Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pictures (that I wanna use since I take a ton but never use them)

Heya Jammers! Sorry for my inactiveness, I was on a vacation from Tuesday to Friday! But i'm back, and I wanted to share some screenshots I took. Mainly because I take like, a thousand and I never end up using them, so they just sit there taking up my space. I have some glitch ones, some cute ons, and maybe a few funny ones as well!

 Yeah, my llama is swimming in sand. Either that, or she is in that really squishy sand, which I love the feeling of for some reason.
 Ever wonder why this is here on the world map? It looks like the bridge and all that, but why is it so far over?
 I took this picture of one of Julian2's animals. As you can see, he is wearing a black worn. Well, look closer, and you will be able to see a sort of knot thing at the tip of the worn. Is this a glitch or an unreleased worn? We may never know. :P
 Ok, this is random, but if only four birds at a time can play, WHY are there FIVE eagles in the picture? Why must you break the laws of The Forgotten Desert, eaglez!?
 I have no idea why I took this. Mainly just because it is SO HARD to click that stinking 4th Birthday Cake and make it look like this.
 Check it out! A moose-like painting! Seems a bit like the one that used to be in Canyons Pathway...
 Haha, this keeps happening to me a lot! Whenever I try to go to it, it just says " This party starts in 0 minutes" I have to close and re-open the parties tab to actually go.
 This is one of those cute ones I told you about. Aww! I just LOVE pet tigers! Well, all tigers, IRL and AJ!
 Leapin' Tiger! Yeah... not as fun to say as leapin' lizards. I need a gecko...
 Yeah... NOT safe AJHQ! You make a dresser out of MATCHES!? First off, I though AJ was trying to keep kids, um, SAFE and all that. Matches and safeness DO NOT MATCH! No pun intended, lol! Second, what if the matches catch fire? I'm not even gonna explain...
 This is another cute one! It's me and my new buddy! :D
 This glitch happens at the Play As Your Pet Party. No avatars show up! It gets a bit annoying...
 CUTE! Although, I always wonder why AJHQ makes spiders have those accessories...
 Me and my sis as cute lil' otters!
Another glitch! This is the star pattern, yet it shows up the same as the moon pattern! *Sigh* I guess i'll never know what stars look like on crocs... :P
 Balloons go BEHIND hyenas, apparently...
 I put de stone in there already! Why you still askin' me to do it?! ( It got stuck and I couldn't fight the king, poo D: )
 Ferret! So stinking CUTE!!
 This is kinda sad, all these items locked up. Wait, why are most of these RARES and BETAS? What about non-members, AJHQ? Oh well. Wait, #1, is that my Arctic Hood in there duplicated a ton of times?! And second, that Fox Hat is wearing a Founders Hat. A hat wearing a hat!
 This is a non-member, yet he is wearing Spartan Armor. There are a few people like this you can look up. I actually SAW one once!
Lastly, a pic of me and my bff from one of the dens that thecourtroom's portal lead us to. Look, it's bacon, eggs, and WAFFLES! Mmm, yummy!

Well, that's all for now jammers, because sadly, I have to get off of the computer. See you all soon, and remember to party hard, be kind, and JAM ON!

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