Friday, January 22, 2016

Secret Basement of Secrets

Hiya AJammers! So today i'm back to talk about the CHAMBER OF SECRETS! Yes, I know, probably EVERY AJ blogger and Youtuber has posted this, but I personally want it for my blog! Plus, I bet there's a few of you out there who do not know!

Okay, so...does this door look familiar? Yep, it's in the first room of the Chamber of Knowledge. But there actually is a ROOM under there! A SECRET BASEMENT! Here's how you get to it!

1. Go to your World Map and move your mouse over the unused land BELOW Appondale. Click here...
(Click directly around the middle left.) And then you will be taken here! The Basement of Secrets!
I apologize, there were a ton of people in my shot. The one I am sitting in now has 0. Wait, make that 1, someone just came in...
( Okay I went to a world with no one in it, now i'm FINALLY alone, lol!)
(Yes it's big on purpose.)
What a neat place! All those ancient scrolls and books make me feel at home there. No, my home does NOT literally have old books and scrolls, but you know what I mean! There's even a shop with "unreleased" items!

 And then if you walk up the stairs, you appear in the Chamber of Knowledge by the door on the floor! Well, "???" sells some decent things so far! I wonder what will be next! A VERY special thanks to "Jammin with FrostyandRaven" and Snowyclaw's Youtube videos! Without you guys, I would have never gotten to this place! 

Also, this is sorta unrelated, but did you Snowyclaw actually went to AJHQ'S HEADQUARTERS?! That would be a dream trip for me! She even said in her Youtube video that AJHQ showed her the plans for the Basement of Secrets...yeah, i'm jealous.  

Welp, I suppose that's all for now! I will post the update tomorrow! See ya jammers, and remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON!


  1. I watched it on YouTube cool and goats r cuter than I thought

    1. Right!? I wasn't that excited for goats, but they ARE pretty cute now that I see what they will look like! But do they look like bobbleheads to you? :P

    2. Yes. All the discount card pets look like bobblehead:)

  2. This is so cool. I have to try this. Thanks for telling us.


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