Thursday, September 17, 2015

New Elephantie Update

Hey peoples! This is Swirlshine here! Today, we have a pretty cool new update! Let's get started, shall we?

 So, the pet elephants are finally here! I was wondering when these little guys were coming out! These are SO CUTE! Let's check out their patterning and stuff.
Um. Wow. Not the best way to start. Eek. Well, let's move on!
 Well, the colors look good! How about the eyes?
 Okay, I can live with that I guess...
 Same on these.
 Cute too!
Umm...yay? A sweaty crazed-eyed elephant calf. How fun... 
Maybe the other stuff will be better.

Yay! The hair looks good! 
 Creepyness. And now the cute eyes look creepy.
 Cute, cute...
Cute! Lastly, the ears!
 Cute! Although strangely pig-like.
Mouse-ish! But cute! 

Mkay, overall these little guys are, on a cuteness meter, about a 8/10

Okay, moving on!
Yes! Wind Armor is back baby! I need the back armor! 
 Cool! But this picture is kinda weird. I mean, look at all those things piled around the fox. There has to be at least 10! And the fox is trading ALL THOSE DEN ITEMS for, yep.
One. Spike. Wristband.
Is all that stuff really worth it? I consider that an overtrade, although most of those items are not exactly fair for a Spike Wristband. But who cares, it's like 13 items for ONE DARN POPULAR WRISTBAND. :1
 Cool, World Rhino Day! And a deal? Ooo! Though I agree with Mel on her blog, why not make the non-member for, idk, a week or something. *Sigh* Sorry non-members. D:
 *Sigh again* I love kangaroos. Speaking of kangaroos, we were learning about the Classifications of Organisms, you know, domain, kingdom, stuff like that. And I knew pretty much all of it, thanks to Modern Major Kangaroo!

' My kingdom's Animalia and my Phylum is Chordata. Mammalia is my Class, infraclass: Marsupialia. Diprotodontia is my Order, family: Macropodidae. Macropus is my genus...' - Modern Major Kangroo

See? Pure science! Lol! THANK YOU NAT GEO!
Oh yeah! And Jamaa Township is now all fall-ish and stuff! This also means Night Of The Phantoms is coming soon! I like Night of the Phantoms just fine, but really? Did they REALLY need a giant phantom statue to replace Mira for a month? Shouldn't Mira still be there to provide protection against the phantoms? Idk AJ, I just don't know.
And last, a short little paragraph about how you should NOT TRUST TRUST TRADERS! Agreed AJHQ, agreed.

Oh, one more thing! Well, two.
 This was on the DE! Woah. Just woah! I'm guessing about, mmm, maybe half of those are storage accounts? Or maybe not. I have no idea how they pulled this off.
 Lastly, if you go in the Sarepia Theater, this little book is sitting by the screen. If you click it, you can read the AJ Minibooks!
Nice addition AJ!

Well, i'm afraid that's all I have to blog about today Jammers! Remember to Party Hard, Trade Fair, and Jam On, and i'll see you all again soon!


  1. Your back! (took you long enough) Sorry, I treat this blog too much like a Daily blog (and still do)

  2. Lol, that's perfectly fine with me! And sorry about the break I was pretty busy this week with homework, blehh. :1


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