Monday, May 1, 2017


Me: Hello, everyone! So-
You Guys: Swirl?
Me: Um... yes?
You Guys: WHERE. ON. EARTH. HAVE. YOU. BEEN!!?? And what about Jamaasian Middle?
Me: I-
You Guys: Wait, you know what? THROW SWIRL IN THE BLOGGER JAIL!!!
You Guys: *Throws in jail cell* Don't come out until you've written the next chapter of JM!!!

XD! Hopefully you guys will let me outta there, once I've finished with this part of my post.

There's no doubt you've probably all noticed that JM was not posted until today (yes, the next chapter is up now, yay!). I actually have a very good reason, or, actually, reasonS, for not posting, and I'll tell you them right now.

Okay. Let's start with Monday, since I, uh, can't remember what really happened on Sunday...
Monday, I was gonna make the post. But then, hooray hooray, I had HOMEWORK to deal with. By the time I got on the computer, it was really late, and I wasn't going to have much time to post, anyway. 
Oh, that's right! I also had to run 2 miles on Monday, and let me tell you: IT WAS HORRIBLE!!! I was getting to the point where I couldn't breathe well anymore! And ohh man, was I getting mad.
But anyway, I was planning on posting Tuesday.
Tuesday is when it all got off track, though. After I had been home for a while, I got sick. Yippee. I was going to get on the computer, but I decided I'd much rather lay down instead.
Wednesday, I had to stay home from school, because I was still sick-ish. I lay in bed from the time school started to the end of it, because it literally made me feel worse when I stood up. So... yeah.
Thursday, I had to catch up on my schoolwork, and... uh... something else came up, too, although I'm not sure what.
Friday, I thought, "Finally, I can make that post!" But then, of COURSE, I began to feel really bad again, although not in the same way as before. I didn't even want to eat!
So I got home, fell asleep, didn't wake up until very early in the morning, and then went back to bed again.
Saturday..., well... I didn't really think there was much point, or that I could come up with 2 entries of JM in two days.
And so here we are now.

So there's my week for ya. Pretty chaotic. :1
I'm feeling better now, though, so don't worry! Hopefully, I'll be okay now!

I better get on with the post, since my mom wants me off soon.

Okay, so, a while back, Lostfairy tagged me in a little tag on her blog, called the One Lovely Blog Award tag. Believe me, I read that post, and I've actually been planning a reply-tag-thingy for a while now. I've just never had time.
However, I do now, so let's DO THIS THING!!!
Okay, so, I'm supposed to share 7 facts about myself. That's just what I'm gonna do! Hopefully, you all learn something new about me today! Enjoy my facts! :D

#1. I love acting crazy around complete strangers.
Okay, I know that sounds weird, but I'll explain that here.
Despite my introverted personality, I actually love being random and silly in public. So, sometimes, I say or do something in the car at a drive-through window or whatever, something that's VERY random. For example, once, at a drive-through window, I told the person giving us our food "Don't stop believin'!" XD!
My rule is, you can be weird around strangers, because you'll most likely never see them again in your life! XD!

#2. I actually want to discover portals.
I'm not kidding! I think they're out there somewhere, and we just have to find them! I'd really like to be the one to discover or create the first portal or something (although I think the logic on that's a bit iffy,...), but I don't exactly want to be a scientist or anything, so... dunno how that'll work out.
You can see how much I love the Blogger Portal idea, though.

#3. I have lots of "private" drawings.
Most of my drawings are "private", which means I don't let anyone see them, not even my friends and family. They're just personal to me... even though most of them involve cats.

#4. I have asthma. 
 Not exactly a positive fact or anything, but it's true. And because of this... I. HATE. RUNNING. I truly CANNOT run my fastest. If I do, my breathing gets really loud, and I feel sick, and... it's just not good. In fact, on Monday, when we ran the 2 miles in athletics, there was a time when, for maybe 10 seconds, I had to stop, because I couldn't gasp in enough air. Believe me, if I could rid myself of this problem, I would in a heartbeat.

#5. I HATE when people talk to me during movies.
Okay, so if it's a question or whatever, sure, I can live with that. But when people try to have a conversation with or make a face at me DURING a movie, I get very annoyed. On the inside, though. I can't exactly show it, otherwise... it just wouldn't turn out well. I definitely don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

#6.  I'm going to try and learn how to animate this summer.
I love watching Warrior Cats animations, and I want to make some, too! So, this summer, I'm going to focus on learning how to draw, and then animate, some funky warrior kitties! XD!
In fact, I'm going to make animations the main focus of my YouTube channel, which will ALSO be coming this summer! Stay tuned, my friends! ;P

#7. I normally have to make my AJ animals' colors match their clothing.
It;s just kinda a OCD trait of mine. They NEED. TO. MATCH. THE. CLOTHES. Well, most of the time. If I'm not following that rule, I pick the colors first, then go through all my clothing items to find things that look good. Sometimes, they look so good that I end up never changing that animal's look... XD!

