Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Lost Jammer's Life-Art

*That title was a mashup of everything that will be in this post, XD*

Why hello jammers! I'm back, just as I promised! I bet you all are glad I'm FINALLY making a real post, huh? Well, so am I! Honestly, I think you all are the best, staying with me like this, and to be honest, you're better friends that my IRL ones at the moment. I suppose I'll tell you about that. After all, blogs are meant for opinions, right?

I promise I'm not, like, thinking my life is horrible or anything. It's not. But my friends have been being...different lately, and not a good different.
You see, one of them, the one who ignores me at lunch, is spending barely time with me. And now, the one I thought would be with me a lot of the time is doing the same thing! Every time certain girls, one of which I am not too fond of, since she kept calling me "innocent" just because everyone else was cussing once and I wasn't, come up, she goes to them, leaving me behind.
Now, you might be thinking, " Well then, just go back up to her again! You're her friend, aren't you?"
I'm not a very brave person at all, so that doesn't work for me.
But seriously. She came up to me today just to ask where the other girls were. And then left when I said I didn't know.
They're not doing on purpose, I'm sure of it. It still bugs me, though. Every time one, or both, of those girls come over, suddenly they're the center of attention, one of them cussing quite often, and I'm sitting off to the side. And now, since their friends do it, both of my friends cuss.
I talked to one of my friends about this "ignoring" business, but I don't think it helped. So, guess I better prepare for another little chat tomorrow! Delightful.

Well, that's my present life in a nutshell. Great, I know.

But let's move on to a happier topic, shall we? :)

I've been working on an Owl City shrine in my den! Yes, I'm for real. Shrines are awesome, you guys! You get it, Kraft, XD!
Hehe, just kidding, I know you all probably get it, too!
So far I have 3 Masterpieces. Sounds sad, but I'll get more soon! You can go to my den to see them, but I just thought that I'd show you my newest (and best, in my opinion) one! I think it's pretty awesome! :D
Do you like it? It's a galaxy-thingy, based off of an Internet pic and Owl City's song "Galaxies"! I love the way this turned out! Does this style remind you of Van Gogh too? XD

Alright, and now...it's time for... THE LOST JAMMER STORY STORY!!!! 
Fasten your seatbelts, everyone! Let's do this! XDD

The Dark Legend-An AJ Fanfiction

Many have heard of the legendary "Lost Jammer", and many have decided that this shadowy Jamaasian was only a rumor. But how can we be sure? Has anyone ever seen the Lost Jammer? What does he really do? 
And what would happen if he WAS spotted?

Opening her laptop, Swirlshine scooted over to make room for her friend Kraft. Lost, Kara, Purple, and Flora sat close by, doing the same with their computers. They all typed in their usernames and passwords, and soon, they were logged into the virtual world of Animal Jam. 
Lostfairy brushed a strand of her brown, wavy hair aside, and stared at the four other girls. 
"So, what should we do on AJ today?"
Swirl looked up and thought for a moment. "Hmm..."
"I could do a livestream with you all in it!", Flora shouted suddenly.
"Or maybe we could make some kind of den chain with a theme?", Kraft suggested.
" Or a contest!", Kara said.
The five eyed each other for a moment, wondering.

"Hey!", yelled Swirl all of a sudden, startling Kraft so much that she fell off her chair at the table. 
"Great fadoodling fuzzles, you're loud!"
"Sorry", Swirl apologized sheepishly. "Anyways, why don't we look around for some more unnoticed secrets in Jamaa?"
Swirl, Kraft, Lost, Purple, and Kara all nodded, and immediately started to click on their World Map. "First one to find 5 no one's found before gets a prize!"
" You're on!" Swirl grinned at Kara, then clicked "The Lost Temple of Zios" on her map. 
This is the most mysterious land in Jamaa! I bet I'll find plenty of secrets here!
Noticing her screen had loaded, Swirl fixed her glasses and grinned. She began to drag her mouse around, leading her wolf across the land. 

"I've got Crystal Sands!", commented Kara.
"Jamaa Township is mine!", yelled Purple.
"I'm in the Temple of Zios!", replied Swirl, adding her voice to all of her friends'.
"Then I'm doing..." Lost suddenly froze, her mouth open.

