Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Very Glitchy Post

Me: HEYOOOOOOOOOOO! Guess who it is?
You Guys: Umm... Gracie?
Me: No...
You Guys: Lostfairy?
Me: No...
You Guys: ...Kraft?
You Guys: Ohhhhh!

I was thinking of just starting this post out with a "Heyooooo!", but where's the fun in that? XD!

Anyways, guess whaaaaaat?

You Guys: SWIRL! We already had to guess once today! Do you REALLY want to go through that again?
Me: Um... fine, I'll just tell ya.

This is *gasp* AN ANIMAL JAM POST!!!!

Why? Well, this IS an Animal Jam blog, and I've lately been feeling like I need to do more AJ-related things on my AJ-related blog. So, today, I will be showing a bunch of glitches I've found throughout Jamaa! Yaaay! :P

First up, a oddly-layered wall!
This was taken in the adventure "The Phantom Fortress", I believe, so I've had it in my files for a while. I've found a lot of things in Jamaa that are layered weirdly like this, but this is the one I decided to take a picture of, I guess. Honestly, though, why'd AJHQ make it like that? Isn't there some way to connect that part to the wall behind it?

This glitch has happened to a lot of people, but, for some reason, it's not really ever been fixed. It doesn't keep you from doing things in the adventures, but it's quite annoying to have that "Join Me" bubble above all your chat messages the entire time.

Okay. Some of you may be thinking "I see absolutely nothing glitchy in this picture." Actually, it's kinda the story that goes along with the picture that's weird.
Okay, so, the thing is... that same picture, along with 4 or 5 others, were stuck in Jammer Central's gallery for MONTHS. I kid you not, it just took you through the few pictures in a random order every time you clicked the arrows. I thought it was just glitching at first, but it still did it after I refreshed AND when I came back a month later. My sister tells me they've finally fixed it now, but it was a very odd and very annoying glitch.

Pretty sure we've all seen this Tiara glitch by now, but, if you haven't, here ya go. Honestly, I find those Tiaras cooler when they're like that. Creative. :3

This glitch is probably one of the most irritating ones ever. When it happens, some of the items in your den inventory enlarge themselves, normally to where they don't fit completely in the inventory squares. Doesn't sound too bad, but I really don't like how the Splash Pad got so big and off-centered that it's not even IN the box anymore.

Cougars are known for having a lot of clothing-item glitches, and the Backpack is one of those glitchy items. When you put it on, it switched the two colors! I dunno if this glitch still works, but if you happen to have a Backpack, you can try!

Once, after I had spawned in Crystal Sands, I walked around and THIS happened. People's eyes and clothing items weren't showing up, and one person was even invisible! Kinda a creepy beach, if ya ask me. XD!

Again, not sure if this still happens, but it might. For a while there, though, Beach Umbrellas (including mine) kept randomly turning completely white. No one knew why, and, for the longest time, I though AJH had finally fixed this.
I dunno exactly when I took this picture, but if it's on the laptop I'm using, then it must have been recent, considering my old laptop with bazillions of pictures on it broke. 

AJHQ, did you forget that pigs have itty-bitty tails? Seems like you didn't design that Western Tail Scarf quite right!

I saw this in Jamaa Township one day, and... I honestly have no idea. This animal's outfit is all sorts of glitchy! However, that Beret is the most messed-up of them all. :1

I recently found out that, if you put a Pilgrim Hat on an otter and run around, the little neck-flap-thingies don't connect to your chest! Instead, they just float in front of you for a moment.
On a kinda unrelated note, I'm so happy I could actually make a decent look with that Rare Pilgrim Hat I won! Yay!

I found about 4 arctic fox glitches, you guys. In this one, that Graduation Gown doesn't quite seem to make it over the fox's chest fluff!

This, my friends, is how to get away with having two tails WITHOUT having a Double Tail! Just wear a skunk one!

Woah, wait a minute, AJHQ! Winged COLLARS do NOT go on your BACK!

And finally, a glitchy Lava Glove on an arctic fox's paw. I think it took the form of a Mummy Glove?

