Sunday, June 26, 2016

Coral Canyons Changes + Mt. Shiveer Mysteries

Haha! A little alliteration fun with the title! I'm probably the only one who likes doing that... oh well!
Anyways, today I'm here to talk about some things that the newest update changed. I don't really consider any of it good, except the new Wild Explorers Tent. No, I am not saying the Spiked Collars were bad, I'm just not including those in this post. Here's the REAL things I wanted to show:

 I rather liked that tree, with the little pots on it. Welp, it's gone now...
 Thanks a lot, AJHQ. You ruined a perfectly good relaxing spot by setting demon-mice ( not to mention a squashed phantom) there. Plus, we already have that game in the Temple Of Zios...does AJHQ want to fill every corner in Jamaa with some kind of attraction?
 Hm. I like that they're adding cool details, but...
 Yeah, this happens. They're built into the game's background now, and instead of walking BY them, you walk ON them. Fun. Also, the stuff you CAN walk behind is pretty blurry! I mean, look at the plant on the right! You can barely see it! O.O

Wow. That took less time than I thought. Never fear, because I have another topic for you to dwell on!

For years, jammers have been talking about the bridge in Coral Canyons, and the ice in Mount Shiveer. Some say that these two things CAN be broken, while others deny it. Today, we will focus on the ice of Mount Shiveer, and see if we can unravel the mystery...

( Haha, I wrote this like a movie trailer or something, idk!)

So basically, we're gonna talk about breaking the ice. I honestly think that it can be done, but others say it's impossible. I found some info from the Daily Explorer a while back...FROM a while back. It looked like it was posted when the DE had its old template.

 See? In the last paragraph, AJHQ is hinting that you CAN break the ice and the bridge! Now, I know they didn't say " YEAH PPL IT'S TOTALLY TRUE, SO ALL YOU PPL WHO DIDN'T BELIEVE WERE WRONG!!" Of course, AJHQ workers probably don't talk like that, even in real life...
But yeah, they DID seem to be interested in the topic! So maybe you CAN break the ice!

But even if someone DID, what would happened next? Would they fall into the water, or into some kind of secret underground room? Would they get special items? Here's what one person on the Internet thinks should happen:

No, they do NOT mean you will fall into a foot-deep mossy hole. They thought that, since there's a dino frozen in ice by the volcanic hot pool, if you broke the ice, it could make you fall into a prehistoric dinosaur land! ( It's just an idea.) I don't think that would happen, but it certainly is creative! Sounds pretty fun, too!

Here's another one that someone's brother told them happened. I doubt he was telling the truth, so he's probably crazy, XD! But it still would be so cool...

However, I have a different theory than all of these. Remember the " Seal Cave" in Mount Shiveer, blocked off by ice and rocks?

Well, take a look at this wallpaper! Notice anything different?
Check out the Seal Cave on here! It's OPENED!!
This means that, maybe, one day, this cave WILL open!! But to what? Here's my guess...

I guess that, when you get enough people, the ice will break. There's kinda a gap there, but I'm working on it. It would be more realistic to make the animals fall into the water, since you can see water when the ice breaks into chunks and all, but I think it should be more exciting. Plus, poor animals! No one likes plunging into freezing cold water, especially animals like raccoons and bunnies!
So I think that, when the ice breaks, the animals should fall into a hole. The screen would show all the animals falling into the hole, and then it would go black. When your animals supposedly " wakes up", it would be in a sort of dark cavern with all the other animals who helped. After a few moments, phantoms would appear from a cave tunnel, and try to surround the Jamaasians. The jammers would then have to work together once again to defeat all the phantoms. They could put bows and swords on to do more damage. I just thought that, this way, it could be like they're proving they can work together, by breaking the ice, AND by getting rid of all the phantoms.
Once all the phantoms are gone, a light can start shining from the cave tunnel, a soft, blue light. The color that Mira is. The animals will be required to Sleep and then the screen can go black again.
After a moment or two, the animals will find themselves on the ice of Mount Shiveer again. Everything will look normal, except...the Seal Cave. It will be opened, just like in the penguin wallpaper. The animals can go into the cave, and they'll find themselves in a secret cavern!
Now, I didn't make the secret cavern up. Someone else did. I found a picture of a cool place that looked like it could be an AJ room one day, and I based my theory off that. I dunno if it was intended to be the secret cave for Mount Shiveer, but I used it anyway. Here's the picture, sorry, it's a bit blurry, since I got it from my phone. I couldn't find it again. >_<
Pretty, huh? So anyway, they'll arrive in this room, and they'll all get a gift. When they open it, it will either be a secret, never-before-seen item, or the person's dream item. I dunno how AJHQ would know everyone's dream item, so for now, let's just go with the never-before-seen item thing. 
Now, as you can see, there is a easy-to-see cave tunnel leading to who-knows-where, and a not-so-easy-to-see staircase leading up to another random unknown place. The jammers will be allowed to go in the tunnel and up the stairs, and they'll be able to find something cool. I haven't thought about that part yet. Maybe there would be no way of knowing what is up or in there, because the...adventure-thingy...generates randomly? Again, I don't know how AJHQ would be able to pull this off, but hey, we have giant dens, hundreds of animated items, and lots of secret, animated places. I bet they could pull it off with a little more work!
Ooo! I just though of something! The tunnel and stairs could lead to secret adventures! The tunnel could be a cool underground cave adventure, and the stairs could lead you to all these cool rooms in the cave. Yeah, and maybe you could be trying to find...a key! A key that, once you find, could unlock the Seal Cave anytime you want! It could show a key icon in the top right of the screen once you collect it, and you could click it to unlock the Seal Cave whenever you want, so you can explore the cave some more! ( I think I'm getting the key-icon idea from Club Penguin...oh well!) It could be like an I-Spy game, where you have to search for the key!! If you choose not to climb the stairs, once you log out of AJ, or leave the secret cavern room, you can never go back, unless you break the ice again. And ONLY the jammers who broke the ice will see the Seal Cave be opened. Others who didn't help will see nothing unusual at all.

