Friday, January 29, 2016

My Favorite AJ Items

Hallo peoples! I'm back today to talk about my favorite items in Animal Jam! (I needed to find something to post about and I just did :P) Let's start with the Den Items first.

 The Ferret Couch is probably my FAVORITE item in ALL of AJ, clothing and den items! Why? It's a FERRET! Look at that cute little face! Plus, this couch goes well with pretty much EVERY den! <3

Epic Plushies
 Epic Plushies are super cute! This little tiger is the only one I have though. I used to have a wolf one, which I was in LOVE with, but sadly someone hacked me and it was taken away. R.I.P, little wolf plushie D:
Anyway, these come in the animal forms of wolves, tigers, penguins, giraffes, pandas, crocodiles, and bunnies. You used to be able to get them by buying an AJ plushie in real life. The toys came with codes to get the digital Animal Jam versions of the animal. I still have my wolf and tiger one <3 Sadly though, these are no longer available.
Clover Trees
 I have always been fond of these giant clovers. I really don't know why, though. But, they're creative and go good with any nature den!
Art Easel 
 I love art, so this Art Easel really suits my personality! And it's from the beta days as well! I love how natural everything looked in those days.

Fire Pit
 I love this Fire Pit, it gives any home a natural feel. Every time I use this item, I have to put some kind of a mat or seat by it, hehe! Makes me feel like I'm camping!

The Golden and Ice Mira Statues
I love these statues because they symbolize Mira, and Mira symbolizes Jamaa. Basically, they're memorials. I love how the Ice Mira look like the statue in the Township, and Mira's pose in the Golden Mira Statue is very beautiful! 

Cami's Frog (not my picture lol. I don't have one yet!)
 This frog is based upon Cami's stuffed frog Froggy. Cami is a girl who once had cancer, I believe, but she recovered! If you want to see Cami for yourself, go here.

The Gazebo is one of my personal favorites, perhaps second in line next to the Ferret Couch! I love how it, again, gives a nature-y feel, and it's certainly a nice place to sit down, relax, and look at the views!

Icing (Fox Plushie)
Icing is my little fox plushie who stars in Icing and Friends! (I really need to catch up on the Icing posts...)
I put him in almost every den! He was one of my dream items as a non-member, and now one of very few items I kept from my non-member days.

Now Clothing!

Party Hats
 I have loved these since the day I saw them! I didn't get one until recently! These look awesome when your at any kind of party!

Rare Nerd Glasses
 These kinda suit me too. No, I'm not exactly a "nerd" at school, but hey, I can be a nerd if I want to! :P

Rare Fox Hats
Rare Fox Hats are super cute on (almost) every animal! They can be used for warm costumes, or Clan costumes!

Holly Hair Bow
 Super cute and goes with every animal!

Rare Wings
 Dragon-looking and EPIC!

Feathered Bird Hat
 Inspired by yours truly, and resembles a peacock, one of my favorite animals!

Clover Amulet
 Goes with any outfit and very nature-y :P

 I love playing my guitar, I love lilac purple. So this suits me well!

Heart Locket and Flower Crown
The Flower Crown is one the most nature-y items in the game, and the Heart Locket resembles fun and friendship to me! :)

Well, that's the list! See you jammers, and remember to Party Hard, Be Kind, and JAM ON!


  1. Lol, most of those items are my favorite items too.
    Plus, nice to be your buddy! Since AJCC shut down I am reading every post of your blog.

  2. I have a croc plushie...OMG I just pulled out my wiggly molar it was bothering me forever!!!!!

  3. Also, how do u get the peacock headress thing?

    1. It is not currently out, but when the Summer Carnival comes back soon, you should be able to get it then! :D

    2. Yay! Although all I remember about the summer carnival is the duplicated items!!

  4. How many tickets anyway?

    1. I believe it is 2,250 tickets. A lot, but in my opinion it is worth it!

  5. "Glasses compliment looks not just for nerds" ~Me

  6. Thx I can't wait for the summer carnival !!!


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