"Lost? What is it?", Swirl asked.
Kraft strained to see Lost's screen. The others got up and stood behind her, too. 
Lost's brown eyes were wide as she stared. Swirl's gaze searched the virtual canyon land, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.
"I don't see anything...", she stated, confused.
"What is it? A cool glitch? An awesome secret?" Flora bounced excitedly.

Lostfairy pointed her finger at a black wolf, with no visible eyes, standing next to her brown-and-white deer.

"A Lost Jammer imposter? That's what you were freaked out about? That guy's not the real deal, Lost." AJKraft sighed and started back to her seat.
"No, wait!", Lost yelped, grabbing Kraft's arm. "Look at the fur!"
Purple gasped. "Woah..."
Swirl looked closer, and all of a sudden, she saw it. The wolf's fur was dark black, pitch black, darker than any black or gray color on AJ. 
"See?" Lost clicked onto her deer's profile picture in the bottom left of the screen and changed her fur color to the darkest black on the palette. "This is as dark as I can go. This wolf's fur is even darker!"

Kara's eyes narrowed. "Maybe he or she just stepped in the mud in Appondale or something."
Swirl shook her head. "The mud's brown."
The suspicious jammers watched, but the mysterious wolf didn't move, not even an inch.
The crowd of animals in the center of the land started to fan out. Reaching past Lost, Flora clicked on the wolf's nametag, just a split second before a pig stepped in front of it.


Swirl turned around, and her eyes widened.

The player card was GRAY. The normally-colorful background behind the animal was dark, and so were the Jam-A-Gram, Jammer Wall, den, and buddy buttons. In the center of the tag, in front of the shadowy grass-and-dirt backdrop, stood the dark black wolf, with no eyes, no pattern, and no items on them at all.

"Look!", said Kraft, pointing at where, normally, the player's username was shown. Instead of letters and numbers, a loading symbol sat over the long oval, with arrows circling around and around. They all waited for about 10 seconds. Then 30 seconds. A minute. Nothing happened. No username could be seen.

"What if...that's...the Lost Jammer?", Purple stammered, looking slightly nervous.
" I doubt it.", replied Kraft.
" What's there to doubt?!", exclaimed Kara.

"Hold on, guys. Let me tell Sarah, Ja, and Canine.", Swirlshine decided. "Maybe they'll know." She hoped with all of her heart that her voice wasn't shaking. 
Swirl clicked on "Canine" in her phone's contacts, and after 2 rings, someone picked up.
"Who's this? Swirl?", a voice asked on the other end.
"Yes, it's me! Listen, before you ask any questions, I need you to get over to my house, and fast! Before they leave!"
"Who's they?", Canine questioned.
"Just come!", Swirl yelped into the phone.
Canine groaned, "Fine", and hung up.

Swirl tried to call Sarah, but there was no answer, so she texted her instead. A minute later, Sarah replied. "But it's late! How will I convince my parents to take me to your house?!"
"Just try.", Swirlshine typed. "Please. Tell Ja, too."
After about 20 seconds, Sarah sent back, "Okay. I'll try."

"Are they coming?", asked Flora, her green eyes anxious. 
"Hopefully yes.", said Swirl.
A knock sounded at the door, and Swirl rushed to answer it. Canine came in on her crutches.
"What the heck is so important?", she grumbled. "Do you know how hard it is to walk on these things!?"
Swirl lead her to the others, still gathered around Lost's laptop.
"So...you wanted to show me...a laptop. Are you-"
 Canine's voice was cut off as she saw the screen.
"We think it may be...the Lost Jammer.", Swirl whispered.

