Sunday, November 13, 2016

It's Come!

Let's just get right to it, shall we? No need for a time-consuming intro!

If you read the small info-post I created VERY late last night, you should know that I'm planning to do something pretty cool (well, for me anyway!) on this post! Are you ready to find out what it is? Here's a hint AND who gave me the idea: Credit to Purplestarclub!

I'm going to............BE REACTING TO MY OLD ART!! I feel like you guys will be disappointed with that answer! D:

Today, I had my sister pick 6 old drawings of mine from our very, VERY messy game closet upstairs. She kept them on her bed until I told her to bring them down. I haven't gotten a good look at any of these pictures yet, since I told my mom to upload them from Google Drive! I wanted to wait until I made this post to see them, so I'd be more surprised. My sis tells me that some, or at least one, of them are/is pretty bad, but my mom thinks they're all good, so I honestly don't know what to tell you! Just...keep an oxygen tank and mask close by, okay? Just in case.
I'm super excited to be doing this!!! Are you all ready?
Then HERE I GO! *Gulps* Oh no...I'm gonna regret this...
I remember this! I was trying to draw some of the penguins from that penguin Magic Tree House book! Clearly, I failed. This is probably gonna be the worst one you see today. You may not think it's too bad, but I certainly do! The feet...and...and the huge crown...and...and that hunchback...and... My title for these sketches isn't exactly original, either. Does anyone know what on earth is wrong with that happily deformed penguin at the top?! Is it swimming? Is it sliding on its belly? I honestly don't know!
I remember this one, too! And boy, do I wish I could forget it! Just LOOK at it! In case you couldn't tell, I was trying to draw the Jamaa Derby game.
But WHAT WENT WRONG!? Do you SEE those back legs on the 2 horses in the back!? Did i even TRY!? And what about that little hedge-thingy that the horses jump over? It looks like a starting line made of poorly drawn flowers! You can tell I wasn't drawing AJ horses back then. I'm probably still not. But those legs bother the heck out of me. XD
Aaand I just realized I gave the front horse 2 Unicorn Horns. *Facepalm*
What is life.
I better stop saying "I remember this", because I clearly remember most of them anyway.
Okay, so, in case you didn't know by now, I'm a fan of MLP. Don't judge. I just am.
Back then, I liked drawing by taping a piece of paper over a computer screen, then tracing an image. I don't think the Zecora is too bad, but WHAT IS SHE WEARING!?
Answer: My attempt at a fitting dress.
I literally drew a dress on each one of my pony tracings. And they were HORRIBLE DRESSES!!! I gave my "outfits" horrible designs because I honestly couldn't think of what to make on it. I seriously drew things like hearts, flowers, and stars all over them, because I apparently didn't know what the word "fashion" meant. And I guess I stooped as low as to put PLAID on Zecora's dress. I'm guessing she died after I drew this.
Apparently, a scary-eyed guinea pig an ugly cage.
I think I need that oxygen mask now. *Cringes hard*
I don't even know where to begin! The tunnel, the ears, the wheel, the feet, the cage's all something that, if my art teacher saw, she'd be speechless at. And not the good kind of speechless.
And what was young me doing, naming a guinea pig SPARKY!? That is an unoriginal DOG name, Old Swirl! Sheesh!
*Wakes up 5 minutes later, sees picture, and starts screaming again*
You can now see more of my DELIGHTFUL dresses, as well as how AMAZINGLY I drew pony legs back then! I mean, check out Fluttershy's! Now THAT'S STYLE! *Sarcasm. Sorry. Just in case you needed this.*
And try not to get scarred for life by Applejack's eyeball. Just try to focus on how happy you are that I DIDN'T draw Pinkie's eyes open.
That cowboy hat is pretty fly, too. *Shudders*
I didn't even finish COLORING THIS!!!??? WHEN I HAD ALREADY STARTED!!!???
Pass me that oxygen mask. And 3 tanks full of air. And start pumping.
The wings are, like, HALF AS BIG AS THEIR BODIES!!! And can we talk about the bodies? WHY!? Why are they so CHUBBY!!???
*Says in important tour guide voice* As you may have noticed by now, Older Swirl didn't even have the decency to make the dresses have a DRESS-SHAPED END! Nope! She just left them to look like odd tattoos on the poor ponies' flanks. *Cry*
Gotta say, those feet are REALLY making it work! *Facepalm*

*Takes oxygen mask off*
*Bangs head against wall 6 times, one for every bad drawing*

Okay. Now that that's over...

I really hope you all enjoyed this post!! Despite all my complaining, I really loved doing these little reactions! They helped me realize how far I've come, and hopefully, they help you feel better about your drawings, too! When you're feeling bad about your art, just remember: You can't be as bad as Old and Older Swirl! XDD!!
Mostly, though, these just made me laugh! Again, credit to Purplestarclub for giving me this idea: It was a great one, and I'm glad I did it!

Should I do more art reactions in the future? Or maybe reactions to STORIES I wrote back in the day? Go ahead and tell me your thoughts and opinions in the comments! Until tomorrow, remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and.................

P.S. Have you seen the new Futuristic Headphones in Epic Wonders? They're AWESOME!!!


