Friday, October 13, 2017

Some Pictures of Stuff

You Guys: Swirl, what kind of title is that?
Me: Well, it's true! This post DOES have pictures of stuff!
You Guys: But THAT was the best you could come up with?
Me: Fine! YOU guys make the title!
You Guys: O.O
Me: What?
You Guys: Are you trying to make US do all the work?
Me: FINEEEE! I'll just keep the title.
You Guys: But-

Okay, that intro was a little... er... odd. XD!


Yes, the title, and the... interesting intro, are true! This post is basically going to be a jumble of pictures I took!
(Haha, Lost, get it? Because your blog is the Animal Jam JUMBLE, and...
Okay, I'll stop now. XD!)

So anyways, let's get started with the postttt! :P

Look! I got lil' Sharpjinx (what an unfortunate name, poor Sharpjinx, XD) off of eBay, and he finally came in the mail a couple days ago!
I paid 27 dollars for him.
Don't question my choice. XDD!
He also came with the code for the Alpha Armor, which is why I bought him! I LOVE THE ALPHA ARMORRRR!
Ahh, it looks SO COOL ON CHEETAHS!!!

It also gave me a Rare Eclipse Watch, which I didn't expect to get, and 5 diamonds!

So yay! XD!

 Next up, a reference picture of King Ekon, mainly for Lost! It took me quite a while- what do you guys think of it?
Oh! By the way, if anyone's wondering where his legs are, I drew him in a sitting pose, so you can't see the legs in this picture! But they're the same color as his foot!

 Next, since I know you wanted to see it, Gracie, here's my bandana I got at camp, signed by Micah Tyler! He's been coming to the camp I go to for the past couple years, and this time, I went up an got his autograph! :D

A cute little sleeping kitty statue I got from my friend in 6th grade. It sits on my nightstand now. :D Hehe, I remember a girl in my science class being TERRIFIED of it because of how real it looks! Someone threw it at her (without my command, nuuuu my poor kittyyy, lol), and she actually screamed and jumped up! XDD!

Now onto some AJ things!

So... uh... the Chamber got a bit glitchy when I spawned into it. AJ, that stuff's supposed be down at the bottom of the screen! XD!

I don't know if this is happening to everyone now, but I once walked into the Adventure Base Camp, went down here, and the trees disappeared.
There are also random patches of grass, which kept disappearing and reappearing, depending on where I moved!

Oh my.
This owl's having a bit of trouble with its makeup or something. XDD!

Well... apparently my firefly can follow me into the ocean!

And this person was a blue wolf.
I think they were just saying to get attention, since that "Mira's daughter" claim is kinda a known thing now, but it was still pretty funny!

AND finally, a super-huge lemur Necklace! Man, that pendant is the size of the lemur's eye! XD!
Bigger than its paws, too! I'm surprised lemurs don't topple over wearing this!

Well, that's all for now, everyone! I better get to work on my Masterpiece I've been working on- don't have too much computer time left! So, as always, remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON, guys!


  1. Ooo a jumble of photoooossssss, imma comment on theeeeem oki here we go XD

    1-3. Oooooo you got the alpha armor! I remember before the alpha armor was real popular, my friend got it, and it was just like O.O HOW DID YOU GET THAT??? XD
    I recently got 2 eclipse pets (finally found them at Target! :D) and I got a... I think eclipse necklace from one of them, and some other eclipse item from the other, I don't remember XD
    Did I even get the eclipse necklace? *shrugs* I think so? Idk XDDD
    Ooo 5 diamonds! I think I got 1 per eclipse pet

    4. Ooo that's really cute! You did a great job on that, Swirl!
    What's King Ekon tho? XD I keep up with none of that stuff, only Christian bands and artists :D XD and this one church.. And the pastor there who writes books.. And uh
    Yeah XDD and AJ :D Kind of :D XD

    5-6. OH MY GOODNESS *fangirl scream*
    Heh heh
    Yesterday I preordered his new album :o there's gonna be an acoustic version of Different, and I believe Recover is on the album too! :D It was only about $10 dollars on iTunes. Yaaaay I have a friend who listens to MT XD DO YOU LISTEN TO WE ARE MESSENGERS?! If u do then we need to have a long talk about music :D
    Mkay I'll stop rambling XDD

    7. Kitty :o Have you ever seen a picture of a wild Sand Cat? They're adorable XD

    8. Hehe XD glitches :P

    9. Ohh that happened to me on the left side of pecks den, I would walk and this one patch would disappear o.o

    10. XDD

    11. That glitch is so weird o.o especially when land items and ocean items both appear on your lil player card thingy, in the change your animal.. Thingy XD

    12. *i think it's 12 XDD* Mkay then :D I am LCJ's daughter :D
    LCJ LCJ :D

    13. Oh wow XD that's weird it's so big :o

    Hehe, sorry for the insanely long comment XD!

