Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Animal and Username Pranks

Hey everyone! I wasn't planning on making a post today, but I had a great idea! So today, I am gonna go around and say things that have to do with people's animal or usernames! Let's DO THIS!

She then forgave me and told me she didn't report me after all. Yes, she was trying to report me. Did that count as a real apology???? You tell me.

 Typical Sarepia-hanger attitude. I don't think she exactly got that it was a prank. But I didn't want to knock anything off and break it! Monster, on the other hand, tried to 'bite neck'.

 We goofed off a bit, hehe.

Fauna Vonfox said she looked like Taylor Swift. That means she IS Taylor Swift, right? Oh, I forgot, she is Taylor's Swift's daughter! Silly me!

 She hopped off.
 Ahh, this was a mess-up! I thought her name was Miss FancySPIRIT, but it turns out it was Miss FancySEAL! She still thought I was very sweet and that saying that 'means alot to her'. No problemo, Miss!

 She ignored me. Typical Aldan-trader behavior.

 Again. Ignore. Although I bet he saw what I said.

 Finally, an honest response! Maybe...

And yes, I tried it on my sister.

Well, at least some people responded! Oh, BTW, no animals were harmed in the making of this post! Stay tuned for more swirlshine this week! Until then, remember to Party Hard, Be Awesome ( For you, awesome90914, hehe), and...


  1. Tay-Tay Swift clan? XD

  2. Yep, lol. Someone said that we were not gonna rule the forest, and she ( fauna) said no one was. I told her we could rule and have a Taylor Swift Clan, hehe!

  3. Did you take any snaps of our little pranks at the Dinner Party/ Play as your pet party?? If you want to feature them, because you didn't take any, click on dis link (
    And give credit!

    This comment was stupid.
    ~*~ Cookycupcake **AJ**

    Also, I am trying to earn 100 view on my blog? Can anyone help?

  4. I realized after reading your blog I completely forgot to take screenshots of that. It was weird, considering I have just about 1,000,000,000,000 pictures on my computer by now, lol!
    I viewed your blog today, and I will try to make it one of my daily blogs I check! And as for the credit thing, I will certainly do that! :D


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