Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Hey, guys.


You Guys: What, no peppy intro today?
Me: Er, no, not really.
You Guys: 😱😱😱😲😲😲

Sorry. Despite my mood, these emotes are quite fun.

Anyway, I'm guessing you all are wondering what's wrong with me, huh? Where'd the random, peppy Swirl go?
In the basement. For a few days, I'm guessing.

Well, let's just start by saying that my day was horrible. Yippee.
At basketball, I messed up, and almost everyone in that gym was yelling their heads off because...well, I dunno. Half of those basketball girls can be brats sometimes.
And yeah. Then I pretty much lost it and just screamed "I'M DONE."
I mean, I told the coaches, but still. That brought me down.

On top of that, I twisted my ankle pretty bad before school ended, and now it hurts. 😒😒😒

Oh, but that's not all!

Okay, so, I keep forgetting to post about this, so here you go. My guinea pig, Cookie, isn't doing well. At all. We saw she wasn't eating, and figured out it was because of her back teeth being too long. So, my mom took her to the vet, and the vet tried to file her teeth down. I thought that'd be the end of my worrying, at least, for a little while.


She still hasn't been eating. We've been having to feed her by squirting liquid food into her mouth. I still thought she'd be fine soon.

Well, my mom brought Cookie out today, and...yeah. She didn't want to eat, drink, or even sit up. She just lay there, kinda-sorta blinking.

My mom said she'll take her to the vet again, but she thinks they won't be able to do anything.

Meaning I have to choose whether to wait and see what happens to her, or...well...um...I don't wanna say it. You can probably guess what I mean.

I had hoped this day wouldn't come. The last time I dealt with a dead pet was when I was, like, 5! I don't know how to react, what to say, anything. And it's not like I want to go to school tomorrow, either. Honestly, I'm keeping all this to myself, but I'm incredibly scared about what's going to happen next! I don't want her to DIE!!!😢😢😢😢😩😩😩😩😖😖😖😖😢😢😢😢
To be honest, though, I think I'll have to deal with it. She obviously doesn't care to stay alive anymore, and I don't want her to suffer, but I also don't want to just let her die that quick.
I just...I...I dunno.

So that's my life for you. My super, awesome, AMAZING, FUN MODERN LIFE!!! *Gets louder and flings something at the wall on every word*


  1. Ohh.... :'( *sniff*

    *hugs Swirl for a long time*

    *prays for Swirl and her guinea pig Cookie*


  2. Oh... Swirl.... *hugs through screen*

    I'm so sorry about what happened with basketball. All those people need to smarten up. They had NO right to yell! That is just plain rude and dumb.


    And about your guinea pig... I've never had a sick pet, let along a pet at all. But I do know how it feels to miss a pet.

    When I was taking care of Mocha for two weeks, she ran away on us.

    We were letting her out to pee in the backyard when this bunny comes. Mocha runs after it, right through the hole in the fence. Into another yard.

    I frantically call Mocha's name. Nothing. She's gone.

    I tell Koolest to get her leash and treats and to HURRY! I run out to the street, onto the sidewalk that runs by some backyards. My stomach is feeling really sick. My mind is going, "What if she is gone?" then "What if I have to put up lost posters?" and lastly "What if she gets hit by a car?"

    I peek past some bushes and almost yell in relief. There is little Mocha, standing in a yard. I run through the bushes, scoop her up, and rush out. I hug her and walk back.

    I know it isn't like a pet being sick but... In Jesus name Cookie gets better. I'll pray for her and you. <3

    Do you have a picture of her on this blog?

    *hugs forever*

    1. Thank you so much, Lost. I knew posting that and reading comments like yours would cheer me up!

      Oh wow! I feel that way when my dog gets out, too! Once, he got out at my grandmas house. By a busy road.
      Later, we got a call from a guy saying he had Rocky (our dog). We met him at a store's parking lot, and he said Rocky had walked right in front of a truck! Thank goodness he didn't get hit!!!

