Saturday, August 19, 2017

A Final Announcement

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages!
Okay... so no one reading this is a lady or gentleman, really. As in an adult lady or gentleman. Just ignore that. XD!

Anyways, today, I'm making this post to tell you guys about, like the title says, a final announcement. 
First off, I hate to remind everyone (including myself) of this once more... but a lot of us will be returning to school in about a week or so.
*Shudder* School. Mine is basically an overcrowded one-story building where 99% of the kids there go around cussing and talking about inappropriate things.
Yippee. I'm SO looking forward to going back. *Bangs head against wall*
Ooookay, anyways...
So yeah, during the school year, I'll obviously have homework and stuff to deal with, which means that I may get behind when it comes to posting. I'm actually sorta worried, because last school year, I felt like I was drifting away from the AJ community and all the bloggers for a while, mostly during the middle of it. I'm going to try my hardest to make sure that doesn't happen again, but, of course, we'll have to see what happens in the future when it comes to real life.
But yeah... my posting schedule... probably WON'T be a schedule at all.

You Guys: Swirl, it never was.

Eheh, right. But what I mean is, my posts might be REALLY spread out sometimes. So please, be patient, and I promise that I'll try my best to work everything out! :D

Now, there's one more matter that I wanted to discuss before I end this lil' post.

As most of you know (since I told you in a post about a month ago), Jamaasian Middle is nearing its end. 
Well... the end is here.
The last two chapters of JM will be posted tomorrow.
Why two chapters on the same day, you may be asking? Well, the VERY last chapter will be shorter, kinda like an outro of sorts. I didn't feel like it was worth waiting another whole week to post a few paragraphs, so I'll be adding it onto Chapter 34 on Sunday (even though you'll all probably see it Monday). 
Man, it'll be so odd, not posting a chapter every week.
Honestly, this fanfiction has been SO much fun to write! I'm even thinking about designing a digital book cover for it! But, yes, all good things must come to an end, and Jamaasian Middle's time to end happens to be now. I'm sorry. D:
Hopefully, though, you all enjoyed this story of mine! It was actually the first ever long-ish fanfiction I ever posted online, and I put so much work into every single chapter to make it awesome! 
Rest In Storyland, Jamaasian Middle. You'll never be forgotten. 🙏

Anyways, guys, hope you all understand about all of this! In place of JM, you'll be getting new fanfictions, so don't worry about that! :D
Until tomorrow, remember to PARTY HARD, REMEMBER JM, and JAM ON!


  1. Why School? I'm dreading it too. :(

    1. Yeah. *Sigh* It certainly won't make things easier, that's for sure.

  2. Swirl if you want to post more, you could choose one day of your week or how many days of your week that you have lots of free time and then you could work on posts then?

    1. I actually probably would have done that by now if it wasn't for the fact that things aren't really scheduled for me. My school kinda throws the work on me without a warning sometimes, y'know? Makes it hard to find a day every week when I'll be free.
      You DID give me an idea, though! I normally make posts and post them immediately after, but maybe, if I have really limited time online, I'll use a few days to work on the post, and then I'll post it when it's done!
      Surprisingly, I haven't done that before... XD!

  3. D: D: NUUUUUUU *blows up your school when nobody is in it*
    *coughs* Uhhhhhh

    You should make a prequel :o I'm sad that it is going to end :C :C

    1. XDDDDD!
      Yeah, truthfully, if no one was in the school and it blew up, I'd be like "YAY NO SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!" XD!

      I'm sad too. D:
      I may actually make another "Jamaasian" story sometime, though!

  4. Aww, noooo! *puts on black clothes to mourn for JH*

    I get why it has to come to an end, all stories do! But I will sure miss it! D: You're a great storyteller and I can't wait to read more of your stories! ^.^

    And ah, school. I am not starting school until the 7th of September but I am disappointed because I was gonna post a lot and I didn't... D: D: I feel really upset about that...

    Hope you can still hang out on AJ and post or talk on the Google Hangout. :)

    1. Aw, thank you Lost! I'll miss JM too, but I really am looking forward to writing some more fanfictions soon! :D

      Aw, don't worry about that! We all have that happen once in awhile- sometimes it's because we're busy, sometimes because we just don't feel like it (hehe, that's me sometimes), and also because we just forget! Blog whenever you feel the need to- that's the beauty of it! Honestly, as long as I know you're still active in the community and on AJ, I'm happy! :D

      Of course! I may or may not be busy during the school year, but I'll definitely make time for AJ and blogging, no matter what! :D


      I can't wait to read more of your stories!! They are gonna be epic, I know it! ^.^

      Awww, thanks for understanding!!! I was kinda busy (cough cough I probably could have made time but that leads me to:) and I kinda forgot. Or couldn't come up with ideas for posts. But I'll try to post regularly again and comment back faster. XD And aww, that's really sweet! I feel the same way. Even if you don't post a whole lot in the school year, I will be happy just with you being active in the community and stuff. ^.^
      THANK YOUUUUUUUU! *huggles back*

      Oh yay! ^-^ I hope we all can make time for posting even with the business of school. :D

    3. (I didn't even notice until you said that! XDDD!)

      Yaaaay! Thank yoou! I'm excited to finally be working on some more fanfictions now!
      And, of course, a certain bunny will be the star of one of those fanfictions. ):D
      Honestly I'm excited to write that one, XDD!

      Ah, that kind of stuff happens to me all the time. That's why I don't use a posting schedule: if I force myself to post on a certain day, I may not have anything interesting to post about! Lots of people still find things to blog about, but I normally can't think of anything after a while, XDD!
      Yeah! Honestly, if a blogger is inactive for a few days without notice, I kinda start to worry about them. Heh, it's normally nothing, but hey, y'all are my friends! :D

      Yeah! Hopefully we'll all figure something out for the school year so that everyone can still post! :D

      (Also, I'm gonna ask my mom tomorrow if I can use my email again, because I missss itttt, XD! Kinda an unrelated note, but just wanted to tell ya that I may be emailing you again soon! :D)

  5. The end of JM is like the end of a rollercoaster. It was fun, thrilling, a good time... you remember many moments of it, downhill and uphill, and you emerge shaken but happy, wondering where to go next in Super Duper Fanfiction Fanpark.
    My school's inappropriate as well, but we do get a nicer education program there than most schools have, and we have multiple buildings, and we eat outdoors, which means you can eat wherever, as long as it's not INSIDE (except for the music hallways lol). Sadly, I like to make bad jokes and curse too -awkwardly and shakily raises hand- eheh. But it's not as bad as what some kids have said o.o I'm usually a pretty clean and nice person too, and my humor tends to be more ~refined~. For example, I like watching funny TED talks and listening to musical comedy (yes it's slightly inappropriate, but DEEP) and stuff... WHY AM I TURNING THIS INTO A BIG DEAL??
    Anyway, I really do hope I see you more this year. Ugh, school's the worst. People think I'm crazy/stupid, and they're loud, annoying, and yet very ignorant. I still will not ignore the fact that I'm ALSO ignorant. It's nice to have a few good lights in the darkness (music, free time, food, Animal Jam, internet, art, crafts, Bloggers, other friends, writing).
    Can't wait to see your new fanfic after JM.
    You're just as sane as I am, stay starry-eyed, signing off, rachelcatpaws


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