Monday, July 13, 2015

Another thing (that might be) coming soon!

Hey again jammers! Today when I got on the computer, I found I had 11 comments waiting for moderation! Woo hoo! Thanks to all the jammers who commented!! Keep the comments and views coming!

Okay, so, I wanted to tell you jammers something. My friends are coming over on Friday, and they are gonna help me make an ANIMAL JAM MUSIC VIDEO! If it goes well, I JUST might make a YouTube account and post it!! :D BTW, the song is gonna be Roar by Katy Perry, and it will be the first song on my account! Don't get your hopes too high though, the YouTube thing is just if my mom approves! So, I am gonna be making a big finale scene with lots of tigers dancing by the Mira statue. If you want to be in the finale, just send me a Jam A Gram saying something like "I want to help!", or something like that. Wish me luck on the video jammers!


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