I think AJHQ fixed this glitch a day or two after I discovered it, but, for a while there, a lot of Masterpieces were being covered by these gray boxes, and it was SUPER annoying.
Do not ask why I liked this art, because I did it on accident. XD!

We've all seen floating smoothies before, but glitchy starfish aren't seen every day, right?

Must I say anything about this one at all?

When I saw this, I was SO CONFUSED. Then, another coyote spawned in that Township, wearing the same tail armor, and I knew it must be the Sunshine Outfit doing this. Honestly, though, it was pretty creepy!

I don't know about you guys, but I HATE it when parts of items get cut off like this.

Look at those glitchy Phoenix Gauntlets! The claws and fire are layered correctly, but not the rest of the front paw gloves!
Actually, this might have been intentional, but it sure looks odd to me.

Okay, I know this isn't a glitch, but I find dresses look pretty funny on falcons! Just look at those huge sleeves! XD!

I think that's all the glitches I've got! Or all that I've found, anyway. Before I go, though...
Which is the real Gracie? Heheheheh.

Okay, sorry, but I just wanted to share that picture. XD!

Alright, well, looks like you've reached the end of the post! I hope you all enjoyed! I'll try to post more throughout the week, but I have been a bit busy practicing drawing techniques for the Blogger project, so please be patient! Until next time, remember to PARTY HARD, BE A BOLD BANANA, and, of course... JAM ON!! ;D


  1. The one on the right? XD Idk, and AJ still hasn't fixed the gray box thing :/ its very annoying D:

    1. XDD, yup, Gracie's on the right! Darn it, if only I had a white Heart Ring! XD!

      They didn't? Darn!
      That's seriously one of the most annoying glitches I've ever encountered.

    2. XD I remember when she had that ring before she got her horseshoe one, memories XDD

  2. Gracie is the one with the white Heart Ring. I honestly don't even know how I remember that.


  3. A few years ago, a friend and I did the same "mirrored player" picture, but we said the same thing, had the exact same look, and showed nametags, which had identical animal names :D It's fun
    Glitches are amazing, but not when you're lagging and it glitches your screen and you can't walk anywhere without patches of land following you... ugh
    That's an interesting umbrella. Maybe it could be worth something? o.o
    Nice post tho :D


    1. Wow, that's cool! I would totally fail at guessing which one was you, XD!

      Yeah, those glitches are horrible to deal with. ):l

      Hmmm, I dunno! I still have mine in storage, but it's turned back to blue again.

      And thank you! :D

  4. My blog is open to the public! It's called The Animal Jam Cube.
    I promise I won't spam this XD


  5. I was gonna comment a really long comment on this..
    Await a huge comment tomorrow

    Remember, God made YOU!

  6. https://plus.google.com/communities/102621571994451947964
    (Make google plus account XD)

    1. XD! I'll try, but I need permission from my mom first!

  7. Hey, watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTwkVPU-r1w



      *Attempts to do a cartwheel*

      *Fails miserably*

    2. That would seriously be me at a skate park, XDDDDD!

  8. Link to the Animal Jam Cube (my blog):



  9. OMIGOSH, I AM A TERRIBLE FRIEND!! *sobs forever*


    I am so sorry, you keep commenting on my blog but I never do on yours, which stinks. I'll TRY to better, I will!

    *starts talking about the post*

    Ah, glitches. They are so... glitchy. XD Honestly, you found quite a number of them. I had fun looking at all of them.

    My top three favorites on this list:

    1. The Crystal Sands one. I just find all those weird animals quite amusing. XD

    2. The weird den one. That one is so weird. o,o Like, there's a den, rare symbols, random numbers, and teeny, tiny arctic wolf things. XD Weird!

    3. The weird outfit one. Oh my goodness, that is too funny. XDD I can't even tell what animal that is. Deer? Koala? SOMETHING MUTANT? :O

    This post made me laugh. XD I like glitches. :P

    You guys: Huh? o,o
    Me: *takes deep breath* I ordered something from Amazon!!
    You guys: Oooooooh!

