Monday, September 26, 2016

20 Things You Never Noticed In Jamaa- Part 2

Here's Part 2!! Enjoy, peeps! :P

In the Sol Arcade, many parts of the Astronomy Shop's display are flawed. In this picture, if you look closely, you'll see that the Saturn Table's rings are gone, and that the stars on the Hanging Star Lamp have been removed, yet, the front one is visible. It looks to be cropped to fit the shape of the lamp's pole.

In the second room in the Chamber Of Knowledge, if you use a flying animal, you will find that the pictures on the wall have been cut, but incorrectly, to fit the pillar in front of them. 

In the Chamber Of Knowledge's entrance room, there is a stack of magazines atop a pile of books. They appear to have a yellow border around them. Could these be Nat Geo Kids magazines?

If you look at Coral Canyons on the World Map, it shows a rock formation that does not truly exist in the land. All of the other lands in Jamaa show real shops or landmarks on the map. It was, most likely, intended to be a sort of mini-thumbnail, but if that were true, where's the rock bridge? 

Canyons Pathway actually IS visible on the World Map, but cannot be accessed using it.

If you become an eagle, falcon, or owl, and fly up to the top of the Sol Arcade, you can see that there are wooden beams going across the room. But, the paint-splatter design of the wallpaper went onto those beams, too.

In the Astronomy Shop display, the Fancy Telescope's base is missing, as well as the tiny lens on the right.

If you mouse over the door while inside the Pillow Room, the outside world appears completely blue.

This ring can be found dangling on the bottom of the buoy at the top of Bahari Bay.

 There's a huge hole in the side of Bahari Bargains.

This rock's shading goes over the seaweed, which is supposed to be in front of it.

If you look closely in Kani Cove, you'll see that the sunken ship on the left and the shop-ship on the right both have half of their "bodies" missing. The boat on the left may be the other part of the boat on the right.

Another sunken ship can be seen in the background of Kani Cove. Why are there so many crashed ships in this part of the ocean? Could Kani Cove maybe resemble the Bermuda Triangle?

The seahorse statue is seen in the right window of Bahari Bargains, when in reality, it is left of the underwater shop.

There is a tiny island, covered by trees, in the Adventure Base Camp, under the pathway to The Search For Greely.

There are a few random shells buried in sand atop a ROCK formation in the Ocean Adventure Base Camp.

The clownfish on the left is bigger than the angel fish on the right. Most real clownfish are much smaller.

The blue anemone barely overlaps this adventure portal.

These "sparkles" can been seen through the Ocean Adventure Base Camp. Are these parts of sea plants, or for decoration?

The sign, pointing toward Turning The Tide, is much more blurry than the rest of the Ocean Base Camp.

I hope you all enjoyed this series, and that you learned a thing or two about Jamaa!! Remember to PARTY HARD, BE CURIOUS, and JAM ON, jammers!!


  1. Ooh, interesting!
    Also, do you still like Soarin from MLP "in a love dovey way"? If you do, you might like this...:
    Hehe, I couldn't resist drawing it... :P

    1. Ooh, I do think Soarin's pretty cute! c:

      I'm not saying I'm in love with a cartoon or anything, but he'd be good with Dash, in my opinion, hehe!

      Oh my gosh, that's so cute! I love it!

      I think it was actually Flash Sentry who I "liked", because he and Twilight= <3

      That is still an amazing piece of art, though!! I love it so much!!! :DDD

    2. You said you loved him in one of my blog posts so I just assumed you had a cartoon crush on him. :3 I ship you guys anyways, so not a total waste. XD

    3. Oh yeah, I think I remember that! I like him because he's pretty much the nicest Wonderbolt, and he and Rainbow Dash would be very good together. XD

      I probably ship Soarin' and me, too. XD

  2. This series was highly enjoyable :)

    HtbaHoalT (whoa that's a long abbreviation) will be up once the tab is created, but it seems to be taking awhile to I can post the first bit here I you want


    1. Thanks!

      And great! You may post the first bit here if you'd like, I'd love to read it!!

  3. I have another fact nobody seems to acknowledge. 99% of AJ YouTubers use either Tiki island or Snake in the boot for all their thumbnails.

    If you realised that, have a cookie :)

    (Ps I may or may not be dedicating my AJ life to making a giant storymode museum in my den. It will take sweat, tears and lots of masterpieces, but one day I will have the biggest shrine in Jamaa. Actually, the only shrine in Jamaa.)



