Thursday, July 9, 2015

Epic Update!

Hey Jammers! Yeah, I know, it's not Friday yet, but I just couldn't WAIT to share this news! Have any of you heard about the unreleased JAMMER WALL that all the bloggers were talking about a week or two ago? Well, the rumors were true, the Jammer Wall has come to Jamaa!

Pretty cool huh? Just like in the unreleased picture! :) Anyway, lemmie show you the features.

This is how the Jammer Wall looks at the top of the screen. Oh, and the gems are up there again, yay! Most people hated how you had to click to just glimpse at your gems and diamonds. Although, they are still available in the Change Your Look menu too. 
Oops, getting off topic here!

So, at the top of your wall, there is a lock icon. If you click it, this pops up, a menu for who can post on your wall. I chose Everyone, so please feel free to comment on it! :)

If you click the green paint splat button at the bottom of your chat box, this pops up. If you click on a color it changes to color of your chat box.

Click the zebra-striped button to choose a cool background for your chat box! All the backgrounds are shown above!

The emoticon button. :D

And the three line button is, as always, the Bubble Chat.

If you click the icon on the top left of your wall, you can change the background of your Jammer Wall! Cool right?

AJHQ claims that the Jammer Wall is being tested by members, and non-members will have it available soon. However, non-members ARE allowed to comment on other people's walls.

Alrighty, next up, PETS! As you know, AJHQ wanted us to vote for the next pet, the choices being Armadillo, Elephant, or, the one I suggested, Peacocks. And guess what? PEACOCKS WON!! 
So pretty!! And they certainly stand out from all the other pets in Jamaa!
And they even do two actions when you click them!

They walk with their tail feathers down, BTW.

Next up, the new den theme!
This was the one I voted for. Sad that it came last, but hey, it's here now! Here are all the items so far!

The Sifting Screen, if you click it, can uncover dino bones, jewels, and gold!

The corner wall has three different variants.

And so does the normal Ancient Phantom Wall.

Lastly, PET FERRETS! Spring Bunnies have left, sadly, but these cute new pets are replacing them! 
You can get one AND some items with it if you buy a membership gift card, like Spring Bunnies. These items are MUCH cuter though! Look at that, a little tunnel play thing, a lamp with stone ferrets climbing up it, and an ADORABLE ferret couch!! If I get a Pet Ferret, I'm NOT recycling those items!!

Oh wait, that wasn't the last thing. THIS is!
Yeah, sadly, hyenas are gonna be traveling soon :( I guess this won't make them any more popular. Or wait, maaybe... Nah, they have never been popular. I sometimes use mine though. 

Lastly, how about a little glitch?
Apparently this happens when you put a Phantom Mask on a seal. Eek. FACELESS SEAL!!

Well Jammers, that's about all I got to say for now, but remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, AND JAM ON!


  1. Very good Swirlshine! I decided I should check back on your blog and you are an amazing blogger! I will talk to the crew for you to see if we can give you a couple post :D Keep Jamming and be safe, Grace2092

    1. Thanks Grace! I appreciate you looking on this blog, it hasn't had a ton of commenters yet!

  2. I was worried about the seal..I did not know what happened !! Thank you for excplaining the glitch....I love reading your blog........ROCK ON !!

  3. thanks for putting me on your blog


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