Monday, February 20, 2017


Hola Eevees! 😋
Sorry...I like Eevees.

Okay, so that was awkward.

Anyways, today, I have a story to tell you all...about tonight. Well, I'm posting this after midnight, and you guys will see this tomorrow, so I guess you can call it yesterday. Whatever it is. Let's just begin.

Okay, so, tonight, there was a tornado warning. A literal TORNADO WARNING!!! 
I'm terrified of all natural disasters. However, the only ones that really occur where I live are floods and tornados. But tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes...they're are deadly. So therefor, I'm scared of them.
But not just scared. TERRIFIED.
I'm not kidding. Tornados make me insane with fear. 
But anyways, I heard there was a tornado warning, which means that someone actually SAW a tornado somewhere close by. So, being my natural, freaked-out self, I literally said "Bye", then grabbed my computer (with my headphones attached), computer charger, phone, Eevee stuffed animal, and my favorite LPS, and went into our laundry room. Our laundry room has no windows or glass, so it's basically the safest room in the house, seeing as we have no basement (but do any houses nowadays?). 
So yeah, I went and hid in there. Along with my things I had brought. I brought my phone because, well, I'm not getting another one if it gets destroyed, my LPS and Eevee because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, and lastly, my computer, because...well... it's my only link to you guys. If I lose all my electronic devices, then I don't have any way of posting, playing AJ, or reaching you all ever again. My computer is the closest thing I have to my Blogger friends, and if I go down, my computers goes with me!
But yeah. I hid in there, along with a pillow to cover my head, just in case, until 11:45.
Unfortunately, about 10 minutes before 11:45, my dad yells "Oh, now there's a tornado warning until 12:45!"
And I literally lost it and screamed with rage, because I was not planning on moving out of the laundry room (not to mention out of my fear zone as well) until the warning was gone.
However, he turned out to have been kidding, and I was very triggered and told him so. Hehe. Sorry Dad, but that's NOT a funny prank in my mind.
By the way, the whole time I was in there, I was preparing and freaking out about how I didn't want to die.

So there you go, peeps! my short story of insanity! Sorry I can't make this post longer! My mom wants me off the computer soon, sadly.
But I CAN try to post tomorrow, so (hopefully) see you then, everyone!!!


  1. Some time ago I'd see all these fires (not even a warning, just bushfires and stuff lol) and I'd pack an emergency bag full of the stuff I liked and didn't want burnt just in case a fire happened. It never did. Still pretty relatable XD

    1. XD!
      That'd seriously be me, though, hehe.

  2. I'm so glad there are no tornadoes where I live X_X Only hailstones :)
    That must have been terrifying! Tornadoes are nasty :T

    1. Hail? I've never really seen much hail here...ever.

      Yes, it was!
      However, I'm terrified of lots of things, so...

  3. Oh my goodness! That sounds so insane! I hate natural disasters too, although not a lot happen in my country. But we get a lot of earthquakes and I get scared everytime they do occur. I start sweating when I just see pictures of tsunamis. :P I've never experienced a tornado warning, but if I did, I'd freak out just like you did, maybe more. XD
    I'm so glad you are safe! :D

    1. Aw, lucky. We basically live in a (very hot) tornado state. That's the one thing I can't stand about my state. I can even tolerate the heat by going swimming all the time, XD!

      Aw, thanks! I'm glad I am too...XDD!

  4. Wow. There has been a few tornado warnings in my area but it never happens and probably will never happen. One Time when there was a warning though I started shaking and feeling a bit sick

    1. :o

      Someone had said on my dad's Facebook that it was within 5 miles of their home, and I was all "OHHHHHH GOSHH NO!!!!!!". XD!

  5. Oh my gosh.... :o

    That must have been so scary!!! D: *whimpers and hugs Swirl*

    I probably would have grabbed a whole lot of stuff too. XDD Like some books and a laptop and maybe my DS or...... XD

    I am actually quite scared of natural disasters too. Where I live, the only POSSIBLE one that could happen is a tornado because one almost hit near our house a long while back. I was pretty scared. I remember I was home with my siblings and my mom. The sky was a ugly shade of grey-green. My dad was still at work. The tornado didn't actually happen but I was sitting by the stairs, ready to bolt downstairs. (Yes, I got a downstairs. XD)

    *huggles* I'm just glad your safe and it didn't happen and your back with a post. ^.^

    1. *Hugs her back* SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Yesss!!!! The computers go with us!!!!!!!!! ):D

      Oh woah! The sky's never done that for our tornados, even though I watch for it pretty often. Plus, it's been dark most of the time, too. It seems like EVERY storm around here lately becomes a tornado.
      I even went outside once and made a video of the sunset, and I was "Oh my gosh, the sky looks so pretty today!!!"
      Then my parents said there was a tornado warning.
      Hehe! :P

      *Huggles back*
      Aw, thank yooou! ,:)
      I'm gonna try out a new after-school method that makes sure I can post more often! :D

  6. *imagines Swirl with everything in the laundry room*
    I hate tornados and I'm deafly afraid of them. Once, there was this GIANOUSMOUS storm! I think it was a tornado! You should've seen the wreckage it did to our forest.
    Trees uprooted
    Everything was in the way XD
    The Path (The Path is a thing from the entrance to the forest to a small pond) was ruined, trees everywhere :P We had to move everything (We???) I wasn't alloud in the forest *cries*
    But now we are,
    the forest use to be neat
    Now its not XDDD
    though it is super fun now O.O
    Way funner then before
    Then someone came to take the fallen trees :'( To make it so 'it would be easier to walk around' TURNS OUT THERE WAS MUD WHERE THE TWIN BIRCH TREES WERE.
    IT WAS SO FUNNNNNN *cries*
    This is not about protecting nature
    its about protecting our forest
    Im so weird.

    1. :O

      Aw, that sounds nice! You've got a forest to play in!? My house doesn't even have a mature tree in sight! ):l

  7. Sounds scary! I hope that doesn't happen again! But I'm glad you're okay. :)

    1. *Sigh* Sadly, tornados happen all the time around where I live.

      Thank you!! ,:)

  8. That's just... Wow!

    Idk why but I kinda like storms, but NOT tornadoes or anything like that. Just the rain is so relaxing..... *snores then wakes up* Oops! It's ten here :P

    1. Yeah, normal rainshowers are nice! Big, loud storms though... not so much.
      Rain would be a LOT more relaxing to me if it was banging loudly on the metal bench outside my bedroom window...XDDD!

  9. Ooh! I play with LPS too :D I'm so glad you lived! Idk what I'd do without u


      Aww, that's so sweet Gfox, thank you! :D

  10. I'm sorry swirl! I was in the claw den and I totally glitches out. Sorry! D:

  11. I've actually been through 2 tornadoes. The first was actually a long time ago, and there were several tornadoes in our area. One tornado got VERY close to my house. At the time, we didn't know it was a tornado because the power was out, so my whole family was literally standing by the window looking at the tornado-that-we-didn't-know-was-a-tornado across the street that was exploding the power lines XD That is literally the worst thing to do in a tornado.

    The next time was actually pretty recently, and my family had been watching the news as they talked about how there were tornadoes in the area when suddenly the house started BUZZING. We all had to get into the closet because we don't have a basement. I was clutching my laptop and diary and holding a pillow on my head XD Thankfully the tornado didn't damage my house too badly- it blew a lot of shingles off the roof, but other than that my house was unscathed. I've been pretty lucky with tornadoes, but I'm still terrified of them.



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