Saturday, March 4, 2017

JM... Tomorrow

Sorry guys! I just can't think of anything to put in between Chapter 12 and Chapter 14.
Well, not anything exciting, anyway.
So I need another day to think.

I know these sound like excuses now, but I'm serious when I say I have no inspiration right now.
Plus, I also kinda sorta wanna listen to music right now... eheheh...

But you WILL get Chapter 13 tomorrow, I promise! Hope you understand! ,;)

-A very lazy Swirlshine


  1. I understand. We all have those times where we don't feel inspired. (I have them a bit too much. XD) Take your time. I'm sure we would like whatever you can come up with. :D

    1. Thank you! I finally figured something out!

      And I promise you, Chapter 14 will have some ACTIONNNNN!!!!!! Chapter 15, too!

  2. Why don't you reply to some of the comments that appear after a certain period of time? (Like, a day after a post is posted idk) Do you not have time? Or just don't know what to say? Just curious.

    1. Oh!
      Well, if it's on the latest post, then it usually means that I didn't have time, or I just didn't feel like it at the time.
      If it's on a post under 3 or more posts, then I don't normally go back to them and reply. Sometimes because I can't remember which post the comment was posted on... XD!

      But yeah... sorry if that's annoying! I'm trying my new schedule this week, now that my tests are over, so hopefully I'll have time and all that (XD) to reply to all the comments! :D

    2. (Under as in LITERALLY under. Like, if you scroll down the home page on this blog.)

    3. Also, watch some cool movies/shows or something, maybe give you some inspiration I dunno. Maybe watch YouTube content. I'm guessing you already read books.

    4. oh yeah
      I commented a gazillion things on one post that you never responded to

      I think it was the reacting to old Swirl one


  3. I definitely know what it's like to be stuck on a story XD

    You know, me and my sister once created a game where we would listen to music, and write a story based off of the music we were listening to. Maybe you could try that? It can be really fun thinking of how to interpret the song and work it into the story. This game has entertained me on many a road trip, and also helped inspire a lot of my stories.

    Hopefully this helps XD I really like your Jamaasian middle story so far =)


    1. Ooooh! That sounds fun!! I'll have to try that game sometime!

      Aw, thank you! I'm glad you do! Want me to add you in sometime soon? :D

    2. That would be amazing! I've been drawing all the characters and posting them on my blog XD
      Btw, I'm buddies with Karalee, Sarahkey8, Graciepopstar91, kraft, gfox0, ja, and probably a few others from the story... I found out about your blog from Graciepopstar91 and Karalee's blogs, actually =P


    3. Me too. I ended up completely rewriting my story How To be a Hero (the new version will be on the AJFF at some point) because I hated the plot. I literally changed the entire story so that the characters all live in a children's home... No spoilers ;D
      I felt like the original version of HtbaH is just some kind of Lukas sympathy story. He always gets the short end of the stick, but I seemed to make everything bad happen to him :S read the crabby story to understand what i mean XD

      I actually do that sing to story technique a lot. Whenever I listen to music I try and imagine a story along with it. Since I mostly listen to country music(in fact, the only non-country stuff I listen to is OneRebublic, Lord Huron and the hunger games soundtrack which is mostly country anyway) which normally tells some kind of story, it's actually easy for me X3

      I'm actually working on a story right now called Country Roads, and each chapter and scenario in it is based off of a different song.

    4. Trust me I REALLY REALLY! know what it's like to be stuck on a story, I'm continuing it right now, (and I do me RIGHT now lol) I started it 5/21/15,
      it's 3/6/2017 and I'm only maybe half way through!
      *King tough Bunny

    5. @Crazcatlover AJ

      Wow, really? Well, I'm glad you found it! :D

      Also, are you my buddy yet, Craz? If not, what's your username? I realize you could just send me a request, but I need to make sure it's you and not some random jammer, XD!


