Friday, July 28, 2017

The Copycat Art

Hello everyone! How are ya doing? This is just gonna be a small post, but hopefully, I'll come up with an idea for a newer and longer post sometime in the week! Anyways, let's get on with it!

Alright, so, a few days ago, I was just checking some of my online buddies' trade lists, when I came across this made by a person that I honestly don't even remember buddying:

Does it look familiar to you?

Yep. That's right. My own buddy copied my art.

Okay, so some of you may be thinking, "Swirl, what if they just found the same image on Google and drew it?"
That's a possibility. However, I specifically looked up "Simple waterfall lineart" or something close to that. I found the picture I had used as a reference...

See? This person, Grampadude, would have had to somehow find this EXACT piece of art online, by looking up the exact thing (or something close) I did! And, as you can see, I changed a lot of things in my piece of art. I made more slightly-darker lines on the waterfall, rocks, and bushes, and added some splashy-stuff at the bottom of the water streams. If you look up at Grampadude's version, he tried to do exactly what I did, just with a bigger brush!

Now, I'm aware that this person didn't technically STEAL my art. They probably just saw it on my trade list, or at my den, and thought "Oh, that's cool! I'm gonna try and make it!" If that's really how this different version of my art came to be, then I'm flattered that Grampadude really liked it enough to remake it! However, that was my original art (yes, I used a reference, but I added a bunch onto it, and those touches make it mine) , and I really don't like when people try to remake it without my permission. 

Anyways, I unbuddied this person because I was very uncomfortable about that. I didn't JAG him and ask why his looked so similar, but that was because I was pretty sure he'd deny copying mine, and it'd turn into some huge feud which would end with him reporting me or something. Best to just stay away from a fight.

But yeah, there ya go! I hope you guys don't run into any of these copycat-artists in AJ, because trust me, it's not fun to find that someone has secretly tried to remake your original art. Hope you guys have a great day! Please remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON! :D



  1. Oh my word.


    WHO DOES THAT?!!!!!!!!!

    I'm really upset now. >:( How dare someone copy your art without permission or ANYTHING?!

    Honestly, I'm gonna ask. I'm going to ask them why they copied your art because that isn't right! D:

    I one time copied a drawing that just said "dream on" but I changed parts of it and I really wanna find their user again so I can tell them I did that. Plus, I did it when masterpieces were new ish and I didn't think that it would be rude to copy them... Heh, I need to find their user and apologize. D:


    Actually, Frozen made a "Thawedbegger" account and Snowlondon made a "Rainnodnol" account. XDDD


    Honestly, I LOVE IT SO MUCHHHH!!! I can tell it's ending soon but AHHH. IT'S. SO. GOOD. XDDDD

    Ahem, that happened... XD

    P.P.P.S. CONGRATS ON 50,000 VIEWS!!! Right now, I see it's EXACTLY 50,000. XD I'll take a picture and show you on a post or something sometime. :P

    1. Yeah, I was pretty mad the moment I saw it. I would've sent the person a JAG saying "Your waterfall art looks a lot like mine... how come?" or something, but like I said above, I bet they'd make up some excuse... and yeah.

      Aw! You're a good friend Lost! ,:)

      Ah, don't worry! I'm sure they'd be fine with it, even now, as long as you changed some of it! c:

      YESSSSS STRAIGHTDULL! You're the first to notice that! XD!

      Darn! Trust me, if my mom would let me make ANOTHER AJ account, I'd call it Straightdull. XDD!

      Awwwww, thank you so much! I worked hard on it, and I'm glad you liked it so much! ,:D

      Woah, really!? I didn't even realize! :O
      Honestly, the reason I don't do much with the views on my blog is because half of them are probably me... XD!
      However... 50,000! Okay, I didn't view my own blog THAT many times! XDD!

  2. Aww :c You can tell that they copied you because the colors are almost exactly the same,
    but, my Mom always says: "If somebody copies you, then they like your idea!"

    But they should have asked you first,
    If I copy somebody's art (or try, and never make it into a mp) I always put "Orignal by ___"
    Oh gosh I just realized I didn't do that with pixaleted arctic wolf pet o.o
    but its super hard to write in the pixel place XD

    1. Yeah! I guess I can assume that this person liked my idea, but, like you said, they really should have asked me first. When I saw this, I stared at it and then yelled to my sis that someone copied my art. :P

      Yeah, same here! I try to do that, too, even if it's just a piece of art I did at home for fun!
      And XD, don't worry! I'm sure it's fine. :)
      Plus, the cops will have to get through me to get to you.
      Ohhh... wait...
      That'll be easy...
      Ummm... I'll hire somebody. XDDD!

  3. oh yeah.
    *jumps through blogger portal and grabs your Owl City hat*

    *runs back*


      *Literally flings self through portal*
      *Trips and fall over*
      *Gets up, grabs hat, jumps back through portal, and ties to it head*
      There! Now you can't get it! Heheheh!

      XDDDD, this will be a never-ending battle!

  4. (coughcough yours is better coughcough)
    I just reported that person :T, I mean, why on Earth would anyone copy their buddy's drawing without credit and, as I read above, send them an ironic Jam-a-gram right after doing so?

    People are strange
    Or I'm strange
    Or all the bloggers in the community are strange (IN A GOOD WAY BECAUSE IF COPYING ART LIKE THAT IS NORMAL, I'D RATHER BE STRANGE HAHAHAHA BANANAS k bye)

    1. (XDDD! I kinda thought the same thing... DON'T HATE MEEEEE! XDD!)

      Aw, thanks, hehe! I should probably do that too...
      He didn't actually send me a Jam-a-Gram about it, though. I was just saying that I didn't want to JAG him about it and start a fight. I guess he just thought I would never find out or something. ):1

      XDD, oh yes, we're all strange in this community. XDD!


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