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. *faints* DID YOU JUST ASK WHAT IS KING EKON?!!!!!!!! XDDDD It's more like WHO than what. xD

      That's a super amazing character in Swirl's summer fan fic that she wrote and it won her the grand prize in my contest. ^.^ You really need to read the story, it's su amazing. :O

    2. XD!

      1-3. Hehe, yeah, I was surprised to find Alpha Armor on people's trade lists too! Then I watched some AJ Youtubers' videos, and I figured out how to get it, XD!
      Ooh, Target? Lucky- I haven't found any at my Target yet!

      4. Thank yoou!! :D
      XD, King Ekon is a character from a story I wrote for Lost' summer story contest. I believe it's a few posts back now! :)

      5-6. XDDDD!
      Oooh, cool! I love both of those songs!
      I do need to listen to more of We Are Messengers' songs, but I WILL say that I am officially in love with Dancing In The Dark!

      7. *Looks up picture of sand cat*

      8. XDD!

      9. Really? It's certainly an odd glitch. (:1

      10. :P

      11. Yeah, that item one is annoying, XD!

      12. XDDD

      13. Yeah, XD!
      (Oh gosh I typed "133." instead of "13.". XDD!)

      It's okie- I like long comments! XD!

    3. @Lost

      XDD! Aw, thank you Lostttt! Man, I never expected it to be this... um...
      ACK what's the word...
      I dunno. "This big a hit" I guess?
      You probably get it by now. XDD!

    4. @Lost

      Heh.. I still haven’t read Swirl’s story yet... :c Forgive me Swirllll D:


      OM GOSH, YOU LIKE A WE ARE MESSENGERS SONG, YAAAAAY!! I looove God With Us on their second album. And Magnify, oh my gosh :o :o AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG You should watch the official music video for Magnify, it tis epic

      Remember, God made YOU!

    5. Hehe, it's fine! It's not going anywhere, so you have plenty of time to read it sometime! :)

      XDDD, yess, I do!
      Magnify? I haven't heard that one yet- I'll try and listen to it soon!

  2. *bursts out laughing on couch with my fuzzy blanket*
    My bro and Koolest: O.o Lost? You doing ok?
    My bro and Koolest: Umm. Never mind.

    (That didn't happen IRL, sadly. XD But I am cuddling on the couch with my fuzzy dog blanket! XD)

    Ooooo pictures!!!! Lemme seeeeee them!!!!

    YOU GOT THE ECLIPSE ADOPT A PET!!!!! AND ALPHA ARMOR!!!! Lucky!!!! :o But I'm glad you got it! :D I remember you talking about it on Sunday! XD

    Oooo! Thank you for the reference! He looks awesome!!! I love how you drew him!! :o I'll try my best to draw him wearing those clothes and stuff! :D

    I don't know who Micah Ryler is but cool! *wishes I had Thomas Brodie Sangster's autograph* Sigh.... XD

    Woah! That does look real!!!! :OOOO But that's really cool! Does it have a name? ;D Um, I don't know my Warriors but is Spottedleaf calico kinda?! XD *randonly thinks of when we were talking about how little we both know about Harry Potter* Ah, good times! "It's always a good time!!" XD

    Woah, those glitches are weirdddddd! Also, Mira is turning into a phantom. Check Jamaa Township. XD

    Tsk tsk, Miss Owl, you need to learn how to put makeup on! You don't put it on your actual eyeball!!!! XD

    Ughhh, underwater animals keep glitching! XD

    WOAH! The necklace is huuuuuuge on that lemur!!! XD *inahined lemurs walking around Janaa and tripping on their face randomly cuz of their necklaces* XDDD My mind is weird. XD

    Great post!!! And may I ask what masterpiece your making? :o


    1. *imagines, not inahined. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. XD

    2. XDDD!

      A fuzzy dog blanket... sounds like something I'd have! XD!