      *Gives self cookie*

      I need to see that. That sounds amazing. :o

    2. :P I also use Schlop, Quilted Butterfly and cookiemonster, but I still use TikiIsland the most

    3. Speaking of museums, I've got one in AJ - Play Wild! that you may be interested in seeing. It's a normal museum, not Story Mode, though. :)

      Since I joined PW before we had AJ Web integration, my user there is Bravestarr (<-- note the two R's).

      DID not know. :L TikiIsland... (Note to self; remember to look up font).


    4. Ooo! That sounds epic! Next time I get on PW, I'll remember to check it out!!

      Bravestarr-got it!

    5. @Flora

      Yes, TikiIsland seems to be the font that matches AJHQ's style the most.

  4. Okie- as requested here's the intro and first 2 chapters to TtbaHoalT

    ♫♪Blurb and other information♫♪
    The six friends couldn't be more different. But somehow, they all still link. They feel unstoppable together. But one day, their group falls apart. But to be a hero, do you have to be brave too?

    Rated 11+ for bullying, mild romance(nothing gross) and some infrequent mild language. Just have to put this warning because reasons. Nothing worse then AJ Adventures.
    This story stars my OCs, Rey, Lukas, Dare, Scooter, Ociee and Indeever. All the characters in this story are anthro.

    ♫Character descriptions♫

    Rey-Dark magenta snow leopard with green and blue markings. She normally wears hoodies and jeans with boots. Known for being optimistic
    Scooter-White and dark tan arctic wolf with lighter markings. He normally wears gangster style leather jackets and jeans with ten gallon hats and hardcore cowboy boots. Known for being swag.
    Dare-lighter magenta snow leopard with the same markings as Rey, they're often mistaken for sisters. She normally wears denim shirts and batwings with leggings or jeggings, and converse boots. Known for being good at everything.
    Lukas-Tan and gold arctic wolf. He normally wears plaid shirts and white jeans with cowboy boots and ridiculously fluorescent goggles. Known for being a safety freak and a coward.
    Indeever- Grey snow leopard. He normally wears leather jackets and jeans (like Scooter), with OBEY hats and converses. Known for being a gamer nerd.
    Ociee- Regular.. Coloured... Ocelot. She normally wears anything purple, with colourful arrays of scarves and badges. Known for being a hyperactive party animal.
    Dare, Ociee and Indeever are 13, Lukas, Scooter and Rey are 14. They're all in year 9.

    ♪Squads' birthdays♪
    Rey-September 2nd (my bday lol)
    Scooter-November 20th
    Lukas-December 20th (poor guy. So close to christmas.)
    Ociee- May 9th (when I got her (Ociee is a webkinz lol))
    Indeever- April 10th
    Dare-February 19th

  5. Chapter one
    "Heyo Scooter!" Indeever waved to his friend, and the two ran towards eachother for a fist-bump.
    "How are ya holding up?" Scooter unplugged his earphones.
    "Good. And you?"
    "I am doing just fine."
    The bus then came into the stop, and they both stepped on.
    "EY! YOU TWO NERDS!" A loud noise came from the back of the schoolbus.
    "Oh my days, Jason, what do you want now?" Scooter growled across the bus, and the black panther huffed.
    "I said "EY, YOU TWO NERDS!" Jason yelled again. The entire bus erupted in laughter. Scooter gave everyone dirty glares, and he and Indeever sat down. Indeever then flinched, as he felt something wet and sticky trickle down his neck, and then a hard object thumped on to his head and into his lap. His eyes narrowed, and he stood up and looked behind him.
    "WHICH ONE OF YOU JUST DUMPED YOUR COKE ON MY HEAD?" Indeever wailed at the two guys behind him.
    "Oh man, look how mad he is!" The lion on the left cracked up, slapping his friend's leg in hysterics.
    "It's kinda hilarious, Indie. Your hair is going to be brown all day!" The weasel looked about to die laughing."
    Indeever slumped down, and Scooter patted his friend on the back, before sitting back himself, to feel a sharp object prodding.. His... Area. He whined and sat forward, turning around to see the weasel's pen poking through the gap in the chair. (You know what i mean, right? Like that little gap?)
    Scooter clenched his fists, and reached into his bag, pulling out his industrual-style pencil sharpener, pulling the plastic lid off, and emptying three months worth of pencil onto the two students behind him and Indeever.
    "MY HAIR IS RUINED!" Yelled the lion, before prodding Scooter's butt again.

    I do wish I could say that this was a one off, but no. Every day, the two friends would be drenched in fizzy drinks, poked and rudely hit and laughed at.

