Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Alpha Post!

Hello again AJ amigos! I know, I know, it's not Saturday yet, but I couldn't wait THAT long!! XD! MIRA SIGHTING SHOT LOL! Gosh, this is random... oh well.

Okay, so I wanted to do an Alpha post. And the Alpha we will talk about today is...
I know what a lot of y'all are thinking:" Oh, GREELY, he is grumpy and rude, I don't like him very much." Well Jammers, Greely is actually MY favorite Alpha! Here is a screenshot of how AJ headquarters thinks of Greely, from AJHQ's blog "The Daily Explorer".
This actually made me kind of sad, it pretty much sounds like AJHQ doesn't like him either :'( And, THE OTHER ALPHAS DON'T TRUST HIM!? ALL ALPHAS SHOULD TRUST AND CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER, IN MY OPINION! Here are some pics of Greely:
He looks awesome here!
That's just creepy...
Pretty good!
Okay... though his eyes are not red...
Very cool!

And, my favorite of all!
For any of you who haven't played Greely's Inferno or The Search For Greely, here is a quick summary, some in pics!
Greely's Inferno-
EEK!That's why I didn't play this adventure! And 'cuz of this too...
...Yeah. And, when this Adventure ended, even I thought Greely was dead: He told any Jammers playing the Adventure to go while he stopped the Volcano, and he never came out. I was really sad about that, but then The Search For Greely came out, and there was hope for everyone! Greely was not dead, he was being held prisoner by the phantoms in this ugly cage!
You can imagine my reaction when I saw he was okay! :D
I love Greely because I see kindness and compassion behind his grumpy moods and frightening form (to some jammers, not me!). He actually is very brave, strong,proud,and kind. He will do anything to help Jamaa,and he even almost died to help Mira and the others. I hope this post has influenced your thoughts about Greely the Wolf Alpha, because I know every Alpha has kindness in his or her heart, and even though some may not get along (Sir Gilbert and Greely), they all secretly love each other, and will all do anything to help Jamaa thrive.
Remember to JAM ON!
- swirlshine :)

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