Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tags and Toys!

I know you love that Austin-And-Ally-like title.

Hey guys, SwirlSHINE here!
I totally didn't copy WisteriaMOON.
Why do people type it " WisteriaMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON"!? She doesn't hold out the "moon", she just screams it! MOON!
I dunno.
But, it doesn't quite work for my username, so let's move on.

I'm terribly sorry, you guys. This is an Animal Jam blog, and I've been posting less AJ things than I'd like to. Well, okay, my most recent post was about AJ. But still.
 Not to mention I broke a promise. I said I'd post on the weekends, but guess what? I didn't. I'm so sorry, everyone! I was just so busy! I was going to post yesterday, but a school project kept me up and away from the computer until about 2 AM! (I go to bed later than most do.) At that point, there was no way I was gonna be able to get online, and even if I could, I have blogs to check before I play on AJ!
So, again, I'm terribly sorry! I hope you all understand! Let's be honest, though, I bet you do! ;) I'll be trying to post more AJ related things, and post more often!

Anyways, today we're going to be going over 2 tags, which have been sitting in my files for weeks now. I seem to be forgetting everything lately! I gotta get back on track...
But talking about getting back on track ISN'T getting back on track, so let's see them tags! XD
 1. Hm, um...
I don't exactly watch many movies, or know many actors, so I can't say I've got one. Do Disney Channel actors count? XD
3. Movie series? No, I do not watch movie series, sadly. Overprotective parents+2 younger siblings= absolutely no privacy.
4. Well, I like them both! Like a blogger has stated before, books are better if you want to get to know the characters better, and movies are great for action! Plus, movies kinda make you feel like you can relate more, ya know? So I guess I'd have to say it's a tie!
5. I like comedy movies, mostly Disney or whatever. I do like Hunger Games, though, because of the action, and the plot is amazing!
6. Movies are usually more action-filled, and I like that. But TV shows last longer, and they're sometimes funnier. Again, tie.
7. Hmmmmm...
Oh! I was gonna say no, but I just thought of one!
Okay, so it's not being released anytime soon, but I WANT THAT WARRIORS MOVIE!!!!!

Next up, Graciepopstar's tag!
1) Oh gosh, I CAN'T CHOOSE!!!!!
Either the Rare Party Hat, Rare Wings, or Peacock Feathers, I suppose.
2) Obviously, it'd be Buddies and Masterpieces!
3) PEACOCKS!!!!!!!!!
And cougars, jaguars, red pandas, armadillos, snakes, tapirs...
Oh. It said animal.
4) I have 80 already, but if I had more inventory space, I'd spend them all on Masterpieces. Maybe some armor and giant plushies, too.
5) I already did: Petopia Peaks! It's above Appondale! :)
But, I'd also love to see the land UNDER Appondale become a lush, green rainforest! Wouldn't that be amazing!?

Thanks to GRACIE and VIOLET for making these tags! 
Since almost everyone has been tagged already, I tag AJKraft and anyone else who wants to answer these questions!

Next, the Animal Jam toys! 
Have you all heard the news? If you read The Animal Jam Whip, you may already know that an EPIC PIZZA HAT has been spotted in Jamaa!
 And I found this Phineas and Ferb GIF in my files along with this pic.
But anyways, does that new hat look cheesy or what!? Makes me hungry, and I literally just ate!
Apparently, it can only be earned by purchasing the AJ OTTER TOY, which looks like this:
Makes sense that the Epic Pizza Hat would come with a toy otter with a pizza hat accessory, huh?
I saw this guy on the back of the boxes, but realized it wasn't released yet. Maybe it's available now? I hope so, I love AJ otters!
Guess what ELSE my sister found on Amazon!?
Doesn't it just look amazing!? The Crystal Palace Den is one of my favorites, and arctic foxes are SO CUTE!
Do my eyes deceive me, or do I see... A CRYSTAL MIRA STATUE!!??
I do, I do see one!! 
So THAT'S how you get them!!!
I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!! How about you guys!?
May wanna wait until this playset hits stores, because it's $50 on Amazon! Dang!
There's also only 1 left. If you've got $50 to spare, go for it, and go for it soon! Like I said, it's on Amazon!
Can't say Amazon has been good to me, so I'll be waiting a few months, I suppose.

