Friday, September 9, 2016

My Masterpieces!

* Sings at top of lungs*


Oh. We already started.
Forget everything you just read.

Okay, now that we're past that...thing... let me just say...
I'm sorry. Terribly sorry. Super super sorry. 
I feel like I haven't posted a real post in a week! This is the WEEKLY Jammer News, and you jammers expect to get weekly news. 
I'm so sorry, again. Like I said yesterday, I've been lazy, although most of the time, it's because I'm finishing homework really late, or I'm on 
Yes, I have a, and no, I'm not a self-centered prissy girl who messes with their hair and tries to look pretty in all their videos. Some of mine are pretty bad, let me just say.
And Greely's Inferno, of course. 
What have you done to me Julian2?
I'll try harder, you guys. I promise. 

This post is going to me about my Masterpieces! No, not the ones that I made! I've already posted most of those on here, after all.
I'm talking about the ones made by others! Ones that were traded/gifted to me, not like, ALL the art in the Art By Others page. 
Since I have VERY limited den inventory space, when someone trades me a Masterpiece, I have to give it to a storage account. So basically, if you make me a piece of art, you most likely won't see it in my den. It's not because I hate you, it's because I hate having only 500 den spaces.

My storage account, though, Sierrasdestiny, holds each art piece in the den! So, if you wanna see where the art you sent me went, send a buddy request to Sierrasdestiny, and you'll most likely see it there!

I'm going to be showing you all the art in that mini-gallery. If you want your art to be featured on this blog, just ask, and I'll be happy to give you a shoutout!

 A beautiful eye by Ryrymonky56772! I love the bright colors and the eye's shape!
 This one's by Harmonypurr9. I've seen pictures of this guy before, but I don't really know who he is. Harmony's art skills are epic, though!!
 Another by Harmony. Such a pretty human eye!
 A Harmonypurr finale! Very swirly! XD
 A pretty epic Perry The Platypus, created by star1750!
 I love this one! It's AMAZING! The wolves' shapes are accurate, the spirit-wolf looks adorable, and the whole thing is awesome!! I don't normally get traded this good of artwork! Well done infinityisthebest!
 AJKraft created this picture of Spottedleaf, from Warriors!! I LOAF IT! My favorite detail is the fur, I love how you made it swooped in one direction, looks windblown!
 A sandy beach made by the one and only twirlytree! I won't lie, it's not the best I've ever seen, but I still am glad she traded it to me!
Finally, we have sunnyray42's piece of art! 
In my opinion it looks sorta creepy, but who am I to judge someone's best work?

I gotta go, everyone, it's very late where I am! Sorry I had to cut this post short! I hope you remember to Party Hard, Be kind, and JAM ON!!!!

 My party is still on for tomorrow! Please try your best to make it!

And Lostfairy is having a party of her own, plus a fashion contest! Be sure to enter the contest and mark the date for her Back To School party!!


  1. I'm glad you loaf the Spottedleaf :D


  2. Cool! By the way, I made another masterpiece in a member account that has a similar story with kelly1010 because Tzatziki is supposed to be nonmember.
    Hint: It is Max.

  3. Totally Not CanineClaw or anything!September 9, 2016 at 5:48 AM

    Eww Harmony's art is gross!

    1. I think it's pretty awesome, Totally Not CanineClaw or Anything! XDDDD

  4. DX I think I missed the party! It was early at the morning where I live XP I think. My calculations ended up confusing :P
    Anyways, did you vote for Flora? If not, hurry up!! We have,like, 3 days left D:

    1. No, you didn't miss it! In Central time, it's in about 4 hours!

    2. Yesiree, I did vote for Flora! :D

    3. Is it pm or am though, it's hard to get to aj parties where I live XD

  5. Wow, that wolf one is awesome! :D And the cat is cool too! ^-^

    I agree, that last one is creepy... o.o XDDD

    Awww!! Thank you so much! Though, I might want to inform y'all that my reminder about the fashion show is old. I extended the deadline to the 10th so yeah. :)

    Thanks again, Swirl!!!

    1. I know, right!?

      Yus. Someone gifted it to me because I gifted them a copy of my waterfall Masterpiece. I know it's not fair, but I asked the girl to put her best items on her list, and all she had were storebought things, so I'm guessing she was pretty new to AJ. I hope giving her that Masterpiece helped her, though!
      The one she gave me, that creepy green wolf, is from someone else, but she gifted it to me.

      Ohhhh, that's right! My bad, I was in a rush!
      No prob Lost!

      Still can't make my party? It's in about 4 hours!

  6. O.o just look at this video

    The cringe is strong with this one. Just look at the fadoodling sign saying ZOO at the back...


    1. Oh my Lord.

      THAT WAS...OML...WHY...


    2. I'd rather read the entirety of unabridged starkit's prophecy then watch that video again. Actually, I'd rather watch every episode of Peppa pig. WAIT, no, I'd rather watch every aparri video! IT WAS SO CRINGY AND PAINFUL!


    3. XD, yus, Starkit's Prophecy! XDD

      Yeah, I give it a 0 out of 100.

    4. That video is a sin.
      Actually, that whole channel is rather strange..

  7. Today I got an AMAZING AMAZING EPIC COOL masterpiece for a long rare spike wrist. I was going to put it in my shop but then the person came back and said.. PLZ TRADE BACK at first I didn't respond I was busy putting items on trade. and wasn't paying attention to him and he was going like PLZ PLZ TRADE BACK OMG OMG OMG when I put items on trade i said 'What, mean the masterpiece?' then he was like 'YES PLZ I AM CRYING' so I was just like Okie sure dude (even though I never use the word 'dude XD) and tradded the masterpiece for the spike wrist.

    To bad too, it was an amazing masterpiece!

    1. Oooooo!!! I love AMAZING AMAZING EPIC COOL Masterpieces!!

      Oh, they asked for it back? Awww. D,:

      Being the person I am, I wouldn't trade it back. I just don't like trading back, because if the person didn't want the item traded, they shouldn't have traded it.

    2. Heh, same kind of thing happened to me. Someone sent me a spiked wristband. Like, randomly! I was so happy and surprised. Then they sent a JAG saying, "Enjoy the wristband!" And then the next day, I found a JAG saying, "Please gift back!! I want it back!" So I was like, "Why?" And they were like, "Just send it back!" So I sent it back. :/ I regret it but whatever.

  8. These are amazing! All these artists are great! Hehe, I do agree with the last one, it's kinda creepy. Although, if I tried to do something like that with a mouse, it would probably look creepier. XD


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