      I don't believe I do yet. I'll post one today. Again, thank you so much. You're awesome. :,)

  3. awww, hope your week gets better!
    My cat Smokey has a problem, she has blood in her (uh you know) and we have to take her to the vet, This happened with Fire too, we took her to the vet and they said it was caused by a cheep kind of cat food! and i was like "What????" And guess what they said?
    "in some kinds of cheep cat food, they put little pieces and rocks, bone, and glass"
    me: "WHAT?!?!?!?!??!"

    BTW this comment didn't show up in the old pictures YOUR PICTURE OF THE HAMSTER I THINK LOOK REALLY CUTE! XD
    *King TOugh Bunny

    1. Thanks Ja. ,:)

      Aww, I'm sorry for Smokey, and Fire, too!
      Wait wait wait.

      Hehe, thanks! But I could do better now. :)

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 😭😭😭😭😭 I just feel so bad for you ;( I can't believe those girls would be screaming. You know, if this gets really bad, maybe you could possibly talk to your parents about being put in a Christian school, or being homeschooled. I'm homeschooled, but I know what your talking about. I once witnessed a bunch of crazy Middle Schoolers walkin out of class o.o I've seen this because we do Good News Club at this one Middle School. But oh my kids were screamin, some looking depressed- oh my XD

    But in all seriousness, you may have to do something.. You might be bullied for it.. But in the end, it would be worth it. To be Gods light in such a dark place. Even if that means just helping to clean up a little bit, or if someone doesn't do good in basketball, tell them to keep try

    1. That's not a bad idea. However, that would mean I loose all my school friends I have (which is like 4 haha). It'd be nice, but being the shy person I am, I wouldn't really get many chances to socialize, you know?
      Yeah, that's middle school for you. You only have to watch the kids to know what it's like. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in that whole dang school who doesn't cuss, too.

  5. (Lock up)

    ing, and not give up. :) they might wonder why you would be doing this, and that's a golden opportunity to share your faith.

    *Starts balling* Cookie!! 😱 I can't imagine how hard that would be to go through.. The only pet death I've gone through, is flushing my fishies

  6. Down the toilet >.< CICI!!!!

    Oh man D: I'll be praying for you! And Cookie too! I hope she'll be okay.. ;( 🐹

    A twisted ankle o: that does not sound pleasant o.o I think my dad either had a twisted ankle, or a sprained ankle. Honestly, it was hilarious how it happened.

    We were going out to check the mail, and I was walking to the mailbox faster then he was, and all the sudden, I look back, and he's practically ROLLING down the driveway of the house next door. He's lying on the sidewalk, in pain, and I'm like SHOULD I GET MOM?? Dad: No it's okay.. Me: *runs inside the house XD* MUM! DAD FELL! *mom grabs her phone and races outside* he rests inside, and has an ice bag on his leg, and a few days later (maybe a week idk) and he's okay XD

    I hope your ankle feels better soon!!

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Aw, thank you! I hope she'll be okay, though I dunno anymore.....

      Yeah, it hurts pretty bad. :1

      XDDD, that image in my mind of your dad rolling down the sidewalk is pretty funny! XD
      I'm glad he's okay, though! And thanks!

  7. I'm sorry you're feeling down D: Ok lets do this Kraft international friend helpline is a-go!

    1. I suck at sports and people frequently yell at me and call me a sloth etc. My advice is to keep on trying. And OM I hate those bratty girls. There is this one group of girls at my school who are literally such airheads you could turn them into balloons and have them lift an elephant from Africa to Mars.
    My advice is to keep a cool head, like an icicle, and just give them death glares when they fill up with carbon dioxide.
    2. Awww! I can definitely relate to this. In my life, I have lost 7 pets. Backflip and Willow the hamsters, Sooty and Smokey the gerbils *starts to tear up* and two dogs, Pip and Yoyo. And Fred the fish who was carried off by Mir-a heron. I really hate pet deaths, but sometimes it's the kindest thing to stop them suffering, which was the case for me with Willow, Pip and Yoyo. I get too emotional talking about death, so I'm just gonna stop here.

