Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Just In Case You All Thought I Went To The Grand Canyon, Fell Off A Cliff, Hit My Head On A Sharp Rock, And Died

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I've been busy, tired, lazy, and Adventuring, XD! 
No, not adventuring IRL. On AJ. I love Greely's Inferno way too much.
I'm so sorry. I would make this post longer, but my sister and I are going to play Greely's Inferno in Hard Mode so I can get that sacred Greely's Desk! XD
I will try to make a real post with a shorter title soon, you guys! Again, I'm sorry! D:


  1. my parents took my phone off me so this comment was written on....wait for it...my television! XDD this comment has like no purpose,just #PARENTSTRUGGLES

  2. I hate how no one does adventures anymore. I just love an adventure with some buddies. We can giggle and laugh and joke all the way through. =)

    1. I know right!? Adventures are awesome!!
      They get SUPER laggy for me if I play with buddies, but they're still fun!

  3. I remember back in my day, there was a type of Jammer known as the Warrior Nerd Bunny Fox Hat Rare Bow Pirate Sword Worn Wearer Adventurers. We'd basically spam adventures. Nowadays the only ones that do adventurers are the ArcticWolf Spike Party Hat Top Hat Worn Wearers Forced Into Adventures By Sky.

  4. I'm on Sir Gilbert's Team. I bet AJ made that den for Julian XS

    1. I'm sure they did, XD! I like Julian's videos! :D

      I'm in the Greely Group with Bep. c;

  5. Replies
    1. XD, I didn't want to call it " I'm not dead", because everyone does that, so you got this. XD

  6. Just had a nightmare first day back at school. I found out that...
    1. We have DONALD TRUMP for computing again. WHYYY
    2. We only have a single period of art a week instead of double. WHYYY
    3. We have double music instead. WHYYY
    4. I've been moved down in english. WHYYY
    5. I'm still in top set of maths yet I suck at maths WHYYY
    6. We have to have a shot soon WHYYY
    7. I have to sit next to a bunch of moths in half my lessons WHYYY
    8. We have online planners which will probably use up all my storage on my phone WHYYY
    9. We have a new girl in our class who is a moth WHYYY

    At least tomorrow im going to my local art supply store to spend half my birthday money on copics YAY

    --Sad AJKraft who hates school

    AND I AM HALFWAY THROUGH CHAP1 OF JH ANIMATED!! But also sadly I might be delaying all my stories for a couple weeks because evil homework D: i need to work on moving back up in english instead of all my fanfictions DX

    1. 1. Oh gosh, no.
      2. Art only once a week!?
      NOO NO NOOO!!!
      I do art every day, 7 days a week, because I do it every day at school and on the weekends.
      3. XD, what do you do in music at your school anyway?
      4. Aw! D:
      5. The struggle is real. I'm good at math but I hate it, so instead of taking Pre-AP this year, I'm doing normal math. I'm much less stressed now! My 6th grade math teacher gave us homework every night. Every. Freaking. Night.
      6. NUUUU
      * Gives the people giving you a shot a shot*
      7. Real moths? O.O
      Or people.
      I'm an idiot asking idiotic questions. XD
      8. Oh darn. Mine's an iPhone4, so that most likely wouldn't work at all for me. My phone sucks.
      It glitched out of Safari about 4 times in about 4 minutes, the power button at the top is broken, it's super laggy sometimes, and I can barely get ANY APPS because IOS4.
      9. Oh great.

      I'm sorry school went badly for you, hopefully it'll get better soon!
      * xD I'm sorry*

      Ooo, I can't wait to see the animation!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      It's okay, I don't mind delays, so as long as it happens sooner or later! :D
      So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I nickname annoying, immature or idiotic people moths XDD

      And our music is just... Its just tedious.

  7. LOL, that's a really funny title for a post. XD And I haven't played an adventure in a while... Whenever I go on AJ, I'm swarmed with my friends. XDD (not like that's bad, it's just a thing)

    *waves arm around* Um, um, um, Swirl, um, um, um... XD I have a question!
    For your party, what day is it? Because on the invite it says the 9th and on my blog you said the 11th... o.o If it's on the 9th, I can't come... I'm watching a movie with my family and grandma tomorrow evening and I just figured out that I wouldn't be able to come then. *cries* I don't wanna miss your b-day party!! :(

    1. I didn't want to title it " I'm not dead", because that's pretty cliche, so...you get that. XDD
      Oh my gosh, same here! For a few weeks, I got onto AJ, walked around for a minute or two, and then got a JAG from a buddy. A lot of the time, I had two people telling me to do something at once, and wjen I tried to JAG one of them saying I was busy, they came to my den instead.
      I'm not mad at anyone, not at all, but it's died down now, so that's good! :)

      * Points at Last with foam finger (XD)* Yes?
      It's on the 9th. My IRL party is the one on the 11th.
      Aw, I'm sorry you can't make it. I'll miss seeing you there! D:

      It's okay, I promise! Some of you guys have plans, and that's just fine! I'll have more parties soon, and next time, I'll let you all decide on the date and time! :)

    2. I meant Points at LOST not LAST!



    3. XD True, true...
      I know right?! I have this friend who hangs out with me every Tuesday and Friday. We usually sit in her den, where it's locked. (because of all my friends traveling to me...) But then I get a JAG from a friend and they ask me to join them or do something and I have to cringe and tell them that I'm busy. Then they'll all like, "oh... ok..." o.0 XD Sigh, my friend calls me 'famous' because I have so many friends and they all wanna talk to me. Sigh sigh sigh... XDDD

      OOOH! Makes sense now. XD
      Ok, um, I might be able to come but I'm not for sure. I asked my mom if we could start the movie sooner rather then later so I could come on for the party. She says we'll try. ^-^

      *dances* Oh yeah! Oh yeah! XDDD

      O.O Sometimes that not work for me. (XDDD excuse my bad grammer) I usually don't know when I do stuff when and plans change and.... XDDD

      It's ok! I do typos ALL the time. You should know that. XDD (Like the time when I was making my thingie for school tips on my blog and I wrote the thing like this: "schoool tips" XD Then I had to redo it. o.o XDD)

    4. Yeah, sounds like you're pretty popular with your buddies, huh? Now I know that, if I see you online, I shouldn't ask you to follow me or anything. I never greet people like that anyway, though.

      If you can find a way, I'd love if you could come! It's in about 3 hours! :)

      Ah, I get it. I'll try to work all that out, but I won't be having another party for another month or so, so you've got time! I'll let you all choose a week, too, one where you're pretty sure you don't have much going on! c;


    5. No, no, no! It's just, I always feel SO bad for telling my friends that I'm busy. I wanna clone myself so I can hang out with them and my friend I'm already hanging out with. PLEASE don't think that you have to leave me alone. I hardly see you so please, send me a JAG or something if I'm on. :D

      I love my buddies, I just feel like I'm pushing them away. :(


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