Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cosmic Glitch

I found out from Mel's blog, the Animal Jam Flash, that there's a glitch with the Cosmic Necklace, released a few days ago in Epic Wonders.
The necklace is a complete different shape on Arctic Wolves, yet on Change Your Look...
...they look normal! Here's a close up on the pendent.
Strange shape, but I rather like it! I love the whole necklace, actually! There are seriously TWINKLING STARS on it people!

Now, for your entertainment, here is an amazing piece of art!! No, sadly it was not made by me... I found it on the Internet randomly, lol!

It's my screensaver right now /\ - /\


1 comment:

  1. hi swirlshine its velvetglimmer i think you should make a blog party i would totally go! i just wanted to say again thank you for sometimes putting me in your blog i love it! velvetglimmer is out peace!


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