Friday, September 9, 2016

Oh Gosh

I'm so freaking scared right now.

My friend called me tonight, and she said that my other friend had texted her "CALL ME, IT'S AN EMERGENCY!" She said she tried to call her, but she wouldn't pick up, and neither would her other friend, who likes to hang out with the one that I'll call Ly in this circumstance.

We have no idea what's going on. I tried to call and text Ly too, but no reply. My friend said she even tried Ly's Snapchat, which she normally answers, but nope. Nothing.

We're trying to keep calling her, but it only rings once before it goes to her answering machine.

I'm so darn scared. What happened to Ly?! I'm seriously hoping this was all just a prank, as it seems like something she may do. The friend that likes to hang out with her, though, who I'll call S, almost had her house broken into once while my friend was there. I don't know where Ly or S are, or what they're doing, but I hope they are all okay...


  1. holy cow I hope they're ok

    Meanwhile I'm literally smashing my phone because I cant read a fanfiction for two minutes without getting an ad that's like "WIN A TESCO COUPON!" I DON'T WANT TO WIN A FAKE TRSCO COUPON!

    I'm so scared for you D:


  2. Oh man... That sounds scary! D: I hope your friends are ok. I am so scared for you, like it's my friend who isn't answering.

    I really hope your ok and your friends are ok. :(

  3. Oh gosh, I hope they are okay... D:

    wait.. you have a phone? oohh

    I hope they respond soon

    1. Yeah, its an iPhone4 though. And they're okay. Good. :)


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