Friday, April 15, 2016

Falcons and Plushiez

Hey hey! It's me, swirlshine, again, of course! I honestly dunno why I say that, I'm the only author, but anyways... We have a new animal! FALCONS! I wasn't too excited for these animals, for I felt they would just be thinner, smaller versions of eagles, but now that I have one, I'm in love with it! This might be my favorite flying animal yet, actually! So today, I'm gonna show how these birds look doing actions and on player cards. I bet you all basically know what they look like on player cards now, but if you don't, here ya go:
I took a screenshot of the first falcon I saw in Jamaa Township, so...great job random bird, you're famous!
Pretty, no? That's just a start! Here are all the actions!

Not Moving ( It looks like I'm gliding away, but no, I'm not.)




Playing ( If you can't tell, it flaps up into the air, swoops down, and does a sort of flip thing.)

Dancing ( The Wave: Wing Style!)

Falcons looks good in Wizard Hats, I can tell you that! Do you like my little birdie's look? :P

So, the other I saw a new AJHQ den ( No, not by the workers who actually go by the username "Ajhq".), and of course, there were unreleased things in it. But the thing that caught my attention was this:
( Enlarged for your benefit. You're welcome. :3)
A goat plushie! It's pretty cute, actually! Though I think these would be better, in my opinion:
 A very good idea indeed :3

Also, there's a new OWL CLAW! I found it in a den, tried it out myself, and after two tries, I got this!
As you can see, I'm in luv with it! It's so CUTE! Seems as if this is a "rare" ( I call them Special) plushie, and it's...on a flatish-looking cloud I guess? I really dunno what that poofy white thing is, but the owl is A-DOR-A-BLE. Do I sound like a super diva girly-girl when I say stuff like that? Idk...

Welp, that's pretty much all for now! The rest of the update isn't that exciting, just a feature where you can enter a code without logging out and logging back in again, another feature that sorts items in stores by released, price, or in ABC order, and a new Jammer Party that's basically that disco-looking one, but pink. Like I said a couple sentences ago, pretty much it. Until next time, this is swirlshine, telling you to...



  1. I think the white fluff is a cloud,too, but AJHQ (aka ''National Geographic'') should know that clouds are actually air and they are not PILLOWS, and birds can't just touch them!

    1. Ikr! Yet they give eagles clouds to sleep on... and somehow the birds don't fall through them?

  2. Lol, I love your little birdie! Very chic with the wizard cap, bow, and golden chain!
    I like the big goat plushie! And where did you see an owl claw?! :o I love the owl plushie you got!!!

    1. You can actually buy it in the Diamond Shop, but if you don't wanna waste your diamonds, the username is mtdew1205.

    2. LOL, I bought one! So luck of me getting a plushie yet... But thank you so much for telling me!! :D (btw, I have a blog... XD)

    3. Np! And awesome! I'm gonna check your blog out today!

  3. the falcon above looks suprisingly like mine

    1. The username was different though, I believe. I forgot it though but it had a s in it. :P


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