Thursday, May 25, 2017

I Need To Revise JM.

Honestly, I just hate the part where the portal is covered. It just seems like a really... um... unrealistic way to get rid of it. How else is someone who's never seen a portal before going to keep it sealed off, though?
I can't even answer that question, but there HAS to be another way. I hate how I wrote that part so much, and when I hate something I've written, I can't stop thinking about it until it's been fixed.
I know I literally just asked you guys for help, but I need it again. Do you guys have any ideas (that are better than my rushed one) for how the Blogger Portal is "gotten rid of" in that chapter?

Please give me something, I am cringing on the insiddddddeeeeeee!!!!


  1. Aww :( Hm, how about.. You mom finds a deactivate button on the portal..? I dunno o.o

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. XD
      I would actually use that idea if it weren't for the fact that my character hasn't even found that yet.
      It's actually a good idea, though!

  2. ok, ok, this sounds crazy, but what if her mom touched the portal, and because she was never an AJ blogger, the portal, like, DIED?! (Brain explodes)

    If you give credit and you use my idea, just call me Emma :D

    1. Ooooooh, that's a good idea as well!!

      (I will sound so horribly stupid saying this... but who is commenting? ARG DON'T HURT MEEEEEEE PLEEEEEEASE I'm SORRYYYY!!!!)

  3. Okay, so you DO still want your mother to find it?

    Because I was thinking, if she didn't, then maybe the disappearing is just part of the mysterious degradation of the Blogger Portal -- it already turned black and inactive on its own. Perhaps your character could watch in horror as it slowly began to slide back into the wall with the sickening grind of stone-on-drywall.


    1. I do. :)

      Hmmmm... actually, that just might work!!!

  4. Sense you woke up, it means it was a dream, and dreams don't always make sense (Take my very strange dreams for example) perhaps when you wake up you ask yourself where your mom got the paint and wood and shrug because it was a dream.
    And dreams don't always make sense
    Ask Firestar (XDD)

    1. I was planning on doing that, actually. However, I just...
      ARG, idk. It just makes me cringe.

      XD, yas, Firestar can relate to me.

  5. HM... Maybe have the portal explode in a super dramatic way? Or maybe a group of moths infect it?

    I don't even know. Whenever I write about portals, I just make them like Minecraft portals, so you can just break part of the frame to deactivate it

    also sorry I'm commenting a little bit late on this post. I discovered a cave of amazing hunger games fanfictions so i have been very distracted from anything of importance including EXAMS COMING SOON ARGH

    Ps we still need to start SuperBread.



  6. cover it up, then let the cover slide through the portal and go to some other blogger.


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