  1. Ok! We're going in *secures oxygen mask*
    Art 1- ok the penguins honestly aren't too bad but why is the one on the left wearing a rubber glove on it's head XD
    Art 2-o my I used to draw horse legs like that too. Those horses remind me of a thing I made out of modeling clay for an animation project in school.. Oh no I do not want to be reminded... MOVING ON!
    Art 3-that isn't even that bad heh(apart from all those random lines X'D) I can't draw mlp for my life. I just cannot
    Art 4- Om help my poor soul
    Fun fact:As a 7 year old, I usd to design hamster cages with hamsters in. I made a lot. And Om they were TERRIFRYING. Yes, terri-frying.
    Art 5- life now has a true meaning. Those stunning character designs, young Swirl, are truly flawless. A+
    Art 6- this one is pretty hot too

    Lol when I was 10 I used to draw arctic wolves that looked like slugs. And my old colouring skills were pretty scary.

    if they're as cringy as mine, it'll be well worth a read X'D


    1. 1. I dunno. I felt like I didn't do too good on them when I made them, but now I feel like this:
      *Bangs head against wall*
      2. Yay, I'm not alone in the world of broken horse legs! XD!
      3. Oh yeah, the lines at the top? That was where I started to write Zecora, but then I decided it was placed weirdly and I wanted a design in them, so I erased it. :P
      That dress. Have you ever in your life seen a plaid dress!?
      4. Same. And same again.
      5. Yeah, for me, it means my life is over. I'm pretty sure demon Applejack is going to attack me sometime soon. *Stares at the drawings sitting right next to where I'm sitting*
      6. #Style

      I'll have to find some first! XD
      Ooh! I can show you my dogs one! It's got PICTURES! *Crowd ooos and ahhs*

    2. Okay. CX

      1. Ohhhh, I get it! EMPEROR penguins! :P XD
      2. Horse legs are tricky. I recommend a photo reference. :P I used to avoid bending them at all.... o.o
      3. Zecora's head is excellent! :D I'm very impressed.
      4. Actually, I rather like that style of eyes. o.o A white dot left on the side for light reflection would make it complete. :D *shrug* I dunno. :) Sparky is cool. My favorite character on Star Trek: The New Generation named his striped tabby cat Spot. ;)
      5. Awwww, cute wittle ponytails! CX Nice job on the closed eye, I have always fond those a trouble spot, personally. :D
      6. Ponies in swimsuits. It's a day at the beach!! :O :D Last one in's a rotten egg! *splash*

      Woohoo! C: Honestly, it's not that bad. The best part is, now you can look at how far you've come! We're always progressing!


  2. Wow, Swirl! You've improved so much compared to your old art! :o The ponies look really chubby. I feel like I could squish them. lol
    To be honest, I feel like your old art is better than mine. XDD

    1. No kidding! They're VERY chubby!
      *Stares at the demon Applejack*
      And Applejack's the chubbiest of all, it seems. I think she ate one too many apple pies. Or 1500 too many.
      Nah, at least you could draw humans that looked like humans!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes. Gives me 7, so I can revive those poor ponies. I'm pretty sure they're all long dead now, but reason to make other people suffer.


  4. I thought you guinea pig drawing was quite cute!

    1. XD
      I think the body shape was fine, but the eyes really creeped the heck outta me! Thank you, though!


    1. Stare at the eyes for a while, and you'll see why AJKraft said "my poor soul". XDDD

      Thanks, though I can do much better now!

  6. Oh AWESOME! XD I love seeing other people's art. It's really fun and interesting AND entertaining! XD

    *eagerly begins scrolling down*

    Wow, those penguins are surprisingly good! I like how there's a penguin totem pole going on. XD But that crown is... very very big and... oddly shaped?! XD Still, it's kinda cute!

    Oh my goodness, that is adorable! :o The ponies look so cute! That looks like something I would draw when I was younger! (okay, you got me. I meant that the drawing looks like something I would draw today. o,o XD) I THINK you were trying to do gazelle horns? Maybe?! XD Or it's a double magical unicorn! :o I really like the flames on that one horse. AND LOOK AT THE FACE OF THE TOP ONE!!! THAT FACE IS REALLY GOOD, ACTUALLY! I clicked on it and stared at it just now and mamamia, that eye is wonderful! *pats younger/old Swirl on back*

    *looks up "My Little Pony Zecora" on Google Images* WOW, that is spot on! Except... perhaps she shouldn't wear plaid? XD The face and legs are amazing!

    O.O THAT POOR LITTLE HAMSTER IS FLOATING?! That eye! XD It makes me think of the 'Bepper' eyes! XD But the hamster itself is great! #Sparkythehamsterforever XD (you gotta love the name... Sparky, wow. XD)

    O.O OH MY FLIPPIN' GOSH! THAT... THAT IS ADORABLE!! XD Pinkie Pie's hair is really good! And AppleJack's hat is so cute! But... PERHAPS the ponies should go on a diet?! XD THEY LOOK LIKE LITTLE SQUISHY TOYS!

    AND THERE'S A SEQUEL?! MORE SQUISHY TOYS! XD This one is not QUITE as good as the other but I totally love Rainbow Dash's eye! But what the heck happened to Twilight Sparkle's horn?!
    Twilight: Erm, yes?
    Me: *explodes in laughter* HAAAA HAAAAA HAAAA HOO HA!
    Oh my! Rarity has gotten quite plump and Rainbow is the slimmest?! All that flying is pretty good for exercise, I guess. XD

    Okay, remind me why do we need oxygen mask? This art is really good! If you looked at MY old art, uhh... I'm not joking, you would think, "Why does this girl like to draw? She doesn't even do anything besides draw stick people with disgusting triangle dresses, messy stick hair, and hideous faces?"

    I wouldn't even have enough art to do a post like this. I HATED drawing when I was a kid. I never felt like I could do as good as my siblings... So, I didn't even try. o,o

    Well, I enjoyed this post thoroughly! Great job! *smacks older/present Swirl on back too hard* Oops! XD


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