There you have it, my friends! Everything seems to be in order now! JM is out, the post is finished, the tag is finally done... whew! Glad I got that straightened out!
Well, sadly, I have to go now. I have school tomorrow (although you'll all be seeing this Monday or later).
I hope I can post again later this week! Until then, remember to PARTY HARD, BE YOU, and JAM ON, EVERYONEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Welcome back, Swirl siggy. :)


    school is evil

    well I guess its time to do 7 random facts about me that you probably already know

    1.I have a huge nerd book on animation (that I really recommend) called the Animator's Survival Kit that I read and study every night.
    2. I have a mini stack of my favourite movies in my room, those being Zootropolis, the Hunger Games boxset, the Harry Potter boxset(which I haven't finished yet lol),Moana an the Wallace and Gromit collection. If you don't know what the heckadoodles Wallace and Gromit is, you need to find out.
    3. I find certain words funny. If someone says useful or bread, me and one of my friends will snicker really loudly.
    4. I have at least five people who i actively hate. I know you aren't supposed to hate people, but if you knew them, you would hate them too.
    5. I read lots of fanfiction.
    6. I'm currently writing an actual book. I'm not giving away anything yet, but it's a Dystopia called The Cogs are Turning. STAY TUNED
    7. I am really obsessed with steampunk right now and I don't know why


    1. Yes, yes it is. Luckily, though, I only have 4 weeks left of it, and then it's SUMMERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Ooh, I may have to check that out soon. :o
      2. Hehe, noice. Also, is it called Zootropolis where you live? For me, it's called Zootopia.
      3. XD!
      4. Ohhh trust me, I hate plenty of people.
      5. Sameeeeee!
      6. Woah! Sounds cool! :o
      7. XD!

    2. called Zootopia for me also, when people say Zootropolis, I'm like whaaaaa? Oh yeah, Zootopia. :P
      *King Tough Bunny



    4. @Ja

      Lol, me too!



  2. How do you run 2 miles o.o
    HOWWWWWWW I would hate that O.O

    1. Me too sometimes XD ESPECIALLY random ppl on AJ ish just so fun (: XD
    I just love history tho XDDD If you hate history you hate yourself cuz you are part of history... uhm. that made no sense well it kinda did, but it didn't, I think I'll move on to 3 XDDDD

    3. I have no private drawings, wait I do, pretty much all of mine are private cuz they are bad XD The way I always say my drawings are bad are kinda like im tryin to get attention o.o But im not su, why is this comment getting so strange

    4. Awww D: I would hate having that :( :( I hope it goes away. (Gahh this comment is getting stranger and stranger)

    5. For me it depends XD But if we met each other at a movie theater and just started talking im sure ppl would get annoying XDD

    6. IDK HOW YOU ANIMATE. HOWW XD Though I want to animate also, but I have no idea how or where to learn su uhm yeah

    7. XD Ikr, the only time I dont do that is when Im being silly :P XD

    *looks at when it was posted* It says it was posted 1:28 AM XD Wait, did you actually post it at that time XD

    oh yeah so I completely forgot about the Daniel The Drum Masterpiece until Lost reminded me, and the Febuary glitch ruined it even though it was already horrible and I cant get the shape so uhm *cries in corner*

    1. Eheheheh... well...
      It involves a lot of... uh... freaking out and walking breaks. For me, anyway.

      1. Yessssss though!
      2. Hehe, well, really the only subject I hate is math. I actually don't hate it as much this year, though.
      3. XD!
      4. I don't think it can go away, sadly. The good news is, though, it only happens when I'm running or something like that!
      5. If I see you at a movie theater, I will personally NOT stop talking to you, XDD!
      6. Neither do I. That's why I'm go9nna scour the internet and look up how to animate.
      Seriously. I'm going to type in "how to animate" in the Google Search bar. :P
      7. Lol, same!

      Actually, yeah, I did. I stay up super late, XDD!

      *Pats on back*
      JUST DO IT

      P.S. Do you mind if I make a Daniel Masterpiece, too?


