Saturday, March 11, 2017

Please Read Below.

Hey, guys! I'm not dead! Yay!

I know you were expecting a JM today.
And I was planning on posting it earlier today.
However, my family wanted to watch a movie, so we did.
So here we are, at 11-something at night.

I also need info from one of you guys, so that I can write the story in the way you (and I, although I love ALL the ways) like it.

So, JM is postponed until earlier TOMORROW.


This time, it's not just because I'm lazy or anything. I swear. I just need the information, and then I'll be good to go!

It WILL be posted tomorrow.
Count on that.

And please, PLEEEAAASSEEE, don't be mad! ,;)


  1. Its fine Swirl :) I'm so excited for it XD!

    1. Did yoy hear about the ajhq mistake in a livestream with the inappropriate named files?

  2. *throws confetti* YOU AREN'T DEAD, WOOHOO! XDD

    In all seriousness, I honestly missed you a lot. :)

    So, um, I don't know how to do this... o,o I am really fine with however you write me. (You know me well. ;D)

    But like I said before, you can mention I can't swim or something.

    Here's some 'facts' that might help you write me better. ;)

    (I can't tell if you need facts JUST for the lake scene so I'll give some 'swimming' facts about me and normal facts. :P)

    -I love the water and love splashing around and splashing others playfully
    -I usually stay in the water as long as I can so I'm usually the last to go out
    -I don't usually sunbath or something (waste of time XD)
    -I love chatting with others and being goofy when I'm swimming (Example: I one time started randomly singing some of my favorite songs and made my family laugh)
    -I usually wear my glasses in the water since my sight right now isn't perfect (I'm praying about it though. :) )
    -Umm, I'm running out of things... XD

    -I wear glasses XD
    -I am a total bookworm
    -I get passionate if someone disses something important to me (God, family, my beliefs, etc.)
    -I can be stubborn at times :P
    -I am sometimes picky of food (foods I dislike: onions, cooked mushrooms/peppers, too much peanut butter, fish, etc.)
    -I have strange imagination (crazy, wild hopes and dreams)
    -I bike a lot. (if there's a biking scene, make me pedal way farther ahead of you guys and just speed along, cuz I literally do that to my family XD)
    -I like being comfy (sweats and modest shorts all the way, along with baggy shirts)
    -I am very picky about buying clothes. No low tops, short shorts, nuh uh. I feel better being modest. :)
    -I feel like I'm giving way too much but I got more XD
    -I am usually the one who suggests 'kidish' games such as tag or hide-and-seek (I like running, ok?)
    -I blush easily
    -I make jokes that COULD be funny or just weird where no one laughs :P
    -I'm done XD

    Ok, hope that helps! If not, let me know! :D

    1. :D

      Aw, I'm sorry!
      I kept thinking "I bet I'm missing a lot in the Blogger community right now. I wonder if my friends are wondering where I am."
      I've not been posting much! I'll try to more this week, because NO SCHOOL!!!! WOOO!!!!

      Okay! I wanted to make sure you were okay with me writing that! I'll use some of those facts in the story, too! :D

      XD! I actually did originally mean just for the lake scene, but actually, these will help, too!!!
      Facts that relate to me:
      -Sometimes stubborn
      -Sometimes picky about food
      -Being comfy (I literally refuse to wear dresses. I HATE being fancy, because... it's just not me at all.)

      It helped a lot!! Thanks so much, Lost!! :D

  3. Don't worry! I'm not mad! :)
    Ohhh! what movie?
    My family and I (welly tox7 on up lol) on Sunday finished watching The Hobbit. LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!
    The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings. are 9000 X 10 better then Star Wars! LOVE IT! :D
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. Whew! Good! :D

      We watched one called "Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life". I actually think it described middle school rather well... XDD!

      Oh yeah! Sarah told me she was watching The Hobbit when we were talking a few days ago! :D
      I've never seen The Hobbit. What's it about?

    2. XD

      Hmmm never heard of it!

      OHH IT'S SOOOOOOO GOOD! I just love them! won't tell all of it, but basically A HOBBIT named Bilbo (Oh look at that! Bilbo is in the word list! XD) is just sitting on his porch, and then an old man/wizard comes by his name is Gandalf he talks to him about going on an adventure. But Bilbo wants no part of it. But that night when he's eating he gets a knock on the door, it's a Dwarf I forgot his name.
      and then when the dwarf is eatting all his food TWO MORE DWARFS COME! Fili and Kili, (Kili is the best!!!) and they are brothers and start eatting everything too! And then a lot more dwarfs come. anyway after their all done eatting and pretty much destroy Bilbo's house (and sing this song! pretty catchy! Btw Kili is the one throwing the dishes into the kitchen the one with brown hair)
      they talk about their home and about the dragon that took their home. (The Lonely Mountain)
      And then they start, Bilbo ends up coming with them. XD

    3. I'll tell you on AJ, it'll be kinda easier. XD
      Will you be on AJ sometime maybe today? I haven't been able to talk to you for a LONG time!
      *King Tough Bunny


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