Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hello, It's me :P

Hi everyone! I'm just gonna do a brief overview of the newest update. I'm honestly too lazy to do pictures, but you all can read and see the Jamaa Journal for yourselves.

So, first, Polar Bears are back. These guys sure were gone a long time. (sarcasm)

#2. Pet Armadillos, which apparently won last place in that Pet Contest we had forever ago. They are pretty cute, in most cases, though. And yes, goats, goats are coming to Jamaa! Again, the heads are making them look like bobbleheads, but AJHQ likes making their animals like that nowadays, and it's not like I can stop them. Plus that face is cute, and I gotta say the yellow horns, though unrealistic, add a splash of color.

#3. The Alphas are going to search for a new Heartstone (Animal activation thing), and we get to pick the first animal to be an avatar! You can choose between Falcons, Sloths, and Ostriches. I voted for Ostriches. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Falcons, but they look a little too much like Eagles to me. And Sloths are SUPER CUTE, but I feel all the animations would be unrealistic, considering how, um, slow sloths are. So Ostriches got my vote! There's someone at my church who even calls me ostrich, lol!

#4. Special Delivery is back! I like this adventure. You know why?
Because it's not IMPOSSIBLE to complete like all the others!

#5. The Friendship Party is coming in February, and the Friendship Armor is back.

#6. *Enter advertisement for pet snow leopard here, complete with the ugliest snow leopard look AJHQ could find* Yeah yeah, we all know about that.

Well, that's all for now. Remember to Party Hard, Be Kind, and Jam On!


  1. I'd really wanna see what the Sloth animations will be...

  2. The contest was like so long ago but I am happy peacocks won :)

  3. I voted for ostriches too. They could be used as Mira for roleplays (although she's a heron), especially if you own a Zios mask on your storage to be Zios!

  4. I voted for falcons and so did my bff :\

    1. It was a close call between Falcons and Ostriches for me!

    2. I choose falcons to have more jammers do forgottten Desert!♥


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