  3. Wb! It's been quite a long time since I last commented :P
    Back then, I had barely watched any Blackadder episodes.
    Now I've watched every episode over 10 times O,O

    Looks like many jammers got sick/ill throughout the week...
    (Well, luckily I didn't. But it's strange...)
    Anyways, I'm really glad you're feeling better :DDD

    My week was not bad, but we had school so it obviously wasn't ''good'' either :P

    OOO! I love reading things about the bloggers :P

    1#- I DO THAT TOO XDDDD!! I tend to do stupid things next to strangers XD
    2#- That's cool! I'd like to make a portal :P
    3#- SAMEEEEE
    4#- I don't know what having asthma feels like, yet I hate it when I'm out fo breath (You're lucky you don't have my PE teacher. She makes us run A LOT.)
    5#- I talk during movies all the time, especially during horror or dramatic/romantic ones :P
    7#- I do that sometimes. Either that, or make them brown/grey/white/black and use accessories of only one color :P

    1. Welcome back, Flora! And sorry this reply is so late!

      Right, though?
      Glad you didn't get sick. :)


      So do I, my friend. So do I. XD!

      1. Yeeeeeyyyy!!!!! :P
      2. Me too. Well, okay, if I tried, I'd completely fail... so... uh... maybe I'd have someone else make it, but I'd draw the blueprints... or something. Idk.
      3. ;)
      4. Ohh, trust me, my athletics teachers make us run a bunch, too.
      As for me, I don't what NOT having asthma feels like. I bet it feels a LOT better than I do when I run, though.
      5. For me, it's mostly just if my family's talking to me. Idk... I guess it just depends on... uh... something. XD!
      7. Lol, yessss, me too!

  4. Idk why, but I love reading these kinda things, their just fun to read! XDD
    Ummm I think Lost tagged me for these tooooo, lemme check!
    *King Tough Bunny

  5. Aaaand she did tag me, OOPS!
    I will do that THIS week Lost! :D
    *King Tough Bunny

  6. Ok I want to do this XD.

    1. I have anger issues.
    Now, some of you have never seen this side of me, but there have been times ( For stupid reasons, mostly) I have wanted to destroy someone. Yep, I'm officially a bad person.

    2. I am bullied.
    Yep. This girl named Kaydence. She legit smacks me to force to to chase her. Tomorrow though, if she does it again, I'm gonna stand up! I won't say what I'll do though, unless ppl want me to :)

    3. I am not allowed on Youtube.
    Yep. Lost my mothers trust. WHAI MARKIPLIER, WHY U DO THIS MARKIMOO?

    4. My dream item is a REAL party hat.
    Yep. They just be so coote! With all dat confetti...

    5. I consider myself a bad drawer.
    I can see the 'no way' comments coming at this, but it's true! I mean seriously, if you saw my drawings compared to my friends, you'd see the difference.

    6. I have a high lexile for my grade.
    If ya don't know what a lexile is, look it up. Ok, no, I'll tell you. It's how reading levels are measured. Mine's 1000 and something...?

    7. I am a meat-eater.
    I've been called a vampire. I like my steak BLOODY, chicken is my favorite food, and I've thought about trying to go for three days eating only meat.

    Not exactly the most impressive, or positive, but yeah. I ran our of ideas really quickly.


    1. XD, go right ahead! :D

      1. I actually understand that feeling. I've thought many times about doing or saying things to people I don't like that... uh... wouldn't exactly be very nice. Or sane. XD!

      2. *Jumps through Blogger Portal*
      *Smacks Kaydence hard 20 times*

      3. To be honest, I'm not truly free to look up whatever on YouTube, either. I DO manage to watch Warriors MAPs, though...

      4. Ooh, I love those! I actually have one, and I. LOVE. ITTT!!!!

      5. Again, understandable. When I see art from other people on AJ, or on the Internet, I think "Wow. I couldn't draw this, even if I tried like 10 times! I must be horrible at art."
      However, I like to consider the fact that everyone has their own style. So I bet your art isn't really as bad as you think. ;)
      I tried to make that repky different, instead of just saying "No, I bet your art is good!"

      6. Wooahh! That's pretty high!

      7. *Mouth waters*
      Mmmm.... meat......