Canineclaw stared for a moment, then snickered. 
"The Lost Jammer, huh? And how do you know this?"
Hearing another knock, Swirl ran over, unlocking it to find Sarah and Ja. 
"Come on, you guys! Look at this!", she exclaimed.
As they walked back to the table, a gasp emitted from Lost.
"What's up?", Sarah asked worriedly.
"I...I just got a message on AJ...saying I was suspended! I wasn't even doing anything!!! I was just standing there!"
Swirl checked, and sure enough, the red box floated in the middle of Lostfairy's black screen.
"WHAT!?", Kraft screamed. " I just got suspended too!!"
"What's going on...?", gulped Ja, sounding nervous.
Swirl checked on her screen. Gasping, she saw the "SUSPENDED" message on hers as well!
"Guys... I think this may be the real Lost Jammer.", she whispered.
Canine still looked unconvinced. All of a sudden, on Swirlshine's computer's screen, which she had on the AJ homepage, letters started to show up in the "username" box.
"Swirl, you're suspended, remember?", Sarah reminded her.
"That's...not...me...", she stammered slowly.

The username box was now blank, and something was now typing in a password. Swirlshine slammed her computer lid shut, and opened it again, but as she did, the "Login" button was clicked.
"Okay, even I have to admit, this is getting pretty creepy.", commented Canine, backing away a step. 
The others looked at their computers. All around them, passwords were being typed on their own. 

Finally, all the accounts loaded. The gang stared at the profile pictures in the bottom left. 
They all showed dark black wolves, and no username below.

"Log out, you guys!!", Kara said loudly.

They all tried, but when they clicked the button, nothing happened. Watching their screens in horror, they saw their nonmember, black wolves change into other animals, all dark black, wearing dark black versions of clothing items.

"Hey! That looks like my deer!", said Lostfairy.
"Oh my gosh, mine looks like my wizard wolf!!", Swirl added.
It's him! It's really him! The Lost Jammer is taking over our accounts!!

As the group watched helplessly, letters typed themselves into the chat boxes, and one simple message appeared on every account, all at once.

You're mine.

Then the screens went black. The jammers read the message that had popped up.

"This account has been permanently banned from Animal Jam, and cannot log in."

They all stared at one another, at a loss for words. Swirl squinted at a black line of text at the bottom of the red "BANNED" box. Grabbing a magnifying glass she conveniently had in her room, she read it silently.

I told you so.

So, how was that for a Lost Jammer story? :D
I really hope you liked this post, and my story! Please tell me what you think of it in the comments! In the meantime, remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON, everyone!!!


  1. Omd that was spooky! LOAF ITTTTT

    I cant even with aj paint took. I was trying to make the useful piece for my mcsm art gallery and crashed and I had just coloured the whole thing x.x
    I like how you had me say fadoodling fuzzles X'D

    No but srsly this is really good.

    O crabs I'm now imagining all my characters getting controlled by the forces of evil...

    *creates document* ;)

    What is this??? Is it???

    coming s00n

    *drum playing intensifies*

    Ugh I should stop typing before this comment becomes an essay lol


    1. XD yes!


      Thanks! And XD!


      LETS ME SEE IT!!! LETS MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


    2. Waitaminute waitaminute waitaminute. XD What's "goals" mean? Someone said it to me on AJ the other day, ("That Masterpiece is goals") and I couldn't understand what she said.

      From context, I took it to mean "cool", buuuuuut I dunno. Just don't wanna use it in the wrong way.... XD Help, guys? *is an uncool kid* XD *but a happy one at least*

      No, seriously, I like old-fashioned stuff.... I mean, it'd be soooo cool to live, like, 100-something years ago.... Right? Yes? :D Wouldn't it, guys? *needs to shut her mouth and quit drinking too much coffee* 0.0

      No wait... can't shut my mouth... I'm typing this.... Okay to quote AJKraft STAWP ME PLEASE! XD DX XD O.O XDDDD HELP!


  2. Hey Swirlshine!!

    Aww... I'm so sorry about your friends 😢 that is SO sad that your getting bullied cause you didn't cuss. Honestly, that's just... Immature XD

    Oo.. Owl City 😜 I like their song, Your Not Alone. You should make a masterpiece with that on it :D!

    O.M.G your story seriously got me worried, excited, boy you can certainly grab people in the story :O I loved it! There's gonna be a part 2 right ? If so, I can't wait for it! I give you a...

    1. Heya Gracie! I was hoping you'd comment! :D

      Yeah. D:
      Actually, nobody's really BULLYING me. They're just kinda treating me differently, you know? Like, if I'm around, they apologize and all that. Around everyone else, they go on talking normally. I just hate being treated like a 6 year old, sheltered from the world and all that. One of my pet peeves. :P
      Yeah, XD!