  6. Eventually, they arrived at school. Scooter and Indeever couldn't get off the bus fast enough.
    "Hey guys!" Came an excited voice, as Lukas came running over to them both. Scooter looked down at Lukas, and noticed his... situation.
    "Dude, what happened to you?"
    "Bicycle happened to me."
    "Uhh..." Indeever trailed off, confused.
    "Jerkward, stupid Tyler decided to...ride over my feet. With a flipping mountain bike! So I fell over and then he thought it'd be funny to ride over my FRIKIN LEGS!" Lukas looked furious and upset, mainly due to the slight stains on his jeans where he'd been cut by the force of the bike. Scooter and Indeever put their arms on his shoulders, and helped him into the building, limping.
    "Hey guys!" Called Ociee from across the hallway, where she was stood with Dare and Rey.
    "Holy crab, Lukas what happened to you?" Dare ran over to him and stared in horror at his legs.
    "-he got run over by a stupid Cougar on a bike." Scooter finished Lukas' sentence
    "Tyler?" Rey asked
    "I wish he'd stop..." Rey sighed.
    "Me too..." Sighed Dare, patting Lukas on the back. Rey looked at Dare, and then at Lukas as if she was saying "FOR CHEESE AND CRACKERS SAKE, DARE HUG HIM!"
    Then Dare gave her a look that said, "Why don't you?"
    And Rey shot a look back that said "BECAUSE I DON'T LOAF HIM!"
    And then Dare tried not to punch Rey for thinking that.

    Rey looked down at the timetable, and sighed. P.e was not her strong point. Dare was good, but Rey found herself to be awful at it, no matter how much Dare tried to help her.
    In the changing rooms, Rey, Dare and Ociee stayed huddled in a corner. It was always awkward to get changes in the same room as... Those girls. Taylor, Nova and Millie. They were always rude to Rey's group, but Dare constantly had beef with Taylor about Lukas, meaning that whenever the two were in the same room, heads would roll. Dare had once sent Taylor flying into a metal bar over it. The ironic thing was that Dare denied any feelings for Lukas herself, yet was incredibly defendant of him.
    When the trio were done changing, they headed to the sports hall. The sports teacher explained that they would be doing some dodgeball today, and Lukas groaned, loudly.
    "None of that attitude!" The teacher glared at him, somehow she hadn't noticed his limp, and told the class to split into two groups. Of course, Rey's group, and some other students, were against Jason's gang. The groups lined up, and the teacher blew the whistle. Scooter dashed for a ball, took aim, and threw it at Jason, but he dodged. Dare then hurled a ball towards Tyler, hitting him square in the chest. Rey stifled a giggle when she saw the victorious look on Dare's face. But it didn't last long, as Lukas and Indeever, as if synchronised, fell to the ground as two balls hit their heads. Jason laughed, and gave the lion from the bus a high five. Indeever stood up and shook himself off, but Lukas appeared unconscious. Scooter ran over to Lukas and shook him, but Lukas was still fainted. Scooter dropped him to the ground, clenched his fists and ran strait at Jason, knocking him down, and wrestling him flat. Jason stared up at Scooter, somewhat in horror. Scooter loosened his grip a little, only to be kicked in the middle as the panther leapt up, and they were both grabbed by the teacher.

    "You both ought to be ashamed if yourselves!" The principal looked down disgusted at them.
    "He knocked out Lukas!"
    "If he was hurt, he shouldn't have participated. You're both suspended for three days."
    Scooter stood up, and glared at the fox in fury.
    "So I get suspended for hitting this jerk, yet Tyler gets away with running over someones legs? Give me a break."
    "None of that attitude. Now get your things together and leave the premises"

  7. Chapter 2
    "Are you alright, Dare?" Rey noticed that Dare was staring blankly at the wall as their history teacher rambled on about the 80s. Dare didn't reply, so Rey gave her a hard poke to the shoulder. Dare jumped, and turned around to Rey.
    "Are you alright?" Rey repeated
    Rey wasn't going to take that for an answer.
    "Dare, what's wrong?"
    "Lukas seems miserable."
    Rey almost burst.
    "Aha! You DO like him!"
    "Do not! He's just a friend. Like you and Scooter and Ociee and-"
    Rey looked at Dare hard, and watched her face heat up.
    "You're going bright red, Dare," Ociee joined the conversation.
    "QUIET! Jones, Ash and Wopshot, do you want to join me after class?"
    "No miss..." The three muttered.
    "And would you like to tell everyone what you were talking about?"
    Ah, this is the cliche situation where the teacher tries to troll you and make you feel uncomfortable. But Ociee knew that Lukas was in the room, and she knew how to spice up the mood.
    "Dare was admitting that Lukas is hot."
    "Ociee!" Dare almost slapped her friend, and the teacher looked appalled, sighed and continued on.
    "So, apparently, class, these three think that mature discussion is appropriate for history class. Either save it for break, out of school or-" she chuckled"-PDC"
    {AN:Since some of you might not know what PDC is, it's basically a class about life. You learn about bullying, peer pressure etc, and you also get taught about some... pretty disturbing things. It's torture. Anyhow..}
    "Why PD-" Dare was cut off by the entire classroom erupting into a volcano of laughter. Lukas had somehow managed to keep a strait face the entire time, and was still writing.
    "Are you deaf?" The tiger behind him leaned over his desk to reach Lukas' chair, giving it a solid shake.
    "No. I just have better things to do then talk about whatever you're discussing.
    "At least we have ONE good student!" The teacher glared around the room, making the pupils stop laughing and continue their work.