    I really hope you feel better soon. I wish I could give you a giant hug :(
    Wait! But I can!
    *lights portal*
    *appears in Swirl's room*
    *suffocates Swirl by hugging her too hard XD*

    My life isn't amazing right now. As always, basically everyone in my form hates me for no reason. I guess not swearing, throwing mascara around the room and being a drama queen makes me dumb or something? All I really care about in school is grades, because I know all those airheads will be my cashiers in ten years time X')

    my life goal is still to drive past all my haters in a limo and throw cockroaches and mouldy potatoes at them.
    please don't ask I just really hate a bunch of people


    1. 1. That's just wrong. Let me come to your school so I can hate on those people. XD
      XDDDDDDD, that airhead part made me laugh!!
      I'll do that, hehe!

      2. Woah, that's a lot! I'm so sorry! D,:
      But that's true. I dunno, though.
      I just got home, though, and now I'm scared to check in my room...

      *Gasps* Ahh...Kraft...room...growing...dark...

      Same here. I wish you were at my school, or I was at yours. Then we could be the jammers in a school full of humans. XD

      That's a very good life goal. Can I join you in that? I've got a bag of expired cheese all ready to throw! ):D

      And same again. You have no idea how many people I hate. :l

  8. Awwww. Im sorry to hear about that swirl. I hope everything gets better soon:) Good luck!

  9. Heh, don't worry when messing up at something, I mess up at stuff all the time but them I suddenly become really good at what I messed up and it's all back to ''normal''.

    Aw, I hope Cookie will be fine... So far, I've lost 13 pets, 5 birdies (canary-canary-australian paradise bird-australian paradise bird- australian paradise bird), a turtle and 7 fish (I don't remember all their species) out of 16! (except Max, 2 of the birdies are still alive. They actually are now free, flying around, which means they aren't exactly my pets anymore). Oh. Without the pigeons born in our balcony. 5 out of 8 of them survived. Which is actually good since our neighbors hate pigeons...
    Don't worry about Cookie. A GP'S (guinea pig's) average lifespan is about 4 years. Try to save her, but if it is impossible, make sure she is comfortable. Oh, also, this is quite random but I've got life experience, it is said that animals don't go to Heaven. Well, I really doubt they don't. It's a pretty long story, but I'll let you know what happened (not to a pet of mine) some time. But what I have to tell is, do your best, but God knows best when it's Cookie's time to leave. I don't have any experience on Guinea Pigs, and rodents in general, but try giving her some sort of really soft fruit, like softened peaches (I gave that to one of my pigeons, but it didn't have any teeth.. XD Well, what matters is that he survived).

    This is kind of random.
    Today I saw exactly what could ruin my day,no, my week. Although my eye was saved, it is my birthday (this Saturday) and my friends will come over, Snowyclaw buddied me, I saw something horrid that ruined my week. I don't want to talk about it much, but, believe it or not, it crushed my good mood.

    1. You know what? I think that happened to me, too! I realized that I'm actually a bit better than what I thought I was today, when we had our first scrimmage!

      13!? I'm so sorry! D,: But I am glad some are still out there!

      Yeah, I know. I wish it was longer. I hate sleeping alone in my room. I just need a living thing in there to alert me if there's danger, you know?

      What!? Who said that!? I believe pets do go to Heaven, otherwise, what would happen to them? They deserve peace in their afterlife, too! :)


      Snowyclaw buddied you!?

      More proof that I'm not popular, XD! Just kidding! That's awesome! :D

      I really wanna ask what happened, but if you're not comfortable telling, that's fine with me. ;)

    2. See :D

      Lol I'm not so sure but I did spend loads of time with Chip.