      Yep, I diddd! I LOVE the Alpha Armor, XD!

      No problem! And thanks- I worked hard on it!
      I was originally going to draw him like the pet peacock models, but I thought about it, and I realized that the legs and all that wouldn't work, and it would make him too small, XD!

      XD! Micah Tyler is a Christian music artist- he's got songs on the radio and all that!
      XDD! I can imagine you meeting him!
      I want Adam Young's autograph as much as you want Thomas Brodie Sangster's, XD! COME ON ADAM, HAVE A CONCERT, I DUNNO HOW MUCH LONGER I CAN SAVE MY MONEY BEFORE I'M TEMPTED TO SPEND IT ALLLLLL!!! XDD!

      Ah, I forgot what I named itt! But it DID have a name...
      You know what, I'm naming it Sunny, because if I chose another name, it was probably really hard to think of in the first place, and, uh, yeah, I'll never remember it. XDD!
      I dunno why, but I keep thinking of the name Sunny when I see calicos!
      Yeah, Spottedleaf IS a calico! The books like to call it tortoiseshell and white, but it's pretty much the same thing, hehe!

      XD, yeah!
      HOW DARE YOU!?


      XD, yeah! I hope AJ fixes that sometime soon!

      XDD! I need to make a drawing of that now!

      Thank youu! And the Masterpiece I'm working on is the one of the Mira Statue in Coral Canyons (the one I posted on the AJAC)!
      AJ deleted all my specific colors though. Great. ):L
      I'll have to be EXTRA careful not to mess anything up permanently!

      (P.S.) No, you're not- you're actually the first to notice! I'm glad you like it!
      And yes, I did use Pixlr for those graphics (well, the tiger, arctic wolf, and ninja sheep one- The Greely and Peck ones were already graphics, and the one of my wolf is the one Panda made a long time ago)!

    3. (Ahh, sorry the reply is so long!)

    4. (*) XDD, I saw that and was wondering what that meant for a second, and then I realized you meant imagined! XD!

    5. Oooooh! :o I got mine a while back, it has two little lab puppies on it, sleeping. I really want a corgi or pug or Pomeranian or yorkie blanket though. XD

      It looks so cool. :OO It looks really amazing on some outfits. :D

      It's a reallllllly good drawing though. :o I hope I can draw him like you want and like, add his amazing character to it. XD

      OOOOH, that dude. XD I don't know Christian artists tooooo well since to me, their voices kinda blend and it's hard to tell one from the other... XD EXCEPT OWL CITY. ^.^
      XDDD Owl City needs to do concerts more often. And like, in our areas... XD

      Awww, Sunny is a cooooot name! :D I feel like I need to get a little dog and name it Sunny and then get a small and short cat and name it Honey. XD I like those names, for some reason. XD
      OM, I GOT A WARRIORS CAT THING KINDA RIGHT?!!! :o I feel so accomplished. XD
      "Whoa o o o o o! We don't even have to try, it's always a good time!!" XD
      Speaking of that song, my parents went to Mexico (or was it Florida? Some kind of trip. XD) a few years ago and when they were on the beach, they saw a group of kids dance to "Good Time!" :D

      OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, THAT ART!!!! :O I'm so excited to see how it turns out!!! :D
      And o,o I hate it when that happens.

      P.S. Really?! Sweet! XD I really love that header! :o I MIGHT change my header sometime but I dunno. The header I have was specially made for me by Panda and it just suits my blog. It even made my blog's main color purple! (Before it was orange. DON'T ASK WHY I PICKED ORANGE WHEN I STARTED MY BLOG. XD)

      (I LOVE LONG REPLIES!!!!!! XD)

      (*) Serves me right for trying to type a comment while I'm scrolled up, reading part of the post. XD

    6. Aww, I WANT ONEEEE! XDD!
      Ooooh, I also LOVE Yorkies! XD!

      Yeah! I honestly love most AJ items that have wings of some sort, XDD!

      Hehe, thank you! ,:D
      And don't worry- I'm sure it'll be amazing! :D

      Yeah, I get what you mean- it can get a bit hard to tell who's who when it comes to Christian music!
      Lol! I just imagine you going up to him and going "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! "(yeah, I'd do the same thing with Adam Young over here, XD), XDDD!
      Yessss, Adam needs to do CONCERTSSS! I'm saving up all my money for front-row seats, AND a backstage pass (or whatever they call it) to meet Adam, AND some Owl City merchandise! XDD!
      He better hurry, otherwise I'll end up blowing all of that money on Adopt-A-Pets and AJ memberships. XDD!