      Ooo, I haven't heard You're Not Alone yet!
      Well, maybe not NOW...I have to get off my computer soon. XD

      Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! There may just be a part 2! ):)

  3. 11/10 XD! Keep up the good work!

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Oh

      I FORGOT YOU IN THE STORY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Gosh, I forgot SO MUCH!!!!

      Oh, I just had an idea! Maybe if I make a part 2 soon, I can add the people I forgot in that one!!

      I'm so sorry I forgot you, too! D,:


    That was awesome! I actually started reading it,like, 7 minutes before going to school but I stopped reading it about in the middle, because I thought it was too long to read at first, yet, when I read it again, I liked it so much that I NEED THAT PART 2!!

    1. Hehe! I never thought about a part two, actually. I left it off at that last suspenseful part to make it freakier. But I just might make another one! ):)

      Lol, I'm glad you liked it!!

  5. Awww, I'm srry that's happening to you! D: Hopefully they start talking to you soon! Here is a comforting Bible verse! (credit to Coolcat) Those who are treated badly for doing good are happy, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to them. Matthew 5:10-12 :)

    OWL CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a really cool picture! I love the song Galaxies!

    *reads Lost Jammer Story*

    1. Aw, thanks Sarah, and CoolCat, too! That really helped! :)

      I knew you'd like it. :D

      It is finished. Mwahahahaha...!!!
      I finished it there to make it more scary. ):)

  6. By the way, if you wish you can remove the pages for my stories. I keep forgetting to update them over here and luckily the AJFF doesn't seem to be going anywhere :)


    1. If it's easier for ya, I'll remove them. Just so you don't have to repost them here. :)

  7. Okay, I shall address these points in order. (Heh. Something tells me I MIGHT read a bit too much Victorian fiction. All the same, I shall address the points.)

    Life/Friends: Ooh. >.< That stinks. Although, the "innocent" insult is really more of a compliment, despite how she may have meant it.

    I'm afraid I'm not exactly qualified to give advice on school/IRL friendships, given that A) I am homeschooled and do not have classmates, and B) I'm actually kind of a reclusive geek. :P That said, I am absolutely certain you are doing the right thing by not hanging out with people who use bad language.

    It really stinks when people ignore you. Xl Maybe your friends are hanging out with them because they think they're "cool" and "mature". That simply isn't true. It takes more maturity to control your tongue, and far more strength to be the only one to do the right thing.

    Your friends will see that in time. Until that happens, know that you will always have friends here for you on the WJN. ;) We're with ya, Swirlshine!

    Lost Jammer fanfic: *reads title* Oooh, cool! o.o THE DARK LEGEND RISES!! (No wait, isn't that the Dark Knight?) *reads intro* Oooooo, exciting!

    *begins story* :o No way! I'm in it! O.O :D Thank yu, Swirk! (I mean Thank you, Swirl... typos. :|)

    *reads* "Great fadoodling fuzzles, you're loud!" XDDD *laugh-snort* Haha! *snort* *tries to smother laughter* *fails*

    *is riveted, reading in bed in early morning* *gets to suspenseful bit* "That's... not... me..."

    BANG!! *toilet lid slams in the bathroom across the hall* *heart skips beat* Gaaah! DX Bro! Can't you get up AFTER the suspenseful part?!

    *finishes story* Woah... scaaaary.... *mind imagines freaky black wolf creeping up behind and attacking sudddenly* Gah! *whacks head with palm of hand* Knock it off, Kara! >.< XD

    Great job, Swirl! :D


    1. Yeah, I know. I just hate being underestimated, you know? It's not like I WANT to cuss or anything, I just don't like how people talk differently around me just because I don't, like I'm 6 or something.

      No worries, I think I'm that too! XD
      Well, the geek part, I mean.
      Honestly, I don't think you're that at all! You're awesome!
      But I'd MUCH rather hang with the smarter folks than the divas! :)

      Aw, thank you Kara! That made me smile! :,D


      That was beautiful :claps:! XDD

    2. First off, I'd never ever tell you what to like or what not to like.

      I do think it's possible that if they talk differently around you, it means that they respect your wishes about not using that language, notbthat they think you're six. (<--Argh! Don'tcha hate it when you hit a bottom row key instead of the space babe? *realizes what she's just typed* Gyeep! >.< Spacebar! I meant SPACEBAR!)

