Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Things of the Week!

Hello Animal Jammers! Here are all the new items for this week!

Jam Mart Clothing: Glove (non member, Yay :D)
Jam Mart Furniture: Fruit Basket, Vegetable Basket, Wood Burning Stove, Wood Coat Hanger, Umbrella Holder, and a Maple Leaf Rug (All for members except Umbrella Holder)

:D So, here is a shot of my Fruit Basket, I made the fruit Grapes!
XD! Okay, big news Jammers! POLAR BEARS ARE HERE! Sadly, they are for 10 Diamonds, to everyone's disappointment, but here are some facts and some pics about these new Bears that have come to Jamaa!
- They an go on land AND underwater
-They are CHUBBY! XD
-They come to you like this (their main look)
And here are the rest of the facts, screenshot from an AJ Fact Book in the Chamber of Knowledge.

Here are all the Land Polar Bear Actions!
And finally, Sit:
Special Thanks to my buddies, Magicclawz ( Action-Hop), lizzyisready (Actions- Dance, Sleep), and, not my buddy, but still helpful, PrincessPink70 (Actions- Sit, Play)! And as an extra added bonus, PET Polar Bears are available, and here's how to get one, according to The "Jamaa Journal".
So there you have it! Also Jammers, Daily Jamaaliday Gifts are soon coming back, as you can see,also, in "The Jamaa Journal". And, this looks promising...

Cool Huh? Well Jammers, that's all I can think of today, except for ONE more thing. Starting today, I will be adding the Top 5 Epic Dens of the day (Saturday)! Please remember that NO LOCKED DENS WILL BE INCLUDED and only the 5 Dens at the top of the list will be posted. And so, without further ado, the Top Five Epic Dens!!!
Den 1.kagyaunome54321
Den 2. ellebellywell
Den 3. bunnygirl1323
Den 4. greyspotted47
And Last, but not least...

Den 5. orejayeye
Well, Jammers, that's all for tonight! This is Flora and her Pet Pal, Purplewings, signing off, and remember to Play Wild and...

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