Monday, July 13, 2015

The Forgotten Worlds

Hello Jammers! This is not gonna be one of those update-then-normal-stuff, or a glitch post. Instead, I wanted to talk to you all about the forgotten places of Jamaa.

Tierney's Aquarium. Club Geoz. The Conservation Museum. These are all great places in the land of Jamaa. But, they lack one thing. Jammers.

These places have been around for a long time, yet they were never popular. When you go into the Flag Shop, or the Chamber of Knowledge, do you ever see anyone there? If so, it is probably only one, or at the most, two or three random jammers. Some full lands are even pretty much forgotten, like the Temple of Zios and Kimbara Outback, even though its the most recent land added to the game. No one cares to look around these lands and have a party or a Clan or anything. They just all go to the Township to trade and talk about rares and betas. Not that i'm accusing anyone of doing that though. 

AJHQ obviously tries to draw people to these lands. Spot On in Kimbara. Appondale Theater in the Conservation Museum. Yet it seems all of these ideas to make these places popular have failed. Each of these places have something interesting about them though. The Chamber of Knowledge has its history and artifacts, the Museum, the cool exhibits and animal facts, and Club Geoz, well, it's the only dance floor that's always available in Jamaa! Yet still, no one seems to care about what these rooms have to offer.

If these places are no use to us, what will happen to them? AJHQ may turn them into something different, or worse, delete the whole building from the game! It makes me sad to step into those places and see no people there. The Aquarium gets me the most. Tierney made this sweet welcoming video (you can watch it if you click on the portrait of her by the door), and with the state it is in now, who does she have to welcome? 

We must do something. We must make sure that these rooms and lands will not just sit here and collect dust. Kimbara, Kani Cove, Appondale, the Juice Hut, the Art Studio, they all have something to give, but no one to give it to. I think we can fix that. If just a few jammers pitch in to help save these places, maybe advertise them in the Township, then it could make a huge difference. Me and my sis,velvetglimmer, have already been going and asking jammers to save the forgotten places of Jamaa. A few people actually joined in for a while. Now, I'll admit, some people may say it's a lost cause, I had someone saying that to me. But doing that could improve Jamaa. Ignore the haters, because trust me, this is the right thing to do.

So please jammers, please help save the forgotten places of Jamaa! AJHQ makes all these amazing lands and rooms, and half of them go unused. If more jammers help, it just might make a difference. So please, host a party, invite your buddies to come hang, or just advertise these places in the Township. Remember, every jammer makes a difference, and every difference counts.


  1. why are u awake at 2:45 in the morning? don't you have to go to bed? (Just asking)

  2. Hehe! Yeah, it probably does seem a bit weird that my posts show up so late huh? I just stay up really late sometimes :P This time it was a little TOO late though lol!


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