      Ah. Not sure what I'd do in a situation ;like that. I guess just what you did.

      YESSS ME TOO!!!! I think of everything as a story.
      I literally narrate my life inside my head in the 3rd person.
      I'm a weird child.
      Save me.
      From myself.

      Oooooh, I wanna read that story!!! :O


      XD, don't worry! YOU CAN DU ITTTT! XD

    6. I don't think we're buddies, and my AJ username is Crazcatlover :P

  4. Ok so today I realised March is my one year anniversary of existing in the blogging community so I'm hosting a party

    The date is going to be Saturday 18th (I was gonna do the 11th but Naffy's 825k party is that day) and the time is going to be 4pm GMT.
    If anyone who reads this can spread the word, it's much appreciated.

    I'll also be making youtube style banners for everyone who shows up :)


  5. OK i read the chapter, and i'm just going to post on the post you say it's ready or something, bc the comments on the actual story are just ridiculous how many there are. XD :P

    1. XD, I know right? I try to clear it out often, but some I keep because they include info I need/want or something.

      XD, yes, of course I did!
      I doubt she'd let me go, too.
      Mainly because I know for a fact that she wouldn't.
      But hey, it IS a story!
      So I changed my mom's personality on that a teeny bit.

  6. Btw Swirl, did I ever tell you how much i love the name of this blog?
    I didn't? Oh ok I'll tell you.
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. Aw, thank you!
      Here's a fact: It was originally going to be called "The Wednesday Jammer News" (or something very close to that)! I was going to post only on Wednesday. Then, I decided on the WEEKLy part, meaning I'd post every week.
      Now, it's kinda freestyle over here. Eheheheh...


    *quickly clicks JM tab and scrolls down to Chapter 13 and eagerly reads*

    Ooooo, that dream sounds pretty freaky. O.O Wonder if it has anything to do with transporting through portals and it leaves some kind of weird dream thing? Hmm, hmm... And going to a lake with all the bloggers sounds fantastic! Though... *looks around* Although I am one of the 'elders' of the bloggers, I, um, can't.... *cringes and takes deep breath* swim.

    Probably because I go swimming MAYBE twice a year. We used to swim more when we went on holidays to an amazing lake where you could go out super far and still touch the ground with your feet. So, yeah, perhaps make me a little freaked out if there's no lifejackets around or maybe I bring one along and blush about it or in the perfect story world, I can swim. XDDD

    PS. Hey Swirl, since my bloggerversary is coming up pretty soon (Eeeek, it's April 15th!), I'm going around and asking some of my friends to ask me 3 AJ related questions for a blog post. :D Could you come up with 3 questions for me? Please? XD :P

    1. It might. You'll just have to see. ):D

      Hey, that's okay. It's not like I'm a pro swimmer, anyway. I'm kinda afraid to swim underwater.
      So... hmm... what should I do? In the story, do you want me to make it so that you can swim, or that you just maybe stay out of the deep parts of the lake? Or maybe something else? It's up to you. :)

      Oooh, of course! I love making up questions! XD!
      Here's 3 right now! :D I'm going to try and make them really original!

      1. If you could own only ONE Masterpiece, made by you, what would it be of?
      2. What's your favorite Rare item in the game?
      3. What's your favorite color on the AJ avatar color palette?

      I hope you have fun answering those! :D

  8. Hello everyone! I am new and started a new blog! If anyone could visit it, give me some pointers, etc, that'd be great! Sorry to write here, dont wanna take away from your great blogs, but I just wanted to get some ppl too! Thank you :)
    Cute friend

    1. Hello, Cute Friend! Welcome to my blog, and the Blogger community! :D

      You're perfectly fine! It's just fine with me if you advertise your blog on here, as long as it doesn't turn to spam comments! ;)

      I'll try and visit your blog soon!

  9. Swirl, I tried to send you the copy of the tiger mp but your JAGS are full XD

    1. ARGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

      I'll clear them.


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