Monday, November 23, 2015

Mad Dash ( Icing and Friends)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while everyone, but let's refresh! Okay, so last time I left off, Bandit was bolting off, telling us to run, and he had Geran coming after him. 

Geran: Hey, how did you- COME BACK HERE YOU STUPID BADGER!
Bandit: I'm a RACCOON!

Bandit went towards the random exit slide attached to a balcony, while Ice, Leaf, Cherry, and I snuck closer to the stairwell.

As soon as we reached the stairs, Ice and Leaf took off, and Cherry followed close behind. I looked back to see Bandit stop at the edge of the balcony, shoot an amused look at Geran, and then slither down the slide on his belly.

Cherry: Icing, come on!
Me: You think Bandit will be okay?
Cherry: Bandit? Of course he'll be fine! He's the fastest out of all of us right now. But you, i'm afraid, are not very fast at all, so hurry up!
Me: Okay, if you say-wait. I'm not fast? Of course I am! I'm so fast, I-
Cherry: Icing, who cares? LET'S GO!
Me: OKAY, fine.

Once we got out the front door, we turned in time to see Bandit walking casually towards us, smiling.

Leaf: Bandit! Why aren't you running? Isn't Geran still looking for you?
Bandit: Oh, he's looking for me. Just in the complete wrong place.
Ice: Surely he saw you go down slide?
Bandit: Yeah, but after than, before he went down after me, I hid under a sofa thingy out there. Then, when he was almost down, I snuck out, went through a few thick plants, and here I am now. I bet he's still looking under that couch for me, hehe.
Cherry: Well, i'm glad that you got away, Bandit, but right now, we have to move!
Ice: Oh yeah! We need to tell Freddy and Flame Jr about this!

So later, at home, we told Freddy and Flame Jr everything. After we finished, Freddy looked sort of confused.
Freddy: So they just trapped you, though? That's odd. 
Me: Why? That's what evil dudes do!
Freddy: Well, yes, but what would they want with you guys? It's not like you have any special powers that they want for themselves or anything.
Cherry: That's true. 
Me: But they ARE evil! Maybe they're so evil, they just trap anyone they see?
Freddy: And what would be the point of that?
Me: ...To be evil??
Freddy: Somehow, we have to figure out what it is that Geran and Blaze want with us. If it's some kind of item, maybe we can give it to them, and they'll leave us alone.

Just as Flame Jr was about to speak, a loud crack of thunder blocked out his words. We looked up to see the sky filling with black clouds, and flashes of lightning lit up the sky.

Ice: A storm? It was sunny just a minute ago!
Me: Eek! Lightning! Uh, maybe we'd better go inside.

We literally had to drag ourselves towards the door, because the wind was so strong now, it would have probably blown us away. When we were halfway inside, a booming voice rose high above the thunder and rain.



  1. Icing: WHAT?!
    Blaze: Not you!
    Geran: The badger!
    badger what'shisnane guy: WHAT?!
    badger what'shisnane guy: Oh that, it had sone leftover choccy bits on it, then I threw it in the trash.
    Blaze: YOU WHAT?!
    Icing: Bahdgeer!
    badger what'shisname guy: I'MA RACCOON!

  2. Replies
    1. Aw thanks :) I must say, I, oops, I mean Icing, hehe, enjoys writing the episodes!

  3. I love your blog swirlshine, it's so creative!

    Just thought I'd fill you in with an update. The Animal Jam Community is going under lockdown. No one will know but the worthy commenters and the authors. We will be releasing regular posts as normal, but will be turning off all comments. All arguments in the comment sections of former posts will be terminated and ignored. Nothing will be considered different, and I will make sure that none of the authors say a word about closing comments.

    Have a wonderful day!

    P.S. I will be checking in on your blog more frequently - it is very interesting, and I love it!

    - Arctic

  4. Thank you for telling me Arctic, I think that is a good idea! I hope Aj-Offers leaves for good sometime soon! And as for my blog, I will try to post more often to make sure you have more new things to read about :)

  5. hey swirlshine love the new blog posts theres even one of my owl i was wondering if you could make a picture of me and put my user name my user name is velvet glimmer thanks


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