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The 3 Most Mysterious Lands In Animal Jam

Hello again! Swirlshine here, posting for a second time today! * If you made stories for the AJSB blog, please read the post below this one!*
Today, I'm going to be talking about what I think are the three most mysterious lands in Jamaa. I got this post idea from Mt. Shiveer. It's such a pretty, calm place, so I visit it sometimes when I want to relax. I did that just a few minutes ago, and I realized how many secrets the icy land has! But not just Shiveer! Most of the lands in Jamaa have some hidden thing that most may not pay attention to. So, here are my top 3 most mysterious lands in Animal Jam!!!
* I was going to include ocean lands, but pretty much every ocean land has something mysterious about it, and that would leave no room for the continent-things. So, no ocean lands included this time! Sorry!*

#3. Kimbara Outback
This one almost came out a tie between Kimbara and Appondale, but I realized that Jamaa is pretty small as it is. So, I chose Kimbara Outback! Why? Well, just look around! It looks as if some items were abandoned here, such as a wheel. And also, how did the Medical Center, bridge, and Outback Imports get there? Were they perhaps built by a secret animal tribe, living near Kimbara? I think they should make an adventure out of that!
The background is quite interesting as well. I thought the blobs were parts of an ocean...a very...blobby ocean, but then I realized they were bushes. Oops.
But look! It shows plains and rock formations beyond the land? Could this mean a savannah-type land will be coming to Jamaa? I understand we've got Appondale for that, but it's rather small, don't you think? Still, Appondale is one of my favorite lands!
But imagine a completely flat land, covered only by short grass, in Jamaa! There could maybe even be a secret shop in some kind of underground hole! I'd make only foxes, arctic foxes, and bunnies be allowed to go in it, since they're burrowing animals, you know?
There's one other thing. Did you know that there's a secret, birds-only ledge above the Medical Center?
You can perch on it!
The land seems barren and abandoned. Why?
Because everyone's either in Sarepia, role-playing, or the Township, trading. 
I love Kimbara, so please, visit this amazing desert land when you have time! We need to start up a Kimbara movement or something! 

#2. Mt. Shiveer
Mt. Shiveer, no doubt, has some perplexing things about it. For example, the cave leading to Crystal Sands. SkyWatcher actually has a theory that there may be underground tunnels under Jamaa! It makes sense! Mt. Shiveer is nowhere near Crystal Sands, and the climates are totally different. A lot of us bloggers think AJHQ should release little linking mini-lands, like Canyons Pathway. That way, it'd make more sense to connect Shiveer to Crystal Sands.
There's also a vivid view here, like Kimbara!
Those mountains stretch into the distance. Thing is, though, where are they from? Perhaps they belong to the land above Appondale? 
* I call that land Petopia Peaks, because I want it to be named that.*
 And the pine trees!
This bridge leads to Sarepia, again, huge climate change, but Sarepia has no pine trees, at least, not that I've seen. I think that these trees are surrounding Sarepia, meaning that there are, in fact, uncharted lands out there.
The multiple caves, all but one, the Crystal Sands passageway, blocked off, are also a mystery. So is the frozen dino, by the volcanic "hot tub". Does this mean dinosaurs once roamed Jamaa? What would that be like? Maybe an adventure could show us!
And don't even get me started on the ice! You can read about some "breaking the ice" theories right here!
While we're on the topic of Mt. Shiveer, has anyone noticed that the log bench, usually put out around the Jamaalidays, has not been removed? It still sits by the fire pit!

#1. The Lost Temple Of Zios
The Lost Temple of Zios is most likely the most historical land in all of Jamaa. Well, okay, it doesn't have any REAL history, but it does have tons of Jamaasian lore. Know what I mean?
The tribal bongo music shows that this land is pretty ancient, and the rocky paths and stone buildings do as well. If you walk up by the left of The Chamber Of Knowledge, you'll see phantoms blazing through the sky, just like on Falling Phantoms. Kinda freaky, if you think about it. Basically, jammers are getting ambushed right on the other side of that bush.
The mask of Zios, one of the creators of Jamaa, lies in a crumbling pit. Surprising that no one stole it or anything...
The cave, close to the Adventure Base Camp entrance, is where the nearby stream starts. But what's back there? A secret cavern? A secret land? Perhaps a Jamaasian tribe?
The Chamber Of Knowledge is also quite mysterious, filled with ancient bottles, armor, books, and even a tapestry of Mira.
 Makes you wonder who put this stuff there...
There's also a trap door, which, though sealed shut, leads to the Basement Of Secrets, which you can get to by clicking on a certain spot in the forest under Appondale.

And there you have it! My top 3 most mysterious lands of Jamaa! I really hope you enjoyed this post, and that you learned something new! Remember to PARTY HARD, BE CURIOUS, and JAM ON, everyone, and go explore Jamaa!


  1. When did you post this o3o I revisited the blog to leave a comment I remembered I wanted to leave and I saw this post XDDD

    1. I posted it super late at night, since I play late at night. XD

  2. I have tons of stuff about the Temple of Zios coming in a few books time in AJA. For example, that monkey statue gets an explanation at last. Stay tuned for that ;)
    I always see the statue of a mere representation, a statue of Zios' mask being hurled into destruction, rather then Zios himself. I love the Mira tapestry, because in my opinion it repsents how Mira somewhat let the phantoms take her (even in AJ's own, rather bad, current backstory. What happened to the old one?) rather then fighting, a clear example of how Jamaa is now indended to be a peaceful land instead of the chaos of the past.
    Oh, and I'm halfway through editing AJA2, so it'll all come in two bursts, 5 chapters then another 6 or somethin. Then we have AJA3 to look forward to. "Fallen hero" (might change the title) has been designed to target the feels, so watch out! Until then, over and out

    1. Ooo, I can't wait!!
      Ah, I see what you mean there. That may be true. Maybe I'll ask AJHQ about that, though I doubt they'll answer directly...oh well! XD
      Woah. You really look between the lines! Or between the fabric, in this case, XDD!
      * That was terrible, Swirl. Stop.* XD
      I love that! You're giving my opinions a makeover! A good one, though! XDDD
      Ooo, can't wait!!!!!!!!!! :DDD

  3. HI SWIRLSHINE! I just found your blog. XD


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