Tuesday, October 18, 2016



I haven't posted in FOREVER, it seems! It's just that I've got plenty of homework to keep me busy, and I do it late since I stay up late, so...yeah. Doesn't leave much time to post, sadly.

Plus, I honestly have got NO IDEA what to post about! The new update? You all know I don't normally like doing update posts! The Lost Jammer story you were promised? I haven't even started typing it yet, but I'm basically making it up as I go along. What about the new magenta items that were recently discovered? You all have most likely heard about all that already!

So that pretty much leaves me 0 quick options. I don't have much time left on the computer tonight, so I'm afraid this isn't a full post.

Don't worry, though! Since my mom and sister are going someplace tomorrow, that leaves me time to get on AJ and the blog! I'll post my Lost Jammer story then! Sound good? :)

Again, I am truly sorry for the inconvenience I may have caused all of you by not posting. I'll try my best to make it up, and maybe change my day's schedule around a bit to fit in a post or two! I'm just glad you all are still sticking with me. You're amazing. :)

See you tomorrow, bloggers and commenters of Jamaa!!! *Dips Wizard Hat in farewell* ;)


  1. Homework is so evil x.x

    I keep being unable to update my stories and then when I do I'm like
    "ehh lets draw some chickens instead"

    Can I just say
    How the heckadoodles are you allowed on your computer so late XD
    My parents are like
    "7:30, laptop OFF"
    "8:30,IPad OFF"

    sometimes they take away my phone too so I literally browse the internet on my flipping TV XD

    If you have nothing to post about, you can always talk about... Idk, books or somethin? I have nooo clue lol

    And its alright. Sometimes, less is more.


    1. I know right!?


      Oh, I stay up really late. That's my normal playing time. I'm a weird girl from a weird family. XD
      I like it that way, though.


      Don't worry, I think I've got an idea now! :)

    2. Oooh, sweet! You can browse the internet on your TV?

      Wow. XD That IS pretty early.

      O.O You have a laptop, an iPad, a phone, AND a TV of your own? Wow! :D

      Actually, I've got the iPad and iPhone part, but one is an iPhone 4 with a bulky Survivor case, so it doesn't exactly fit in my pocket. I usually forget about it and use my iPad for everything... hope it's not jealous. XD

      As a consequence, I missed a text from Dad today, and lunch was late. O.O Whoopsie!

      Therefore, I am now a teenage girl whose parents are telling her to learn to drive and use her phone more.

      O.o I kid you not. Still think you're the only weird one, Swirl? ;)

      :P Be proud of it. XD I really am serious, be who you are! Unfortunately, who you are is a night owl, and I'm on AJ at, like, five-something o'clock, sooo... C: We will meet up sometime.


    3. Dang, Kraft is rich. XD

      I've got an iPhone 4 that is dying on me. Woo hoo. XD

      XD! Most people say to not use phones as much!

      I always knew I wasn't the only weird one. XD
      Because I make friends with weird people. The random kind of weird, not like creepy-weird or anything. :p

      Yep, night owl describes me perfectly. I do wske up early on the weekends for AJ parties if I need to, though!

    4. ;) Yesss. Parties.

      I am actually more PRACTICALLY weird than RANDOMLY weird... does that affect anything about our friendship? o.O Please say no! XD <3

      Once, I told Mom that if I went to a foreign country, I'd like to go to England. Lots of cool stuff, and no trouble of learning the language! She thought it was funny. (Those were good reasons, but England is just plain cool in itself. CX)

      Now, PrincessBG, she's random. And funny! :P Met her at Lost's Thanksgiving party. ;) *realizes Lost's new party is creeping up fast* Ooh, I need to think up a costume! :o


  2. Its fine! :) School is more important.... um, at least I think... ;) I can't wait for the Lost Jammer story! :D Btw I still need to ask you something Swirl XD
    Jam on!

    1. I honestly can't say it's more important, because even though grades matter a lot to me, friends do as well. :)
      It's coming VERY soon!!! :DD
      Oh, you do? Can you get on today?

  3. That's totally fine! School can be really time consuming sometimes.

    Hope the writing goes awesome! :D

    1. Thanks for sticking with me Koolest! :D

    2. No problem! You are good person to stick with! XD


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