Sunday, April 10, 2016

How To Follow The AJ Rules

Hiyo peepos! So, yesterday I had an idea for a new post! So, today, I'm going to "follow the AJ rules", but in a weird way, ya know? Don't worry, it will make sense in a bit! If you don't know the AJ Rules, here they are:
So let's get this thing started!

#1. Play Nice!

#2. Use Kind Words!

( De "vampire emote arctic wolf" is the one laughing)

#3. Never Give Out Personal Info To Someone You Meet Online!

( Was running out of ideas on that one!)

#4. Cheaters Never Prosper!

#5. Report And Log Off!

Now THAT'S following the rules, am I right? ;D


  1. Tutorial number 1: hate middle school homework
    Tutorial number 2: love aj
    tutorial number 3: love waffles
    Tutorial number four: think swirlshine is the best blogger

    that is what i think the rules should be lol

  2. Oh my word, that is too funny! "U MUST FOLLOW AJ RULES! EVERYONE REPORT A PERSON AND THEN LOG OFF!" "must not give out info to ppl on web, iz bad, must no!" "oh dear u a bunny and imma lion but i wont eat u cuz im nice" LOL, those are my favorite! Funny post, and you took it way far that its funny! XDDD


WJN Rules Of Commenting:
#1. Please do not comment anything rude, inappropriate, or offensive. If I do receive a comment like this, I won't approve it, so it won't be seen by others, but please don't even try.
#2. Please don't spam on here! It's fine if you advertise your blog, as long as it is Animal Jam related, of course, but too many times, over and over, gets really annoying.
#3. No personal comments please! If I get any comments asking me or someone else, for example, where they live or anything like that, I won't approve them.
#4. This is an Animal Jam Blog. Please don't try to advertise blogs that are not related to AJ, unless it's one I've visited before because there could be something inappropriate on it, even if you think it's safe.
#6. You must love puppies. MUST.
And #7. Follow rules 1-6, and have fun on the WJN! :D