Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Festival, Deep Space, and more!

Hey, what's up Jammers! Sorry again for my super late post! Well, let's get down to business! First off, the new Jam Mart Clothing item is the returning KNIGHT ARMOR! I like this item MUCH better than the Knight Helmet, because it DOESN'T cover your cute little animal's face with a giant darn metal contraption! Lol! The den theme with the LEAST number of votes, DEEP SPACE, is now in Jam Mart Furniture! Sad that it got the least votes, but it's here now! The items are...

 Space Control Center, Space Crater, Display Meteorite, Lunar Rover, Lunar Footprints, and Lunar Landing Pod!
 Plus, the Epic Spaceship Window...
And our two NEWEST items, Rover Tracks, and a Space Satellite! All VERY cool!

So, have any of you Jammers tried out the LATEST and GREATEST adventure, Spring Festival? I think it is a BIG HIT! The object of the adventure is to find 100, yes, 100, eggs hidden throughout the land. In this adventure, the map is shaped like a flower, and there are quite a few sections to find the beatuifully decorated Easter eggs! Here are some pics to guide you through this fun new adventure!

First, you talk to Lolly the bunny!

Then, your are off! You go whatever way you want first.
Then the egg is added to your collection, shown on the top left corner!
You have a few goals to achieve, first, 15 eegs, then 35, then 65, and lastly, 100! I didn't really get 100 eggs yet, it becomes VERY TRICKY once you only need about 3 more eggs to get to 100!

Once you get past a goal, you get a prize, or two, if you are a member!

Once the seedling is watered, you will get one or two prizes from golden eggs!
There are many places to explore and find eggs on the map, a hedge maze, a topiary garden, and more, so who knows what YOU may find! There is also, at the beginning, a cute little AJHQ bunny called Minty, by a GINORMOUS GOLDEN EGG! 

Next up, we have some not-as-amazing-or-fun-news. POLAR BEARS ARE LEAVING! Yes, you heard right, these funny, lovable bears of the arctic are traveling to someplace colder, so in two weeks, on April 16th, POLAR BEARS WILL BE GONE, for WHO KNOWS how long! Be sure to grab one of these COOL bears before they leave for, like, 3 months. :,(

And lastly, we have a mysterious  "Coming Soon" message in the Jamaa Journal. 
Well Jammers, if you wonder what animal this new arrival may be, I know exactly what it is! WARNING: DO NOT READ BEYOND THIS POINT UNLESS YOU WANT A SPOILER!
Alright, the new animal is...
Yes, it is true, PET geckos are coming to Jamaa! Don't believe me? Here is your proof: A leaked photo of one!!!

DAAW SO CUTE! ITS LITTLE EYES! And someone got this pet from a GIFT!
AWWWWWWWWWWW! COME GECKOS COME TO MEH!!! Thanks to Animal Jam River for finding these pictures!

Well, Jammers, that is all for now, so all that is left to say is...


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