Man, this turned into a long post! I haven't even played on AJ yet! But anyways, I hope you liked my theory! I know, it's a little complex, but I think it would be a fun experience! That room really IS pretty...
What do you think? Do you believe the ice really CAN break? What do you think will happen! I want to hear your ideas, so if you have one, or an opinion, go ahead and leave a comment! My favorite part of every day is checking my blog's comments, and replying to them! But I have to end this post for you to comment, so I guess I better remind you now to PARTY HARD, BE CREATIVE, and JAM ON! I will see you all very soon! ;D

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot! Here are two den graphics I made for you all! Feel free to use them for whatever, but remember to give me credit! Thanks!

Credit to the AJF and Mel for the zoomed-up open Seal Cave pic, and the comment, dino-land, wallpaper, and secret room are not mine either. Nor the DE post picture. Credit to whoever took them!


  1. If only AJHQ did something good again... like an adventure, not new diamond shop stuff! An adventure for all jammers! But I guess they're ''too busy'' to make adventures, quests and secret, super cool areas XD

    1. Mmm hmm. And yet they have to time to update every Thursday, and fix minor details in the game. -_-

  2. Aww, things changed in Coral Canyons. :( Oh well!

    Wowie!! That cave room looks EPIC!! :O I would love it if your idea came true, Swirl!! I think the ice can break kinda like in Club Penguin with the iceberg tipping. Though THAT one seems farfetched. XD
    Great blog post!!! I love your writing. ^-^

    Also, I don't know if this is ok if I do this but my giveaway could use some more people entering. Please check out it out using this:

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I heard about the iceberg thing in Club Penguin. I play on there sometimes, but mostly to be weird and freak people out, because I don't care what most people on there think of me, XDD! I wonder if AJ got the "break the ice" idea from Club Penguin...after all, didn't CP come first?

    2. And that's perfectly fine to advertise a giveaway, Lostfairy! I'll check it out!

  3. I never would've noticed the changes if you didn't post about them! :P
    I really hope your idea comes out to be true. Jamaa could use some more secrets like that.

    1. Hehe, yeah, I always seem to notice the tiny details, for some reason!
      And thanks! I hope it'll turn out to be true too, hehe! If I ever break the ice, I'll be posting screenshots of everything that happened! I would probably have to ask my mom if I could play on AJ for almost the entire day though, since people come and go.

    2. Please call me magical It won't ork when I type in my name as magical so I have to be anonymous XC XD

    3. Alright! I'll call you Magical from now on!

  4. Wow! I loved that righting it was awesome! Btw can you make some sort of story like that only about the LOST JAMMER!! Don don don!! I'm not exactly sure if it's true but I kinda do XD just look up stories of the lost jammer it's pretty creepy but SOO COOL (thx soo much u awesome I would really appreciate it if u shared your thoughts and wrote about that ) ps:my am username is :53mimi3 PLZ BUDDY MEH

    1. Thanks!
      Hmm, I suppose I could do that! I do love writing! I'm not sure if the lost jammer is true, either, but it's always fun to think of a little creepypasta! I'll start thinking of ideas for that! :)

      I'll buddy you ASAP! :D

  5. I swear those changes to Coral Canyons were already there, except the tent but especially the demon mice. That spot is their home, they can't afford dens like we can so just let them be.

    For the Mt Shiveer thing, thought the phantoms would be a little drastic especially since if EVERY person that helped crack the ice had fallen in (that's actually a lot of people) then the phantoms would glitch and crash the game or something. That's why phantom based adventures only ever have max 4 people. Then again there was that Greely alpha fending adventure but uhh.... Yeah.

    1. The mice might've been there before... I don't really go to that place too much, so I dunno. It just felt new, though.
      AWWW! YOU'RE RIGHT! *Hugs demon mice until one bites hand* OWW!
      XDD, sorry about that.

      Hmm, you do have a point there.
      I'm 99% sure AJH would never take my idea, though, so don't worry, no laggy phantoms for us! XD!


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