      Aw, Sunny and Honey! I like that! :D
      YESSS, YOU DIDDD! *Gives gold star sticker* XD!
      Really? :o
      If I was there, I'd be, like, casually dancing in the background or something, XD!
      Okay, maybe not CASUALLY... it's Owl City. XDD!

      I hope it turns out how I want it to, XD!
      Yeah- those were really specific colors too. And I also can't just add new colors over the old ones, because I used that airbrush tool, and if I used the paint-bucket tool, it would leave an outline around the airbrush dots. XD!

      (P.S.) Hehe, thanks! :D
      Yeah, I actually really like your header! It's kinda like your blog's logo, in a way!


      (*) XD, I was all "Inahined? Does that mean like... unhinged or something?" XDD!

  3. Oh my GOSH.

    Also yay I'm not dead. Actually I am because HOMEWORK.

    Seriously though I am traumatised by all the homework I've had. I have EIGHT PIECES due this week..


    1. XDD!

      Oh man- that's a LOT!
      School is killing me as well. :C

  4. I love ur blogs and the cool thing is in school we are learning about blogging so in the computing lab we got to make blogs and i love animal jam so i came across u and ur really funny

    1. Oooh! I wish I learned about blogging in school! :o

      Hehe, thank you! Glad you enjoy my blog! :D

  5. Hey Swirl! Check this music video out by Micah Tyler! :D

    It’s awesomeee, the beginning is heartbreaking tho D: I can’t believe all Micah has been through recently. But seeing him sing Different after all of that it was just like 😮
    By the way, his new album came out last night :OOOO SOUL SONG IS AWESOMEEEE

    Remember, God made YOU!

    ahhhhhhhh yay <3
    So, I'm using MBTI which is like this personality indicator thing that's been around for years, cool theory yes
    Anyway so there's 16 types, based on cognitive functions, basically (broad) terms in which your brain works in a unique way :o wowsies
    So, remember when I typed you as INFJ (which actually happens to be an extremely rare type)? Yeah, that quiz is inaccurate- pays no attention to the cognitive functions.
    But, it was somehow... EXTREMELY easy to come out with my own result for you, based on my in-depth research on the cognitive functions (but not enough to exert types like ESTJ lol):
    You are an... ISFJ!!!
    Close to INFJ, right?
    ISFJ has totally different functions: Si, Fe, Ti, Ne.
    If you want a brief synopsis as told by music:
    Dominant Si: Seeks nostalgia through music, ties experiences to music, transported to past through music (basically it's a function that perceives stuff in the past and thinks about the past alot and it's detailed-oriented and yaya) (means you're detail-oriented, organized, obsessed w/ categories, structured, prepared, traditional & not a fan of change)
    Auxiliary Fe: Wants to understand people w/ music, connects w/ people through music, basically inhales the emotions and makes them their own (so this function means lotsa hugs and you try to do what's best for others and focus on emotion around you instead of inside) (you're decisive, empathetic, full of love, smol and happy, you feed off the emotions of others, you want to keep peace at any cost, you hate conflict with others)
    Tertiary Ti: Wants to understand how the music is made, deconstructs the music, wants to know how things are combined in music (you love taking apart stuff in an organized way, you low-key wanna know how things work, extremely sentimental) (you look for practicality, you strive to understand and deconstruct facts, objects, memories, etc, logical, systematic, very objective)
    FINALLY Inferior Ne (woo that's sad): Interested in many different genres, explores music, wants to discover new music (but you're the inferior/least Ne, so you're not as much this as the others) (because your Ne is weak, it means you're kinda rigid and not fun sometimes because you don't try as much new things cri) (if you were strong Ne, you would be abstract, future-oriented, extremely creative, sees everything to a situation, etc.)
    OK SO
    I hope this has been you thus far.
    Brief summary= ISFJ means you're a feely feely emotional person, but you're NOT a mess. You're organized, you love focus and system, you are detail-oriented and you enjoy nostalgia and think in terms of your own traditional values, past experience, and past memories. ISFJs are not necessarily un-creative; you're quite creative, but in more rigid places, idk. ISFJ is stereotyped to be too pure and too good, but actually, you're a sentimentalist, a defender of your friends, you try to keep peace among others, you love order and categories, and you take to your senses and past experience a lot. You, as a unique person, ARE creative, but when ISFJ comes in, of course, you're only creative in a very certain part of the spectrum. ISFJs are nice people.
    If I had to type others in the group whom I know quite well, I'd say Gracie, Sarah, and Ja are also ISFJs.
    Frozen is an ISFP, which actually has completely different functions from ISFJ, and is very much creative and does not like nostalgia.
    welp hold on gotta split this post