    "Hey Indie, do you think Dare likes me, or was Ociee making an... Ociee joke?"
    "No idea."
    "Very helpful."
    "I know right!"
    "I still can't believe Scooter went and got himself suspended..."
    "Neither. Mind you, he's always been one of those kids. It was sooner or later."
    "Guess so. Anyhow, I'll see you later..." Lukas walked off. Indeever was confused. Lukas had never acted like this before, and... His thoughts trailed off, as he was shoved against a wall.
    "Ey, Indie. Things going good?" Tyler put his paws (are they paws or hands or what?) onto Indeever's shoulders, and pinned him fast to the point Indeever couldn't even try sliding down the wall.
    " were..."
    Tyler chuckled, and took a paw off Indeever, to reach for his bag. Indeever gulped, as Tyler began searching through.
    "What kind of dumb kid brings this kind of headphones to school?"
    "Please... I-"
    "You? You're pathetic."
    "I never did anything to you!"
    "You walked and breathed on this earth. I think that's doing something."
    "At least I don't run over peoples legs!"
    "Pfft. That's nothing. Lukas just overreacted.
    "Lukas overreacted?" Another voice came from behind Tyler. Tyler spun around to face Dare, who was staring hard at him, releasing his grip on Indeever, whom snatched back his back and headphones.
    "I heard that you've got a bit of a crush on him." Tyler glared at Dare, smirking as Dare tensed up.
    "Might crush his head next."

  8. At this, Dare flew into rage, and tried to hit Tyler, who caught her wrist and twisted it until Dare could almost feel it pop. She yelped, and narrowed her eyes as Tyler laughed, and strutted away.
    "What a jerk!"
    "Jerk? JERK? He's a frikin-" Indeever covered Dare's mouth with his bag, muffling the language emerging from it.
    "Let's find the others."

    Chapter 3

    "Scooter! You're back!"
    Rey ran up to Scooter, and held out a hand. Scooter looked at Rey, and walked strait past her.
    "Hey! Scooter!" Lukas greeted his friend, but he stared daggers at him, making Lukas take a few steps back.
    "Scooter, what's going on?"
    Scooter ignored his friends' confused exclamations, and shoved his way through them. Dare was appalled, and chased after him, giving him a slap on the face.
    "Hey, what the heck is up with you?"
    "Leave me alone."
    "Scooter, that's not like you..."
    "LEAVE ME ALONE!" Scooter yelled at Dare, shocking her. Dare grabbed Scooter by his jacket collar and lightly shook him.
    "WHAT IS UP WITH YOU?" Dare shoved him away, causing Scooter to stumble a little.
    Scooter opened his mouth to respond, when Jason and Tyler strode up towards the pair.
    "Come on, Scoots."
    "Kay, coming." Scooter followed them, leaving Dare gobsmacked. Her fists clenched, watching in fury as Scooter started to laugh along with the bullies. Indeever walked over to Dare, and put a paw on her shoulder.
    "I am so confused."
    "Me too..." Dare looked down.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This seems like a pretty awesome story so far! I'll make a page for it, if you'd like, but the only disclaimer is that I'd have to star-out one of the words. I know, it's not totally horrendous or anything, but...well, you know. I'm me.
      My sis also checks this blog sometimes. :1

      Okay, I'm going to copy the last part you posted of it, then delete in from the comments, but put the VERY slightly edited version on a page. Tell me if you want me to do something different! :)

    2. I'm utterly fine with you censoring words. I was going to do that here originally, but I forgot DX.

      You can remove the comments with the rude words in if you want and I can post the censored version.


    3. If you don't want to repost the entire censored version, I can just copy/paste, and star-out the language when editing. Whatever's easier for you! :)


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