Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year, Guys!!! (A Quick Review!)

Man, I honestly can't believe it's 2018 already! 

I hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve, and, if you didn't, I hope the rest of the new year goes much better for you! :)
I personally had a LOT of fun- Ja and Sarah, it was awesome chatting with you guys for so long! ;)

Anyways... man... it's gonna be hard now, writing 2018 on things at school instead of 2017! XD!
But woah guys, 2017 was VERY eventful!
We did have a lot of bloggers quit, and these bloggers were mentioned in Sarah's post here. Everyone who quit, I will sincerely miss you, and I hope your time spent offline brings you guys a lot of new ideas and opportunities! 
But look on the bright side! We actually had a large amount of people who joined (again, also mentioned in Sarah's post, which I made a link to above) our community! To all of them, I hope blogging turns out to be something you soon consider a passion! :)

2017 definitely did have its ups and downs IRL for me as well. I drifted apart from friends, I met new friends, I grew a lot closer to a few people, I tried new art styles, I found new songs... the list goes on and on!
Thanks to everyone in the community who made 2017 a great year for me! You guys rock, and I hope you know how awesome you are!

I'm definitely looking forward to a fresh start! Let's make 2018 a year to remember!
Have an amazing day, and year, everyone! See you all in my next post, or maybe sooner! ;)


  1. 2017 was an okay year for me, I hope 2018 is much better! IRL and AJ.

  2. I had SO much fun as well Swirl ;) That was awesome XD

    Yes, we had so many people quit :( And many people join! We already have two new bloggers this year! (Well technically they joined last year, but oh well XDD They joined on the 29th!)

    Pretty much the exact same for me XDD
    Happy 2018 Swirl :D :D LETS HOPE ITS KIND TO THE BLOGGERS!! (So far it has XDDDD)

  3. I mean the first thing I did in 2018 was think of fan fiction ideas so I mean o boi gonna be a great year heh

    I hated 2017 because a bunch of bad stuff happened.
    but then also there was some good things

    like uh
    Mcsm s2
    Me creating my book series
    Talking to friends
    Discovering new youtubers who r now my favourite
    A few good movies?

    Seriously though this year wasn't too good..

    I hate 2018 already because it means having to constantly write the number 8. IT'S SUCH AN ODD NUMBER TO WRITE GRR

    Omgosh Kraft stop being a pessimist

    Ok so time for me to ramble

    me and my friends all read my old shipping fan fiction and it's now an utter meme and keep saying
    "that is pretty wired"
    (In the fanfic I kept spelling weird as wired and yeah)

    I'm sad because I go back to school Thursday... Sobs

    Um um

    My new years resolution is to learn to draw better backgrounds. last year it was people and I DID IT. I also want to get my book to 80k words and am gong to write 5k each weekend, or more if I can.

    haha so want to know a funneh story

    In mcsm there's a villain who is a President Snow clone called Hadrian (look him up he is literally Minecraft president Snow) who likes death and making people slaves nd stuff nd he's voiced by Jim Cummings who voices Tigger. So the other day in the car we were listening to a playlist of Disney songs and suddenly I heard Tigger except I didn't hear Tigger I heard President Snow Clone singing about how great he is and imagined him singing the wonderful thing about Tigger and burst out laughing and then my parents were like what so I just said
    "i had a funny vision"

    There u go first Kraft ramble of the year whoot whoot

    confetti cannons go off

    Flies away in zeppelin

    BY THE WAY have you seen that the Five Giants Warriors MAP IS COMING SOON


  4. This post is so sweet. ^.^ I know, I’m awfully late but hey, better late then never! XD

    I really wish I could have been with you and Sarah and Ja on New Years Eve night. DX But I’m so glad you had fun!!! ^.^

    That is very true! I think I was paying too much attention on people quitting and not enough on the fact that lots of great people joined! :D

    Yeahhhh, 2017 was a whole lot of fun. ^.^ Despite all the downs, the ups were incredibly fun. A highlight was being able to VC with you. :D I love those times so much!!!

    Welp, this is late but CHEERS TO 2018! May it be awesome!!!

    Have an amazing year, Swirl. ^.^

    1. Hehe, that's just fine Lost! :D
      Yeesh, I haven't even replied to the rest of the comments on this post! I completely forgot! :o

      Same, DX! That would've been awesome!
      But hey, at least we talk to each other every day, so we don't miss anything! :D

      Same! I tend to want to linger on that as well, but I personally don't like saying a certain year was bad, XD! It's not a person or animal, and it doesn't have feelings... but for some reason I feel like that's offensive when I say it.
      Idk, XD! The point is, I like finding the good parts of the year and focusing on those!

      Yeah! I'm glad I got to talk with you guys so much, and VCing was definitely amazing for me, too! I love doing that so much, XD!

      WOOHOO! XD

      Thanks Lost! ,:D
      And I hope your year is amazing as well! ;)


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