Friday, August 26, 2016

Story Pages!

Hi! It's the weekend, woo!!!! TGIF, am I right?!

So, do any of you out there read the Animal Jam Story Books blog? It's a great blog, completely for AJ fanfictions! It's SO AWESOME!!!
Or WAS so awesome.
You see, CanineClaw AJ has been having problems with the blog being set on private for no reason. No one she, or Cookycupcake, knows, is doing this. Recently, Canine herself was somehow removed as an admin, meaning there may be no way to get the AJSB blog back. Maybe someone hacked her dashboard? If that is true, RIP, Animal Jam Story Books. I will miss you.
But what about the unfinished stories on the blog?
Don't worry, because guess what? I'm going to make pages on this blog for those fanfictions!
If you want your story to be continued, just comment on this post your story's name, and I'll make a page for it! So far, Jamaasian High will be getting its own page!
I love all the stories too much to let them be lost forever. So, like I said, if you want to finish them, don't be afraid to ask me for a page for it! I bet you'll be wanting one for AJA too, AJKraft? :)


  1. Thank you so much!
    Could you make three, for AJA, JH and AJSM? I'm having writers block on the Costco story so that came wait XD
    Again, thank you so much for doing this, I heavily appreciate it :D

    1. Two more new story pages coming soon! :D

      Just to be sure, AJSM is AJ Story Mode, right? I just wanna make sure I'm not saying the title wrong of anything! :P

  2. I made a new blog, Cooky, SilverStone and 2Fang I requested to be authors. We are recovering the stories by old copy and paste.

    1. Ah, good! Glad to hear it! What's the blog's name?

    2. Awesome! I guess Swirl could take off the pages if she wants to now then. Canine, you have saved me thirty minutes copying and pasting AJA.

    3. Ahh, I cant comment onto the AJFF D:
      I'll just keep JH here for now, but I can also post AJA and AJSM here if you want it, in case AJFF breaks too or soemthing

    4. I can take the pages off if you want me to, Kraft.

    5. That's fine with me! Always good to have a backup plan! Plus, it's one less blog to click on for me, XD!

      But honestly, I support whatever the AJFF team decides! Did you request to be an author for it?

    6. If I did take the pages off, I'd probably keep Jamaasian High on here anyway, since I love it too much, XD! There'd be no need for you to type in the comments, I'd just copy/paste from the AJFF blog, I suppose! :P

    7. I cant be an author etc until I get a get a blogger.
      As for the tabs, could you leave them until the AJFF is sorted out?

    8. Ohh, that's right!

      Sure, I'll keep the tabs up as long as you'd like! :D


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