Sunday, March 20, 2016

What's wrong in this picture?

Looks like AJ forgot to patch a little glitch when they updated! On the bright side, Waterberry is happy to have finally seen what land looks like!

I was just gonna leave this post at that, but why not do another no-pictures review of the update? It wasn't a very good update though, so pictures would make no difference. Plus, I'm pretty sure none of you guys are blind and can't see the Jamaa Journal yourself.

Jamaa Journal Update of March 17th, 2016 (aka, the "One Excitement" Update")

#1. So, the Spring Festival is back. Normally I would be happier, but this adventure, I swear, is:
1. Almost impossible
2. The adventure that gives you the worst prizes
True, they added a few new prizes, I like that birdbath and the birdhouse. But everything else is 
as last year! And Lucky Clovers is officially gone. :( I never got much good things from that adventure, but hey, at least they were Rares!
O.O   I take that back!!!! Lucky Clovers is still here you guys!! Woo! 

#2. The Mushroom Hut is back! I love this den! But it left? Hm. No one seems to remember it leaving the den shop, huh?

#3. This is the "One Excitement" part of the "One Excitement Update". We got some fairly useful new den tabs that help organize our items! Now the items of everyone have been split into 6 sections, not including the normal "All" tab. Though, this feature IS NOT new, it's used in Play Wild. 

#4. Now we can win Rares from the Daily Spin instead of ugly items you can buy in JMF! Too bad I already figured this out a week or two ago :P Oh yeah, good luck rhinos!

#5. *Insert Snow Leopard Advertisement here*

And there ya go! Honestly, NOT a very good update. AT ALL. But hey, there's always next Thursday! Until my next post, remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and


  1. The world is unbalanced. Sea Horses are taking over our precious land called Jamaa. We have to keep our children safe! Protect The villages! Sea horses are growing legs and attacking!

    ( what did I just do...)

  2. Yay I love mushroom huts they r so cozy

    1. Yep, I filled mine with nature-like stuff! :P


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