That's all for today, gotta get off my computer! I hope you all enjoyed this post!
Oh, one other thing!! Since I didn't want to add this topic into the title and ruin the alliteration (XD), I'll just tell you to go to my den if you want to see a new Masterpiece which has just been approved! 
Remember to Party Hard, Be Kind, and Jam On, jammers!!! Swirlshine OUT! PEACE! 


  1. I want that arctic fox so much, but its a Walmart exclusive so unless I get one for £40 on ebay, I'll never be able to get one x.x

    I'd also like the otter, but why does it have to have a butterfly?? YOU HAD ONE JOB AJ. ONE. JOB. *runs away screaming*

    I hope they make, idk, like a Tesco exclusive too.
    I'd like to see a snow leopard figure ^•^

    I already did the tag, here are my answers-
    1. My party hats. If I had to choose just one, my purple because its in my main outfit.
    2. Am I allowed to say buddies and masterpieces are equal to me?
    3. Ocelots. And chickens. They would look amazing in aj!
    4. I'd likely make 20 copies of a really good masterpiece and trade them lol
    5. I'd like a jungle or a swamp.

    Ps. I finished editing AJA2. It'll come out when I have the energy to do a copy and paste marathon.

    -AJKraft whom is both excited and scared. I become a teenager in 2 days •o•

    1. Aw D:
      What's that symbol for, btw? I just use dollars, since I'm from the US.

      I think the butterfly is for the hamster pet. XD

      Ooo, I wanna see that too! And a CHEETAH!!!!

      Oh, you did?
      Sorry, I had to rant. XD

      Ooo, I love Party Hats too!
      Buddies and Masterpieces are equal to me, too, so yes!
      XD, I'd make tons of Masterpieces and make a den out of them.
      Oh wait. I already did that.
      Same here!

      Ooo, can't wait! :D

      A teenager? In two days?
      Congrats! Do you mean your birthday is in 2 days, or you're going back to school in 2 days?

    2. My birthday is on Friday, and the symbol I used a for pounds :)

    3. Ah!

      Also, happy early birthday! I'll be sure to remember it! :DD

  2. Thanks for doing the tag! These toys jsut keep getting better

    1. No problem!
      Yes, IKR!? I wanna see a CHEETAH!!!

    2. Oh. My. Gosh.

      If they come out with Alpha figures, I will literally fangirl.

      The only other times I really fangirl is over books, toys, and pixels. I just fangirled over the end of Minecraft the other day. Have you even seen the dialouge, after you defeat the Ender Dragon?
      I fangirled over that. Or tried to, anyway. XD
      IT WAS JUST SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

    3. Can't say I like fangirling, though.

  3. I LOVE THE TITLE! XDDD It sounds like an A and A title. :P

    Speaking of The Jungle Book, I WATCHED IT YESTERDAY!!! XD I love it! It's really good and the animals look so life-like. My dad had to ask at the end if those animals were real or not. XD But the time when Shere Khan jumps out around the beginning-ish, I was lying down and enjoying the movie when all of a sudden he jumps out and surprised me so much I jumped so bad. XDDD Apparently, both of my sisters and my mom jumped too. :P But yeah, the movie was really good. I liked the ending better then the old one. (with a girl. :/ XD)

    That pizza hat is... Weird. XD

    OH MY WORD, I WANT THAT CRYSTAL PALACE! I STILL DON'T HAVE AJ TOYS BECAUSE MY DUMB WALMART DOESN'T HAVE ANY, AT LEAST, NOT THAT I KNOW OF. XD (I heard someone say that where I live, I will only find them at Toys R Us. >.< Which means, I have to drive 50 minutes to get AJ toys. UGH!)

    Great post, by the way! (Sorry I didn't comment sooner. I like to take my time, writing long comments on your blog. :P And then I kept not having time sooo... XD)


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