Sunday, May 21, 2017


Guys, I tried to write Chapter 21 of JM... and I am SO stuck. I came up with a short paragraph or two... and after that, I'm just blank. Do you guys have any ideas that would link into the story well? Because I need ideas, I'm afraid I'll have to post JM tomorrow (unless homework gets in the way, but hopefully it won't, because I'll try to be fast). I hope that's okay! I truly did try to write it today, but of course, writer's block had to hit my brain NOW, of all times.

Please post any ideas down in the comments below! :)



  1. Ooh boy, I hate writer's block. XD Lemme see if I can come up with ideas...

    1. Maybe someone else's portal goes black? (Unless you have idea why its only yours)

    2. Maybe someone gets stuck on your end of the portal and you have to hide them away for a while from your parents (but they could find out and be ok with it???)

    3. You get some clue or hint about how to fix the portal after like, talking to it, and then you realize someone must have created the portal and you start trying to figure out who. (Or it could just be all of us Bloggers who believed in it enough and it came to be, IDK. XD)

    That's all I got. XD Hope this helps you at least a wee bit! ^.^

  2. I hate it when I get writers block :p

    You could do Kenely tells on us for hanging out with each other, then we say how she bullied us, then she denies it, and makes up some lies about us bullying her and she says it was 'self defense'? then the teachers make ALL our schedules different so we wont see each other in classes, and maybe Velvet sneaks into your closet and sees it, then you come into the room, and Velvet runs out and tells your mom?

    I hope you can get out of writers block soon! ;)

  3. How about another prophecy dream? Maybe about getting caught hanging out with the others?


  4. Canine: I could bite the divas.
    Canine: Woof
    Harmony: -.-


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