      (DXplorergirl), AKA the Queen Of Typos

    3. Gack! O.o I TOTALLY forgot to mention your epic Masterpiece!! Very sorry! I meant to! Ahem. Here goes....

      Your Masterpiece is EPIC! :D

      How was that? XD

      And thank you so much for the compliment! :D That made me smile, too! *has the impulse to hug Swirl* Darn. Computer screen's in the way. ;)


    4. I know, Kara. I'm so, so sorry if I sounded rude in that comment. I didn't intend to, I promise. I know with all my heart you'd never do that. :)

      Hm. You have a point there.

    5. Aw, you don't have to mention it! ,:)

      But thank you!!! :D

      JUST DO IT!!!!
      JUST...DO ITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

      *Hugs through screen*


    6. No way! You were totally not rude. C: That was just me making sure that I didn't sound rude by telling you what to like, so I made it clear that was not my intent at all.

      Yas. Space babe. (X

      Yay!! *hugs Swirl through screen* XD

      Thank you!


    7. Ah, I get it. :)


      I need to make a meme of that. XDD


  8. Oh wow, I'm really sorry about your friends. D: I just want to let you know that cussing is really wrong and not using cuss words doesn't mean 'innocent'. I never swear either and I'm proud of it. You should be too. ;)

    I hope your friends figure out that ignoring friends is NOT cool. At all. Nuh uh. XD

    OH MY GOODNESS, AN OWL CITY SHHHRRRINE?! THAT'S EPIC, GIRL! :D I gotta come see that... *logs onto AJ and goes to your den* OMGOODNESS, THAT SIGN IS AWESOME! :O The writing is so neat!! Loaf it!! XD And using that big shelf as a sign? GENIUS! *runs into den* AHHH THAT CUTE LITTLE BIRDY!! AND THAT GALAXY!! :o YOUR SO GOOD AT DRAWING! Those masterpieces make me want to make a shrine... XD But of what and what do I do with all my den items that fill up all 500 space?!!!

    Oh. My. Word! That story is very good!!!! I love it!! :OOOO It makes wish there was MOOOREEE!!! And that thing where it was typing an account with no user?!! SO SCARY AND AWESOME! And how we got BANNED?! AHHHH! XD

    Your writing style is very good. ;) I could read a whole book by you. XD The ONLY thing I'd change out of the WHOLE ENTIRE story is about my eyes. XD "green-brown eyes"... I guess since you can't see my eyes, it makes sense. But I probably should have said there's a HINT of green around the lower half of my eye. XDD I'M TOO PICKY!!! But seriously, that's all I would change. CUZ THE REST IS ALL EPIC!!!!!!! :DDDDDD

    1. I am. :)
      Yeah. A girl I know said something with a cuss word in it to my other friend on Monday and was all "Oh, sorry, don't listen to me.", or something like that. I hate being treated like a little kid, sheltered from the world and all that, so I was all "I don't care, I'm not going to say it or anything. Just talk normally and don't treat me differently."
      Honestly, I don't like how people cuss, but I also don't like being underestimated. Probably one of my biggest pet peeves.

      I hope so, too. Although they seemed a bit better about it today. :)

      Yep!!! :D
      Thank you! I'll be adding more to it...though I only have one den space left. Perhaps I'll make an Owl City account to make it on instead!
      If you want a shrine, I suggest using a different, clear account. I'm trying to convince my mom to let me get another one. XD

      I'm so glad you liked the story!! :D

      Ah yes, I hesitated on that part. I'll edit that. Should I describe them as brown? I would say brown with a hint of green, but that's a little to long for that sentence, XD!
      It's fine, I have to edit Koolest and Sky in anyway, so editing one more thing will be fine!

