Saturday, September 24, 2016

Swirl's Room #2

Are you tired of the same old informational blog posts?

Wish those bloggers would show you something nobody knows about yet?

Well, never fear, because now, The Weekly Jammer News brings you...

Hehe! So, did you guys like that intro! I kinda did, XD!
Today, I got to watch my FAVORITE movie of ALL TIME...THE JUNGLE BOOK! Although it took like an hour. The 2016 version, not the old cartoon one. If you haven't watched it yet, I HIGHLY recommend it!

Remember how on one post, I posted pictures of things in my room to show you all? Well, I've decided to do that again, and make a series out of it called Swirl's Room! Of course, it features things I've got in my room! I'm not trying to brag about my room, I promise. I just really like showing pictures of things around my house, for some...odd reason. XD
Well, what am I waiting for? Let's get this started!

A while back, I filled out a form, found on the Animal Jam Community Blog, that was supposed to get you a free AJ toy. I had completely forgotten about it, until my mom told me I got a package from Animal Jam in the mail! I opened it, and... AN AJ ADOPT-A-PET!! I colored over my address and name stuff and all that I even need to say it? I'm guessing not. Look at that amazing painting, though. #skillz
I looked on the Adopt-A-Pet bag-thing, and I saw...
Woah! A code AND a 1 week free membership!? EPIC!
This is the little pet I got:
Isn't it cute!? The tongue is green it's poisoned but oh well! It's still adorable! I'm thinking of customizing an Adopt-A-Pet to look like Ultrapuppy, Bepper's pet puppy in AJ, since I've got two of them. I've got this pink one, and a green one, but because AJHQ actually sent me this one, maybe I'll change the green one. The ears are not like Ultrapuppy's, but hey, it's not the end of the world!
My AJ shelf in my closet! It's looking pretty cool so far, if I do say so myself!
 Here's a close up picture of my joey, which is a gem pet, and my new arrival arctic wolf, also a gem pet! The joey's got a hat and the arctic wolf has a crown. Speaking of arctic wolf pets, ever notice that, on the Adopt-A-Pet checklist thing, the word "arctic" is spelled wrong?

This is my LPS shelf! Quite full, wouldn't you say?
I can't help myself! I've loved LPS for a LONG time. They're just so CUTE!!!!!!!!
Oh yeah, and those stuffed animals back there are the Buddies. c:
The things in the front are my mini tapes. c;
Two LPS kitties I customized to look like warrior cats! The grey one is Yellowfang, and the tortoiseshell one is Spottedleaf!
Oh, I also have a Great Dane LPS. Be very jealous. XDD
 I LOVE Perler Beads. I LOVE Animal Jam. Therefor, I decided to make Animal Jam Perler Bead creations! If you can't tell, they are a phantom, Zios, a Mira silhouette, my wolf, Snowyclaw's wolf's head, and a Rainbow Cloud!
 I'm obsessed with a LOT of things, and stuffed animals are included! These are the Beanie Boos on my bed...
And these are the ones on my wall shelf! I also have 5 Nintendogs toys!
Pretty much ALL of my Ty stuffies! My favorite is the collie on the right!
Lastly, a mini DJ Pon-3 toy collection! One's a minifigure, one's a Funko figurine, and the other is a cupcake-head-thing from Five Below! Yes, I'm a pegasister.
* If you don't know, Five Below is a store where everything in it is $5 or less*

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! Would you like to see more posts of this picture series? I certainly enjoy making them! Tell me your thoughts in the comments below! Until tomorrow, this is swirlshine, signing off. Remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON, everyone! Swirl...OUT!


  1. O.o I love BB's (BeanieBoo's) too!
    Hehe, I have to upload on AJAC OR AJCC a picture of my LPS collection,too. I've been collecting them since I were 2 or 3, and so did my sister XD
    Aw, now I want an Adopt-a-pet too! ME WANTS ADOPTEHPEEET

    1. YAAAAY!!!!
      Ooo, now THAT I wanna see!! I've collected LPS since I was young, too!
      XD! Can you get them anywhere in your country yet?

  2. Whoaaa that's a lot of stuff o.o


    My room is mostly dominated by shrines such as..

    Cowboy shrine
    Pen shrine
    Reuben shrine
    Warriors shrine
    Minecraft shrine
    Animal jam shrine
    Tsum tsum shrine (my grand collection of three!)
    Webkinz shrine
    And plant shrine.

    I am a questionable individual XDD

    And those LPS customs are really good o.o I couldn't risk it myself since I don't buy LPS anymore so if it failed, I couldn't buy a replacement. Criess

    And holy cow that is one amazing shelf of glory. So many stuffed animals o.o
    I'm probably the only person in my year group who still obsessively collects soft toys, so I always marvel at everyone's collections XD


    1. Yup. My room is sorta big...ish. XD


      That sounds like an epic room, honestly. Can I visit your house one day? XD

      You have no idea how many people would question me if they saw what went on in my house. XD

      Ah, I get it. I just buy 'em off ebay when I feel like it. XDD

      *Sends AJKRAFT duplicates of all her LPS so she can customize them* XDDD

      Yes it is, thank you, hehe!
      I'm pretty sure I'm the same. :P

  3. Cool! I'm obsessed with collecting plushies too, hehe... They're just too soft, cute and fluffy, who can resist? XD Those perler beads are super amazing! You have some serious talent in those.
    The adopt-a-pet thing sounds so cool, but it isn't available in my country. Jazwares did say that they'll keep me in mind when they send out free AJ toys for review on YouTube channels next time so not a total fail, I might say. XD
    Yes, I'd love to see more of these posts! :D

    1. I know, right!!!?? They're adorable!!
      Aw, thanks!!
      Aw, I'm sorry about that! Good thing they'll keep you in touch, though! c:
      Awesome! Then I'll start planning the next one! :D

  4. OMG I LOVE SLUSH THE BEANIE BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Also, Swirl, a friendly warning:
    you should actually blur your address, because I think I can see it XD
    No, I'm not going to stalk you, don't worry. I live in Europe anyways XD, but you should make it blurry :P

  6. Or it is the address of the people who sent it? Because I just noticed a white thing in the package that looks like correction fluid. Lol XD

    1. It's the address I got it from. I blurred out mine.

      Yeah...I really need to get a better editing program... XDD

  7. The rainbow kinda reminds me of neon cats rainbow XDD Those are soo cool!

    reply if you think Zios is a WAFFLE!! (XD)

    1. XD, yeah, it actually does look like Nyan Cat's rainbow! And thank you!! :)

      I think he's a spirit with no true form, meaning he can shapeshift.
      Or a waffle. XDD

  8. (note: if you saw my JAG, it is something important -check AJCC- you mustn't share. Read the post pls)

  9. Okay, I'm apparently looking back in time today. XD

    I just wanted to say, I think this is one of the posts that totally hooked me into reading WJN! :D I'm glad I stayed here because this blog is my favorite AJ blog! :D


    1. XD!

      Wow- that's awesome Lost! I'm so glad that this post made you stay around- you definitely are one of my best friends ever!
      And aww, thank yoou! That means a lot to me!! ,:DD

      XD, I'm glad you like it!!


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