  7. Animation is actually super hard. Unless you were just planning on doing like, 1-3 frames per second or something.

    1. I'll have to start small, but hopefully I'll improve over a few years. :P

  8. Hi Swirl! It's me, Rachel. I haven't seen you on AJ in awhile :o I miss you! I love your blog and JM!
    As for your fantastic list:

    1. Awh, you, I like you, you're not afraid to be crazy in public XD I'm only really crazy around people I know well, and just sort of quiet everywhere else
    2. Oh my gosh THEORIES :o What if black holes are portals to multiverses...? DUNDUNDUN!
    3. Same, but with poetry xD
    4. Oh my gosh that must be so hard D: Asthma sounds terrible!
    6. That's AWESOME :o can't wait to see your animations!
    7. I have that habit too, but don't trivialize OCD for it! ;) OCD isn't about our crazy habit of making matching patterns on animals, it's a serious anxiety disorder :o But yeah, I do that too xD

    Great list :O Can't wait to read more of JM!!!!!!!


    1. RACHEL!!! Wow! I can't believe your actually commenting! Welcome to my blog, my friend! :D

      1. Hehe, yeah, well, it's just if I'm in a good mood. :)
      2. Oooooooooooooohhh....!
      3. Man, I REALLY wanna read some of your poems...
      4. Yeah, it's not a fun thing to have. Good thing is, though, it only really happens if I run a lot.
      5. :D
      6. Thanks! I'm gonna do ones that involve my Animal Jam friends, so you'll definitely be in a few! :D
      7. Ah, sorry about that. I tend to use that term for the wrong things very often. I think I got it from a teacher using the word like that, or something. I might edit that a bit. :)

      Thanks! I'll add you in soon! :D


    Aww, school sounds like a pain. :( You ran 2 miles?! o,o That's so good!!! ^.^

    Ooooh, you did the tag that I tagged you! XD That made no sense.... :P

    1. O,O Woah, your braver than I am. XD When I'm around strangers, I act all quiet, shy, and all polite. XD Except, at camp last year, I was completely crazy and loud. XD *sighs and wishes to go back to those summer camp days*

    2. I wanna find the Blogger Portal so bad. XD I don't know why but it's just my dream to meet you and everyone else. :D Whenever I'm talking to my family and I'm telling them about something that happened on AJ or a blog or whatever, whenever I mention the Blogger Portal, they are like, "Huh?" XD

    3. Oh neat! Drawing for yourself is good too. :) Maybe one day, you can look back on them and show them to others. Who knows? :D

    4. D: Awww, I'm sorry, girl! *huggles* I am pretty glad I don't have asthma because I loaf running. So much. Like, I get this feeling that I can't describe. It feels good to run, be free... *stops before sounding like a completely and utterly weird nerd.*

    5. XDDD LOL, that's kinda funny. I didn't know that about you! :P I don't like it when people talk during movies but if it's a movie I've watched before, then I'm ok with a few comments here and there. Or when I watch Once Upon A Time, I'm ok if we a little about what's going on. Or if it's me and my sisters watching together, we sometimes pause and are like, "Ok so..." and then we kinda figure something out and then keep watching. XD

    6. O,O Have fun! XD I honestly don't think I could animate but who cares! I'd love love love to see your animations! XD

    7. XDDD My colors just gotta work with the outfit. I like the lightest brown in the color palette because it works for a lot of things. :P

    Thanks for doing the tag!!! ^.^

    PS. I might have drawn you a gift....

    Hehehehehe. XD



    *didn't mean to brag D:*

    1. Yaaaaayy!!!! :D

      Hehe, it was pretty hard, but I guess I survived it, so... yay! XD!

      XD, the tag that you tagged me in! I think that's how you say it...

      1.Yeah, well, that's about the ONLY time I'm brave, XD!
      *Sighs* Summer...
      WE. ARE. SO. CLOSE.

      2. Me too! Seriously, I'm not gonna stop wishing to meet you guys until I finally do. You all are seriously the best group of friends I've ever had!!! :D

      3.Yeah! I might show a few on here someday, too! Just depends on what it is I drew, though.

      4. No, what you're saying makes sense. I've actually felt that feeling before; however, it can't last long, because... uh... well... I can't last long. I've never really felt no pain at all when running for more than maybe 20 seconds, though.

      5. Yeah, it annoys me more if I haven't watched the movie before. I try not to miss any details, so I'll understand it completely. Usually, though, I don't have the option of pausing, XD!

      6. Thank you! I've heard so many songs over the years that remind me of you guys, so I'm gonna be doing quite a few animations featuring all of you! :D

      7. Hehe, yeah, kinda like me with the dark gray color!

      Oh my goodness, that art is so beautiful, Lost! Thanks for making my day! :DDD

      Anjulfire, huh? How have I never heard of them... XDD!
      That's still super awesome, though!


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