    2. I totally understand. Being treated like a little kid sucks. I feel like I'd get upset too if people treated me differently. But actually, my mom had the same thing, I think. People would be swearing but when she walked by, they would stop and say sorry to her... Weird. XD *is very glad I'm not in public school* I COULDN'T HANDLE IT, WAAAHH! XDDDD
      Yes. Being underestimated stinks!!! I have had it happen to me and I get so upset! I'm like, "Aw, c'mon!! I CAN HANDLE MORE THEN YOU THINK!" XD

      Aw, yay! Hopefully they get ALL the way better! <3

      Ugh, limited space. *wishes for the thousandth time for unlimited space like Webkinz* Sigh... XD
      But wouldn't my shrine account have to be a member? I'd have to pay for two memberships?! XD Nah, I'll wait for unlimited space. XD

      I didn't like it. I TOTALLY COMPLETELY LOVED IT! :D

      Um, uh... Probably. XD If you just glance at my eyes, they are brown. My friend one time was like, "Wait! Stand still and widen your eyes! *stares at eyes for almost a minute* Wow, your eyes have green! I want your eyes!" XD I see you switched it to "brown eyes, tinted with a hint of green". That's a wee bit long. XD Just say brown. ;)
      Oh! Ok. :D I didn't actually notice people were missing. XD And by the way, almost all these comments say they want another part or they think you were gonna add more. I just wanted to let you know that I get the suspenseful ending. XD

    3. IKR i really REALLY don't like it when someone acts like i'm five I'M OVER TEN! UGH .....
      *King Tough Bunny

    4. @Lost

      Glad you understand. :)
      And yeah, you don't have to deal with the constant drama of public school.
      So...many...divas... *eye twitches*

      I hope so, too. :)

      Oh, Webkinz has unlimited space?
      So AJHQ CAN give us unlimited space!?
      WHY U BE LYING AJHQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

      Well, I mean like a Masterpiece shrine. That's what I'm gonna do: fill my den up with Owl City Masterpieces. If you do that, you just make the pictures on your member account, get them approved, and then trade them over! :D

      Aw, thank you!! I forgot Sky, Koolest and Gracie though. D,:

      Okay, if you want! :D
      And YAY!!!!!! YOU GET IT!!!!!!!!

    5. Yesh. O.O Divas... XD


      Oh now THAT'S an idea! XD Welp, I dunno if my parents would like that. I have my main account, an extra almost full, and a new jammer storage account. o.o And when I asked my mom about the new storage, she was like, "You need ANOTHER?" And I sheepishly said yes. XD

      It's ok! :D

      LOL, YESH! I GETS IT!!!

      Ok. *looks at comment* Dis comment is just a reply back to you again. I need to spice things up. XD

      Here's a riddle for you to solve....

      Pumpkins grin evilly,
      Phantoms creepy around,
      They both are hidden,
      All the way up

      Ok, if you don't get this, it's fine. XD Have fun though! (BTW, it's an AJ riddle.)

    6. Yes, O.O indeed. XD

      Get with the times AJ! XDD

      Hehe, my parents are the same! Tell them "YES!! I NEED a shrine!!!" XD

      Ooooo, that's a tough one! I'll have to think about that riddle!

      Is it one or two things?

    7. Heh, I doubt my parents would allow me to make yet ANOTHER account. XD Oh well. :P

      Hm, ok. It's really hard. XD I wouldn't have gotten it. XD

      It's ONE thing. Lemme try to think of another riddle...

      Eerie pumpkins glow,
      Phantom arms creep around,
      Up high in a haunted room,
      Do you enter and meet your doom?

      Ok, HOPEFULLY that is better. XD (If you don't get it, it's all good. XDD)

      Also, I has a confession....

      I'm kinda really into Aparri videos....

      *everyone gasps and wrinkles their noses at me* "How horrible and wretched."

      Yes, yes, I know. Basically EVERYBODY I know HATES Aparri. But hey, everyone's opinion is different, right? I can like them, you can dislike them. We're good. XD

      You may be wondering, "Why the heck does she like Aparri videos? Why not Julian2 or Wisteriamoon?"

      Welp. I like them because:
      1. I find them interesting.
      2. They are funny in a good way.
      3. His voice is easier to listen to then others.