    I'm not completely sure WHAT I am, because my emotion tends to get in the way when I try to evaluate myself and not by silly tests (Fi trait, Fi trait ahh!), but I believe I'm INFP or ENFP. I'm not completely sure; still trying to do loads more research, I feel like I'll never be sure, lol. Can't just stick with one. (AHHH I'M SO Ne IT HURTS)
    Yep, definitely an INFP.
    Hope you like your personality based on these handy-dandy functions, hope you think it suits you ;D
    P.S. dunno who micah tyler is, but that's cool. this is such an adorable randomized post.


    1. Update:
      Swirl the more I look at it, you might actually be ESFJ but I dunno, you seem pretty ISFJ, just one of the more flexible ones, which is a rare and good quality in an ISFJ
      Lostfairy seems pretty ISFJ.
      Not sure about Kraft... she's cool, probably ENFP or ENTP
      Gracie = looks to be a classic ISFJ -looks over spectacles-
      Sarah = whoa she's ISFJ too wowowow
      Ja = k this is getting repetitive (ISFJ)
      Frozen = extremely ISFP (I was testing to see where she would fall in a geeky terms of personality once, aka HP, and she said stuff about being artistic and kinda melancholic-emotional but also resilient and that she's aloof but she likes people and I'm like, YUP DEFINITELY ISFP)
      Lostfairy = ISFJ nuff said (WHOA we have a lot of ISFJs in this group of artists)
      Kraft = a lovable lil oddball aka ENFP/ENTP, maybe INFP

      Hope you think how I typed you suits you C:
      (It's strange how we have so many ISFJs in the group and like a couple of Intuitives)
      In terms of creativity: MBTI measures creativity as a WHOLE; it isn't simply confined to drawing fanart or sketching. Same with writing. Anyone can write fanfic if they are committed and have a couple of ideas. While I would say that you guys are pretty creative, creativity as looked at on a broad spectrum means to generate many ideas, to be open to many new possibilities, to have a broad imagination, and have ideas and want to apply them to MANY THINGS.
      Don't get me wrong, we're a group of ARTISTS.
      But creativity does not mean drawing a picture of a character or writing about a game. Creativity means to look at things from a fresh perspective, modify it to your means, solving problems, creating worlds. I definitely see that in our group but I think we can be even more creative.
      (Note: introverts are not just "shy," introverts are people whose inner worlds are charged by alone time, while extroverts are people whose inner worlds are charged by social interactions, and some extroverts accidentally mistype as introverts, just as introverts mistype as extroverts.)


    2. @First 2 comments

      Woah. How on earth is it THAT accurate!? XD! It basically described EVERYTHING about me! :O

      @Second comment

      I'd say your first choice is correct on that- I seem to match everything you said up there, XD!

      Wow, I didn't know all that! :o

    3. (Okay, I know that I shouldn't be typing this because it's not my business, but I felt that I had to point that out o,o)
      Those MBTI personality types are getting quite a lot of attention recently, I mean, lots of kids in my class talk about them, but I think that they're just... a false theory.
      In case you didn't know, my mom is a psychiatrist, so she tends to talk a lot about such things, and she says that the only ''actual'' personality types are the personality disorder types, f.e schizophrenic patients are this way, bipolar patients are that way,etc. According to her, there are no standard personality types, they're just assumptions and have nothing to do with the mental construction of an individual, no matter whether they do match their personality or not. (a star sign personality could match mine, but does that mean that star signs actually determine my mental built XD?)

      Sorry for being nosy but I had to say/type that DX

    4. LOL, I love how my name got written twice. XD

      Actually, I'm an INFP, just throwing that out there.

      And secondly, you can't really base your opinion on what personality I am because you don't really KNOW me IRL or online. *shrugs*

      And I agree with Flora, there's no certain types of personalities. It's just a guess.

      Sorry for poking my nose into this!


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