    That's right! *talks like a cool kid* Lost here ordered some AJ merch from the Amazon online store! *pops imaginary collar and stares off into the distance*

    You guys: Oh brother. *shakes head*


    Okay, I don't know why half of this comment is about me ordering AJ merchandise from Amazon but I'm excited. :D I ordered the first AJ chapter book, Call of the Alphas (I think) and a cool AJ skater hat. It looks so neat. o,o I can't wait to wear it which is WEIRD cause I have never liked hats before but now I WANT MY HAT SO BAD. O.O XD BUT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO COME IN THE BEGINNING OF AUGUST, LIKE NOOOOOOOOO! D: Oh well... XD

    I'm done now. XD

    1. Aw, don't feel bad! You're an amazing friend! It's okay if you can't comment all the time- I know you're still out there and active! :D

      XD, yes, glitchy glitches.
      I probably had a ton more on my old computer, buT NOOOOPE, it broke on meh. XDD!

      1. XD! It was a very odd way to start my AJ day! :P

      2. Yup. Basically, it totally glitched out and randomized stuff and... yeah. XDD!

      3. I think it was a cougar. Maybe? I dunno, but I swear I remember it being a cougar. XD!

      Aw, lucky! I was gonna buy Call Of The Alphas and... uh... the other one (that I forgot the name of) along with some Adopt-A-Pets, but I wanted to spend under $20, so I didn't. D:

      Wait, they have AJ SKATER HATS!? :o

      NoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!!! ):l


    2. Aww, thanks, Swirl. :D I'm right now trying to be more active on my blog and on others but I don't know how it's going. XD

      I'm writing more JH and plan to post 2 chapters sometime soon. XDDD

      *sniffles* RIP old computer. XDDD

      1. I'll bet. It's kinda funny when you log into AJ and you see the weirdest thing. It's just like, "Ah, another day in AJ." XDDD

      2. Rannnnndoooommmmm glitccccchhhesssss! XD

      3. A COUGAR?! O,o *looks back at picture* Yeaaaaaah, I can kinda see that but still. XD

      The book looks really good, actually. It's gonna confirm a lot of AJ myths and maybe add some new ones and stuff. I just know it. XD I'll probably do some huge theory post about it. :P And awww, maybe next time! D:

      YES! I DON'T THINK THEY ARE OFFICIAL BUT YEAH! :D You can get a black one and a dark green one. I chose black because... yeah. XD It looked better plus it would match a lot of things.

      AND I WILL!!! :D I was planning on doing a back reveal thingie with my cap on backwards so you can see it. CX



    3. XD! Well, just so ya know, don't ever feel pressured to comment on my posts or whatever! You can do whatever you want, whenever you want! Don't wanna stress anyone out! :D

      Ooooh, I'm exciteddddd! :o

      I think I still have my broken Chromebook somewhere...
      *Looks at pile of stuff on the table*
      Yeah, I'm not gonna look right now. XDD!
      I really wanted to take it somewhere so I could get all the stuff I saved on there back, but apparently, it's expensive to do that. ):l

      1. XD!
      Peck: Welcome to JAMAA!!!
      New Jammer: *Stares at eyeless and invisible animals*
      New Jammer: Eheheh... O.O

      2. XD

      3. It's kinda hard to tell in that pic, since I just cropped it to a sorta-tiny portion of the animal. I'm pretty sure it was a cougar, though! XD
      I get what ya mean, though. Even being able to see it fully, it was hard to tell what it was! XDD!

      Well darn, now I really wanna get it.

      XD, yeah, I'd choose the black one too.


      *Goes to Amazon*
      Me: I want to pick up an order of an Animal Jam book and an Animal Jam hat.
      Amazon Guys: Uh... who are you? And how did you get here?
      Me: Never mind that, I just want the stuff.
      Amazon Guys: Is it even YOUR stuff?
      Me: Welllll... no. But it's my friend's stuff! I can send it to her through teh BLOGGER PORTALLLLLLL!
      Amazon Guys: Uh... what?

      XDD, I just felt like making that lil... skit... thingy? Idk what to call it, since it's not an intro to anything... XDD!


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