Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pictures From My Trip!

Hey guys! As I promised, I'm back to show ya some pictures today!
I would've made this post, like, an hour ago, but... uh, yeah, Google Drive decided to take that long to upload the pictures. ):1

These pictures will all be of nature, or of things I made or got, because... you know, I can't exactly reveal my family's faces on here without asking. Sure, I could do mine, but I doubt my mom would go for that idea. :1

Anyways. let's get on with the post! :D

 First off, here's a picture I took while I was on my way to our little rental-house... thingy. This has got to be my favorite one! ;)
 And here's the beach we went to! Yeah, okay, so it's not exactly one of those beaches with the white sand and the crystal-clear water and stuff (which, by the way, I want to go to one of those beaches VERY BADLY), but it's still fun for us! If you avoid the seaweed and, uh, jellyfish. Yeah, I gotta be careful walking around there.
 Here's some seagulls! YAAAY!
XD! They were waiting by our canopy to see if they could snag a few bits of food we dropped (or gave to them).
 A little word made out of shells, made by yours truly! :D
I honestly dunno why I chose the word love. I think it just popped into my head, XD!
 Of course, I had to leave some part of Animal Jam on that beach! So there ya go! AJ and the logo-ladybug drawn in the sand! XD!
 We were tossing bits of food to these guys, so while we did that, I snapped this picture, XD!
 Here's the sunset over the sand dunes that day...
 ...and here's it over the water! By the way, this is my second favorite one, XD!
 On our last day, we went to an aquarium! Here are some ducks and... uh, whatever those white, long-beaked birds are called, that were in a little exhibit close (kinda) to the entrance!
I didn't take any pictures of the fish, because... eh. Fish are just not my thing. I DID take pictures of all the furry and feathered (and some scaly) animals, though!
 I took about a bazillion pictures of this parrot (except I only kept about 4), and I managed to get this pictures while it was fluffing up its wings!
 Here's the parrot being... well, normal. XD!
 WE SAW A SLOOOOOOTH! My mom loves sloths, so we stood and watched it climbing around for a while. IT. WAS. SO. CUUUUUTE!
 He's sorta-kinda hard to see (maybe?), but there's a gray-and-pink-ish iguana lying up on top of this hut exhibit!
 I spent a ton of time trying to take a picture of this toucan, but he was too far away most of the time, and my iPhone camera wasn't focusing. Then, all of a sudden, I turn around, and it was sitting right there for me to photograph! Yay! XD!
 A dolphin playing with its little pool toy. Man, it sure loved those things, XD!
 Okay, so I basically freaked out when I saw that there was a BALD EAGLE at the aquarium. I mean, it's an endangered species and everything! If you look closely, though, it has a torn-up wing, and a sign said that it couldn't be released back into the wild because she couldn't hunt, or even fly on its own.
Still, though, I'm still glad that I got the chance to take a picture of a bald eagle! I'll probably never see another one of those birds again... eheheh. XD!
I took a gazillion pictures, and only kept around 7, but this one was my favorite. :D
 Another dolphin, but seen from underwater. :D
Here are some adorable little otters! I WANT ONEEEEE! XD!
And finally, a very, VERY long boat. VERY long.
It bugs me how uneven that boat is. XD!
We saw this floating by in the water, and I immediately said "WOAH, THAT BOAT IS SO LONG!" XD! Yup, that's me.

Well guys, that's all I have when it comes to pictures! I really hope you guys liked them! If you did, tell me which one was your favorite in the comments, and I'll see you all later! Bye!

P.S. Can anyone get in contact with Crazcat? I need to tell her something!


  1. Awesome Pictures! I can't get over how cute they are!

    1. Aw, thanks Transions! Also, welcome to my blog! :D

  2. Did you see beluga whales at the aquarium and seals? That looks like lots of fun!!

    1. Actually, this time I didn't! They DO have things like sea lions and belugas at another marine-themed place I've been to, though!

  3. Omigosh I just realized I never replied to the Jam-A-Gram you sent me.

    I actually haven't seen your message about the blog; what is it?

    1. *You replied in the email and all that, so I won't bother typing a late reply now. XDD!*

  4. Also, these photos are really great!

  5. Well I CAN, but I haven't done so for DAYS. �� She probably thinks I've vanished off the face of the Earth!


    1. Hehe! No worries, I got ahold of her at last and fixed what I needed! :D

  6. Replies
    1. Hehe, thanks Canine! Glad you like them! :D


    I loaf dolphins XDD


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