      Ok, me myself is cringing that I'm confessing this. I bet people have stopped reading this comment by now. But to me, Wisteriamoon is kinda... rude? And I haven't watched any Julian2 videos YET but still. And Bepper's videos are good but I feel like she could use a better mic. Snowyclaw is actually pretty good too, though.

      But I dunno. I felt it was ok to confess my embarrassment to y'all. XD But like I said, OPINIONS DIFFER! XDD *braces self for people's reactions*

    OKIE this is embarrassing but I've never heard about the lost jammer.
    I've heard the name but I never knew what the big deal was about :O
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. No one really knows what the Lost Jammer does. The Lost Jammer is most likely not true, anyway. I just decided to make him/her do that in this story! :)

      Basically, all anyone REALLY knew, or thought they knew, was that the Lost Jammer was a dark black wolf with, most likely, no username or animal name, and a grey player card.
      Some think that it was someone from AJHQ who had something happen to him (dunno what) that created the Lost Jammer for revenge purposes. I don't truly believe in this, though.

  10. Replies
    1. OH MY GOSH



      I am so, so, SO sorry, both of you! I'll edit you all in! I feel horrible, I can't believe I forgot. D,:

      Sky, of course you're my friend! :D

  11. Also, (I just read the first part) I face some ''friends bussiness'' as well.

    To start with, a friend of mine that has been my friend since primary school is furious all the time, and she never lets me talk, like, I ask something and before I finish my sentence she's like ''Shhh''. My two other friends act normally most of the time, but they can act in a really immature way as well (ex. -my friends will be mentioned as T,D and N although these aren't their names' first letters- T was studying during the break and N pretended that she was going to hit her, D was laughing and T was about to fall off the school stands, then N grabbed T's foot -T was laughing-, the bell rang and they couldn't arrive in time at class).

    1. I'm sorry about that. Your friend really doesn't let you talk? :o
      Maybe, if she's always mad, something's going on in her life no one knows about. You never know...
      Well, usually people who act like that just have to learn for themselves. :1

    2. 4th line goes with your other friends, T D and N. XD

      Sorry, I had to clear that up.

  12. N also is being REALLY rude to the school principal (While she's not there, of course). She says that our school is only for immature kids and she will go to the same school with her BFF, but, EXCUSE ME?! I, T and D are not planning to leave the school we currently are in :T

    I'm also an ''innocent kid'' because I don't swear, but I don't really mind. It's their bad if they swear, and, since I can't stop them, I will not swear so I can be a ''normal'' kid :T

    1. :O
      Oh gosh!
      Hopefully she'll start acting differently soon!

      Same here! :)

  13. Animal jam's masterpiece moderation makes no sense. All I did was an animal with red eyes, which got denied, whereas I have a friend who drew Ashfur WITH BLOOD POURING FROM HIS NECK an that was approved.

    What the squids, AJHQ?


    1. Wait WHAT!?


      WHAT THE HECK!!!????

      Um...eheheh...what's your friend's username?

      *People stare*

      What!? I want to see it!


  15. yeah the picture does kinda remind me of van gogh. and can maybe be in the story?

    1. Sure, you can be in the story! Just tell me your IRL appearance, and if you believe in the Lost Jammer or not! :)

  16. Oh also, I saw your Shrine today! (Srry I didn't get to it yesterday) It is AMAZING... Maybe you should do a 'Fireflies' masterpiece! That would be amazing :)

  17. Still need to ask you something. XDX





    When i first heard, I thought it was a troll, but nope!
    ITS REAL!!

    *runs off screaming and throwing macaroni everywhere*


    1. What.



      FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!??? FOR REAL FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

      WHERE!!!!!!!!????????? WHERE DOES IT SAY THIS!!!!!!!!!??????? WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????




    1. Boom.

      52! XD

      This is pretty insane, actually. I usually get... psh, 30-35? I remember when I got 4. o.o And 2 were me. XD

    2. @Lost


      Hey, don't feel bad. Half of these were mine, too. And the rest were people commenting more than once. Not that that's a bad thing! :D


      Oops...sorry. I forgot.

  20. I love your art!!! That masterpiece looks fabulous!

    Awesome story!!! :D You did a good job.



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