Friday, September 18, 2015

Ladybug Ladebug Ladiebuggy Names

Hello pplz! So, I found out today that there were little ladybuggies outside Club Geoz (I bet no one noticed cuz Club Geoz is NEVER popular.) So I decided to name them!!
 Dis is Cherrytop
 Grumpy Dood
 Crawler Guy
And last but not least, BooperPooper

So yus, beautiful names, are they not? Which one is yo favorite?
Yeah, BTW, don't think i'm out of my mind. Deese names suit 'em!


  1. Grumpyd00d FTW! But I did notice the ladybugs, at fisrt I thought they were part of the Journal searchy thingy. Grumpyd00d is probably hrumpy cuz his distant cousin, Varella comes at Night of the Phantoms. They have a great relationship, but Varella is a phantom. I think phantoms are actually kind, they don't kill you, only paralize you. Probably either to protect themselves, or protect you from the dangers ahead. So I think a memorial is acceptional for the phantoms :) I think Grumpyd00d agrees :D

  2. Haha! So he has a cousin Varella? Cool, maybe i'll be her around when the Night of the Phantoms stuff takes over the Township! :P And you DO have a point on the phantoms-being-nice thing. Maybe the king is the only mean one, and he forces them to attack Jamaa animals. I know, that has almost nothing to do with what you said, but i'm addin' on to it. Lol!

    1. Because ya'know, phantoms aren't any more different than our animals really, they're still libing, breathing creatures. Maybe the pollution kills evil bacteria. Maybe they trap us to play with us. I mean, think about how they were probably raised, their ralatives exploding, being eaten, squashed, unaccepted, and kept away in their dark, grey, stingdy biome of rotting plants.

    2. Thanks for underyanding :)

  3. Good point. Now I never wanna do an adventure and make Chompers eat phantoms ever again! Poor phantoms. D:

    1. But I also believe that some phantoms are just mindless clones from those purple machines, made by Liza, to make us believe they are bad. So it's okay if you kill some, cuz they're Liza's heartless clones.


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