Saturday, May 21, 2016


Hi! How about a little randomness to enjoy for a day or two, hmm?

 An edit I made on piZap. It's a Cat Tail! What do you think, would this be a good future AJ item?
 So true. XD! Okay, I don't spill food that often...
 That glitch that happens where you change your den, but the items in your last den stay put. It makes the den look so disorganized...
 Okay, I know they meant HASHTAG so beta, but still, it's kinda funny. Plus, wow, brag much person...
 XD I love this!
 Coolness...I guess???
 I think I should be deleting this one, as I just realized what it meant...
 Sorry, but WHAT in Jamaa is a " phadora"? Someone needs to learn to spell. They could just look at how it's spelled on their Looks...
 Those are the SAME THING!!
 Pie! I'm totally a blue Spellbook. Here's a selfie of moi!
And you didn't believe me!!
 Um, want a supreme? Okay, I guess...
Here. I wonder if I'll ever regret giving that away...
Nah, I don't like tomatoes, lettuce, any of that. I'm not too fond of Taco Bell burritos, either.
 I planned on being rude. But then I read it because I was bored, lol!
 Okay, I know " Aparri Beards" are the brown ones, the one color Aparri wears, but HONESTLY! It is NOT CALLED AN " APARRI BEARD"!!    ):1
 Aw, poor you. Hope someone gifts you a napkin!
 This might have been from the soda person, idk, but I DO know that they probably shouldn't use bleach while they are still wearing the clothes...
 At the Flower Glitch-Mart   * Sarcasm*
 Yes, poor old you indeed.
 XD! I found the Jam-A-Gram glitch, thanks to a few blogs like the AJ Whip! All you gotta do is look at a J.A.G. like this one that someone sent you, then click the blue words, and bingo! You can type a header-thingy for the Jam-A-Gram! Although, sadly, you can't send it that way...
Ew. Online love is disgusting, in my opinion. And do I put this nicely... foolish.
( Enlarged on purpose)
These comics are so funny! They feature Grumpy Cat and her brother Pokey, the artwork is cool, and Grumpy Cat is sarcastically funny throughout the book! Made me laugh, XD!

Enough randomness for now, I suppose. Hmm, I feel like I'm LOSING viewers, not gaining them...probably because that's the case. Can y'all do me a favor? Can you maybe talk about my blog on yours, if you have one, or advertise it somehow? I need to get it, you know, OUT THERE. Hopefully my new YOUTUBE ACCOUNT will change the sparse amount of viewers to a huge amount! Though I'll get more spam and hate comments... Oh well, I won't post them! Anyways, that's all for today! Remember to...





  1. Who wants a Burrito Supreme For their worn?

  2. Replies
    1. Yas, the joy of reading random quotes and things people said. LOL!

  3. Hey, great pics! :D Very funny! ;) Also about spreading the word about your blog, I did on my post today! :D If you want, I could also put you on my blogroll. Awesome post!

    1. Thank you! I read your post :)

    2. You're welcome! Thanks for reading. ^^ Also, I like the new background for WJN!! :D So nice and blue...

  4. Online is not always bad. What if u are with the person in real life?

  5. Oh my goodness! I laughed so hard at some of those screenshots! XD

    1. Lol! I wonder how I find so many weird people these days? XD

  6. Here's a youtube ad: (oky, in fact I did the jam-a-gram glitch thingy but I gave credit to you) and I will probably make an AJCC one as well if you want.

    1. Alright! And I'll be sure to check the ad, lol!

    2. Rats, it says the vid is not available.

    3. Search up ''the weekly jammer news'' or hyenaspirit aj, it will probably show up. If it doesn't, it probably is a glitch or something has happened and youtube isn't telling me >:-O

  7. Hehe, some hater said I was selfish and that I should get viewers myself. Ah well, haters gonna hate, Doesn't daunt me. And though I do want to advertise, maybe on AJ, I feel like people will check out my blog just to post hate comments like that one...

    1. Hmm, interesting... That was also rude! Advertising is not bad at all. :)


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