Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Animals To Artwork, and AJ Code Items

Hola a todos!  ( Hello to you all!) No, I do not speak Spanish, I looked this up on Google Translate. XDD
This post is being made for two reasons. I am about to tell you one of them.

So, as you all can probably see, I have a tab called " My Animals!" at the top of the blog. I think I'm gonna change that. Why? Well, a lot of my animals get their looks changed often, and I mean, come on...they're all me. I don't know why I wrote personalities for all of the animals I had. Plus, I don't think anyone cares about the personalities of pixelated animals. 
So that's why I was thinking... maybe I should make that tab into an artwork tab! Only this tab will feature art by OTHERS! That way, I can put the hundreds of Masterpiece screenshots I have to use! Okay, not hundreds...yet.
So how about this. I'll change that tab into the " Artwork By Others" tab. If you all like it, I will keep it instead of the last one. If you dislike it, I have the info as an actual post, and I can return it to normal. But honestly, I'm liking this art-tab idea, so I hope you like it too! I will start working on it right after this post!

Next topic, AJ TOYS! Yes, we all know about these now. I even bought a lot of them! So far, I have bought the penguin, lynx, tiger, panda, and horse toys, plus one Adopt-A-Pet. The eBay ones, the penguin and Adopt-A-Pet, have come, but I'm still waiting on the others. I will post pictures of them maybe tomorrow! But anyways, they are super cute, though sorta tiny, and I even cleared off a whole shelf in my bedroom just for AJ toys! Oh, and in case you are wondering, my Adopt-A-Pet turned out to be a super-cute tan joey!! He's...so...KAWAII!!!! o3o

But today, I'm gonna talk about the code items that come with these toys! I'll give you a list of the ones I know for sure, plus some pictures!

Adopt-A-Pet Joey (tan)- 2,000 gems
Sir Penguin figurine- Windjammer Hat
Here's my sailor bunny sporting the Windjammer Hat. Isn't she cute? I'm surprised how well the Rare Arctic Coat looks with it! :D

Lucky Lynx figurine- Light Up Paw Ring

Sparkle Tiger figurine- Light Up Swirl Ring

OMG! I'm in love with this one! I'm gonna try it on my wizard wolf when I get it! Look! It's even green and purple, just like her!!
Twinkle Panda figurine- Light Up Flower Ring

Magic Horse figurine- Light Up Horseshoe Ring

Maybe I'll trade this one, since I'll have three others, anyway. Can you imagine what people would trade for this!? O.O

Credit to the Animal Jam Stream for the toy/ring pictures.

Anywho, that's all for now, peeps! Time to start working on the new tab! Until tomorrow, everyone! Sayonara!!! ;)

P.S. Please, if you can, keep advertising this blog! I really love getting more commenters and viewers! So, so sorry if I sound greedy, but like I said before, my favorite part of every day is replying to comments! All of you who are advertising the WJN already, thank you so much! It means a lot! Everyone else, if you can, please help out! I am hoping for many more viewers one day! Thank you!! :)


  1. I don't think I can get the toys :-(

    1. Aww nooo! Must send some through computer...

  2. Ah, now I want the toys twice as much!!!!!! I NEED THEM 2 LIVE!!!!!!!!
    But my sister and I are going to get ''payed'' today, so we will probably buy them from eBay (or amazon, depends on the prices).

    1. Oh, I was going to say " YOU HAVE A JOB?!" but then I saw the quotations, XDD!!

    2. No, not a job. Well, sorta a job, me and my sisters are babysitting our cousins XD

    3. Ah, that makes more sense, XD!

  3. Also, do you know if the Animal Figures (not pet ones) come with AJ items? We found some pretty affordable packages.

    1. Yes, most of the toys DO come with virtual items.

  4. I need help.
    I'm dying
    from cuteness!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1! XD
    Sadly, I can't get the toys because where I live, they don't have the good quality toys that you all have. Even online stores don't ship to my country XD...
    I love the"Art by others" tab. I think the regular jammers who make masterpieces should be featured on social media too.

    1. Oh no, it's because of me, isn't it? My cuteness is unbearable, save yourself!
      XDD! Just kidding, I'm not cute. Well, not in my opinion. Ah well, I don't want to be anyway. I guess. Idk! :P

      Aww! Not even online stores? They're cutting you off from toy civilization. You know what this means?
      ( Why am I so strange...?)
      I agree, great art deserves to be featured. :)

  5. Yay, I got a toy item, the wood framed couch!! Ik, this is random,kinda, but, luckily I got it, because my sister doesn't want to buy the toys bc I WANT TO (?)

    1. Coolness! With what toy?

      Wait. When you do things, your sister doesn't!? Man, you have a good sister! Mine copies everything I buy. Or do. Or say.
      *Sigh* Life with two younger siblings...so tough. XD

    2. No... when I do something, my sister does it as well to get in my nerves, and when I want to buy something with our money, she rejects, and when it's too late, she agrees!

    3. Ohh.
      Like I said on your blog, Sisters sometimes...):l

  6. That sounds like a great tab idea!! :D I love looking at Masterpieces! Some people draw so stinking good. XD But I have a question! :raises hand and waves it around, crazily: Uh, uh, Ms. Swirl! Uh, are you okay with cropping all those Masterpieces or do you have photo sniper thingamabob? XD

    1. Ikr! And thanks!

      * Points at her: Yes, miss Lostfairy?

      To answer your question, I don't even have to crop them! My laptop is a Chromebook, and on a Chromebook, you take an already-cropped screenshot! It really helps, since I think I have a screenshot-taking problem... :P

    2. What the hay!! That sounds soooo nice and easy!!! o.o XD I have to crop ALL my pictures... Ughhh, it takes so long... XP


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