD! Actually, it's not 8 this time! It was going to be, but when I told my sister, she said "Is it 8?"
      So I had to choose a different number. XD
      Ooo, a road trip, huh? That sounds pretty fun! :D

  4. I love nature. It makes me feel free y'know?

  5. uhhh i guess the number .... 11!
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. Thanks for guessing, and reading this blog, King! :)

  6. Hi Swirl! Anyway, I was looking through my Jamagram and I found a really old one from you, and this was from long before I had started blogging. Any idea what it was for?

    1. Hmm, from when you weren't blogging, you say? What does the JAG say?

    2. It said something like "That sounds fair!" Maybe I was asking what my trade was worth or something? Also, I choose 17!

    3. Hm, I honestly don't know what that was from!

      Thank you for guessing! :)

  7. Oh, that sounds sooo darn pretty! <3 I love naturey things. Like waterfalls and snuff. XD (yes, I just said snuff instead of stuff. Koolest says that all the time... :P) Oh man, when I said waterfalls, it made me think of a memory when I was little. Me and my family were visiting relatives in BC and we were driving around. We stopped by this gorgeous, big waterfall. We decided to take a family picture in front of it. Well, I apparently either didn't like the waterfall or taking a photo because I started crying. (Which is not a pretty sight because I'm not a silent crier. I'm loud and my face gets red. XD) So my mom was holding me and trying to get me to look at the camera and smile. But in the picture, I'm all weird looking. XD (Btw, I was 5 soo it wasn't like this was last year or something. XD)

    OHH! A CONTEST!! XD (I accidently thought it said you were giving a special clothing code from the adopt-a-pet houses. Not a gem code. XD But still, AWESOMESAUCE! XD) Um, uhh... *squeezes eyes shut* #16! Or maybe #12... UGH! *closes eyes again* #16, PLEASE WORK FOR MEEEE! XD

    (Also, Swirl, I really wanna talk with you on AJ. Hopefully we can get on sometime at the same time. Soon. o.o XD)

    1. XDD, snuff!
      Hehe, well, I'm not exactly a silent crier either. And I still don't exactly love people taking pictures of me either. XD

      Haha, no, just gems this time! I'm sure to do more code giveaways soon!
      Man, let me tell you, you're not far off with that guess!

      Okay! I hope we can, too! What time do you get online? If I finish my homework super early tomorrow, I may be able to meet you!

    2. XD
      Heh, yeah. Me neither. XD My auntie loves taking pictures and like she moves the camera toward me and I'm like, "Noo!! *covers face*" XD And then my parents are like, "What if when your older, you wonder why there aren't many pictures of you. Then what?" XD

      Hey, gems rock. XD

      Umm, I'll be able to come on today at 7pm... Does that work? :D

    3. Oh, actually, can we see each other at 7:20pm today instead of just 7? Sorry! >.< And I hope you see this in time!!!

    4. XDDDD

      Then I'd be happy that I didn't have to remember my cheesy fake picture smile. XD

      See ya at 7! :D

  8. O m gosh

    You have to watch this

    It is the best thing ever to be created.

    Just.. Watch it. *shoves series in Swirl's face*


  9. Lol hi, I just made my first animation! You can watch it on AJCC and on the Animating site! I hope you like it!

    1. Really? Awesome! Gonna watch it right now!

    2. XDDDDDD
      Oh my gosh, that was hilarious! I'm watching it again! Outstanding job!

  10. Hey Jammers! looking for a great Blog? Why not look up, The "Teens guide to Animal Jam!"
    This blog has RIM post, MOVIE REVIEW post, and more!
    check it out!
    *King Tough Bunny

  11. o.O How come I forgot that MY SCHOOL IS IN A FOREST D:
    This is incredibly silly of me, like, how?!


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