Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Secrets Of The Forgotten Archive!

Heyo guys! 
Yes, in case you were wondering, I AM alive. I'm so sorry- I haven't posted for, like, a week, and you all are probably thinking "Oh, maybe Swirl is getting too busy to post anymore". 
Okay... yes, I HAVE been busy lately, and I've had a lot of homework that I end up doing later than I want to, but I'm hoping to work all that out so that I have more time on the computer! So don't worry- hopefully, I'll be getting back on track again after this week! 
I seriously need to stop procrastinating, XD!

Anywho, I'm aware that this post is a little late by now, but I've been wanting to do it for a while, and I really didn't want to ditch the idea! So, today, I'll be sharing a few theories and secrets that I created/found interesting about the newest room in AJ, the Forgotten Archive! Let's get started! :D

First off, when you first enter the room and go to the left a bit, you'll see light filtering through some kind of hole that can't be seen, deep back in the rocks.
Now, you may be thinking, "Swirl, that's literally the entrance to the room!"
But it's not. THIS is the entrance!
So that means that there's ANOTHER opening somewhere back in the rocks that the light is shining through! I wonder what that opening leads to. A different land in Jamaa? Another place in the Temple of Zios? Maybe it even leads to a new secret land!
I feel like this little place will be used for something- perhaps an adventure- but who knows?

Next, down the stairs, there's a desk in the center of the room, complete with a Zios-statue thingy on top. If you click the big book, this message pops up:
 Not much of a surprise there- we all know Mira and Zios watch over the land of Jamaa.
Then, if you click the scrolls behind the statue-thingy, this excerpt pops up:
I swear the picture was different before, but idk, maybe I imagined it...
Remaining animals? Does that mean that something wiped out or drove out some species? 
In the picture, it shows a bunny, a wolf, and a monkey- 3 of the animals available in the BETA testing period. Hm... if we tie Jamaa's history to the BETA here... maybe the "remaining animals" were the ones used in the testing period, and several other species fled or were wiped out. I also wonder if some of those species have returned to Jamaa already.
Hehe! Hey, now that I think about it, this little message could work with my Aspen Island story! After all, all those animals on the island had to come from SOMEWHERE, right?

Then, if you go past the portals (the wonderful, wonderful portals... XD) and up another set of stairs, you can click on a little "paint" set, and see another message.
 Past mistakes? Hm... well, the picture DOES show the Mira statue in Jamaa Township, so I'm guessing that Mira said/wrote this. Maybe that mistake was creating the phantoms?
Or what if she did something else no one knows about just yet?
*Plays mysterious music*

Then, if you click the odd, blue, shining shapes on the wall nearby...
... you get this message:
We've found out that the "ancient lines of power" run through Jamaa Township, or they are at the moment. But has anyone noticed how similar these designs look to the designs on the Greely's Hideout den's floor?
See? They must have SOME kind of connection!
And apparently, these lines "can be drawn upon for a darker purpose". Could that mean the phantoms could use these lines as an advantage somehow? Or maybe, if a certain animal wanted the power to themselves, the magic in the lines could corrupt them and turn them evil?
Man, I have so many ideas running through my brain at the moment! XD!

And FINALLY, clicking on the book with the large Z in it, and a picture of Zios, gives you this note:
Man... Zios can predict the FUTUREEE or something! XD!
 Either that, or he put some kind of spell over the archive to keep it invisible, allowing it to wear off at a particular time.
Okay... I'm sorry... I know that's probably a picture of an eclipse... but who else here sees a phantom?
I'm telling you! Look- I edited it to show what I mean!
I was too lazy to fill in the little lines, and plus, it looks cooler this way anyway. XD!
SEE? That bump-thing in the center looks like the pupil, and the rays of the sun look like phantom legs!
Okay, so the ones on the left and right are kinda too thick... but maybe it's a new kind of phantom or something!
Yeah... it's most likely NOT a phantom, but that's all I see when I look at this picture!
Anyways, getting back on topic here, Zios says that, when the eclipse has passed and the archive reopens, the "next chapter" of... someone's story will begin. 
I do wonder who he's referring to with the word "our". Like, is he including himself, or is he saying our as in Jamaa in general? I dunno.
But I guess this proves that Zios probably never was dead in the first place! I mean, he would've needed to be alive to write all this, right? XD!
Hmm... I wonder if there will be some adventures featuring him or traces of him in the future! Now that'd be cool!

Well guys, that's all I've got for now! I hope you all liked these theory-thingies! Now that Julian2 has left the AJ community (yes, he did quit), I suppose I'll have to make up some conspiracies by myself, hehe! 
Guess that also means all those glitch pictures I wanted to send to him for his videos can't be used for too much anymore. Oh well! Maybe I'll put them in a series of posts sometime soon! :)
Oh, and if you have any theories you want to share, you can put them in the comments below!
Until my next post, please remember to PARTY HARD, STAY SAFE, and JAM ON, guys!


  1. Oooooo, lots of great theories, Swirl!! :O


    What if it has to do with Night Of The Phantoms? A phantom and then an eclipse AKA darkness, like night. Eeehh, see what I meaaan?! XD

    Orrrr it's just a coincidence and it's just an eclipse. XD

    Great post, Swirl!!! ^.^

    P.S. This is so incredibly random buuuuut I FINISHED READING THE SCORCH TRIALS ANDDDD GAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!! It was SO. AMAZING. SWIRL. YOU MUST READ THE SERIES!!!!! XD My favorite character is so awesome, he's the best. And he's British so that makes it even better! XD His favorite word is bloody or bugger. XDDDD It's so funny. :D

    Anyway, this comment has become fangirling over The Maze Runner series and not your post. DX Sorryyyyy!!

    1. Thank yoou! :D

      Ooh, you're right! Maybe it DOES have something to do with Night Of The Phantoms! :o

      Okay, when I first saw the word "bugger" I thought it said "blogger" and I was mentally going "OMG THERE ARE LEGITIMATE PUBLISHED STORIES WITH BLOGGERS!?"
      Then I reread it and realized I was totally wrong, XD!

      XD, you're fine! I need to know about The Maze Runner anyway, since I'm gonna try to watch the movie/get the book soon!

    2. Waaaait...

      *Types in "published stories about bloggers" on Google Search*



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