      Although that's not my ''mysterious'' fear, I kinda freak out when I'm home alone. I'm like, paranoid and check every single sound I hear bc I don't want burglars to break in the house D: (lol still quite impossible. Our new door is too swaggy to be damaged BP)

      Some girls at the camp (no, most people at the camp) where I spent my summer holidays said that ''animals have no soul because they are no humans''. What hurt me the most was that some girls were kicking and swearing at the cats, but no-one would ask them to stop except the (main) camp-leaders and the cooks. And of course, me and my best friend. When someone hit Mata, I would immediately cuddle her. SO FUZZY KITTI :3
      But we eventually got proof that animals DO recognize their creator.
      It was a Sunday morning. Me, my best friend and 2 other girls (that didn't really like animals) were heading to the church when we saw that poor little dog that was covered in fleas :( She wouldn't come close to anyone, so she was absolutely harmless, yet both of the other girls tried avoiding even seeing her. Poor doggie, she really suffered :(((
      I forgot to mention that, next to the basketball court there was a very,very small church.
      So when we were heading off the church, that girl (who was actually the one to say that animals don't go to Heaven) saw that dog inside the little church. She tried to take her out of the little church without touching her, by poking her with a stick, but, that mild, quiet dog eventually growled. Not much, it was just a warning.Which was really surprising because that dog quite looked like a moving skeleton!

      Thaaaaank yoooooooou :D

      She didn't buddy me because she read AJCC XD, I (it was actually my sister playing at that moment) randomly saw her in Crystal Sands and she sent a buddy request to me and 2 more people :D

      It was one of the saddest things I've ever seen in real life, a dead cat with.. well, I don't want to add details. I don't really mind sharing that with you and the other bloggers, but I didn't like that picture :,(
      And what I minded the most was, that I were the only one who seemed sad. (I saw the cat right after school) I don't want to force people love cats, but a girl from my class (who usually acts normally) was chatting with other girls about that, and didn't seem to have any respect to it!

      Lastly, I found a song with lyrics which will probably encourage you when you're having a hard time. I haven't watched the videoclip and I don't think I will, since I can only concentrate to the song, and I listen to it by entering a website that only has tunes, but idk if it's safe for any computer :P Tell me if I'm allowed to comment the lyrics, it truly is a beautiful song! Even if you don't like Rock music, you'll love this one!

      Woo, that was a long comment! Anyways, cya!

    3. I would reply to all that, but I don't feel like typing a lot today.

  10. Awww! *hugs through screen* Hope your ankle feels better soon! D: Poor lil hamster... :( I will be praying for you! Remember, God never abandon's you. He is always there in the good and bad times

    1. *Hugs back* Thanks, Sarah!! Now, I gotta listen to some Warriors animation songs and OWL CITY MUSIC!!!!!!! WOO!!!

  11. **UPDATE**

    I think I know what you have to do to help Cookie! As strange as it sounds, you have to give her some wood to nibble. You see, I suddenly remembered that rodents' teeth don't ever stop growing, and they have to munch all the time so their teeth won't grow too much!

    1. Ah, yes. We thought of that, and bought them some chew sticks, but Cookie won't even eat on her own anymore. My mom is having to feed her with a little shot-tube thingy by putting liquid food in it and squirting it in her mouth. ,:(

  12. https://m.youtube.com/user/MymomiscoolAJ

    If you feel down, just watch through basically all of this guys videos.
    It's a very good technique to become happy


  13. ::sends internet hugs::

    :Sends more in case it didnt send the first time::

  14. Awww, thank you Cooky! And thank you all for your support! I feel much better now! :D

  15. Hiya Swirlshine! How's Cookie doing this week? I hope she's doing okay 😣

    Remember, God made YOU! And cookie too CX

  16. Replies
    1. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww noooooooooooooo:( I'm sorry for your loss swirl.


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