Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Screenshot Dump

Hi! I don't really know what to post about today. Heck, I wasn't even planning on posting! But I don't want you guys to think I'm inactive, so I'll scrounge up some screenshots! Hehe!

 This pesky little glitch happened at Wisteriamoon's den! No one can go any lower than my pig is, AJHQ!!
 I am a kid thinking that you are pretty desperate.
 I'm pretty sure no one has that.
 Hehe, these two were telling people to get off their couch and that it was only for people who liked F.N.A.F. I renamed them Bunny and Chick-Fil-A, instead of " Bonnet" and " Chick a". I honestly hate FNAF, though. It's scary! My friends played it once, and I literally jumped onto a chair when something jump-scared us! XD
 Ugh, more FNAF. But WHAT does your upcoming birthday have to do with that?
 So, I saw this person advertising " AWESOMENESS" at her den. She said " hot ppl only", so I changed into the one and only...PRINCESS PURPLELION!!
She said THAT, because when the owner of the den came, he-or-she said THIS:
 And then this:
 So, um...yeah. My lion was bored, though, so she started yelling " NO I AM THE HOTTEST!" XD
But then, Princess Purplelion saw...HIM.
* Cue love music*
Princess talked with Eyeface ( he actually said that was his name! Lol!) for about a minute, or less, and then he left. Princess was mad, so she screamed " WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY", and ran in circles until an arctic wolf came up and slapped her.
Then, after throwing waffles at her, and chasing her around the den, Eyeface returned! To say he was a girl. Then he/she left.
Princess Purplelion wasn't offended!
And that's my odd story! * Applause* Okay, let's move on now!
 What a cool idea! This jammer had a restaurant at her den, and since she was a non-member, she created a sign out of a Masterpiece and a Tiki Table!
 Oh. I just realized that I was saying this. Eheheheh....
 Um, if they ARE away from their keyboard, how would they reply?!
 And I wanted to be a dog. Clearly, life doesn't always work out the way we want it. :P
 Do you see the tiny little space in black-bow...where the background shows through? FIX IT AJHQ!!!
 Those tiny spikes! o.o
 Me copying an Fman imposter in my faboo outfit! OOOH YEAH!
 I wanted to say " WHO IN JAMAA ARE YOU TALKING TO?!", but she left. Grr.
Oh yeah, nice excuse, girl.
 Are those wings released? I don't think they are...WAIT! THOSE WINGS ARE FOR MEMBERS, AND THIS WAS A NON-MEMBER! O.O
 I rather like this username! It's kinda funny too!
 " bread man"
 Someone offered me white Cupid Wings for my pink Rare Head Feather, but I declined to check if they were a fair trade. Turns out, according to this person, there are no "glitched" white Cupid Wings! Haha! I'm glad I didn't accept!

This Spirit Glove is glitched on deer!

That's all for now, I gotta get on AJ!!! Remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON, and I'll see you L-8TER!


I just finished another Masterpiece! Check it out!
It goes with my fan-fiction I posted a while back, Replaced! I think I'm getting better every time! What do you all think? :D


  1. XDD I almost laughed out loud when I saw the ".. hot ppl only .." part.
    Oh! Those wings are from the codes of AJ toys. So they are non-member. :) XD
    Omgoodness! Your art is awesome! I love Liza's crying eyes... And you did them both so well! Good job, Swirl!!! ^-^

    1. XD, right!?
      Ah! That makes sense! They look surprisingly similar to those Mystical Faerie Wings, though...
      XD! I honestly have no idea! And they kept REPEATING IT!
      Thank you! It took me hours!

    2. XD
      I know, they are super similar... BE CREATIVE, AJ! XDDD
      O.O Odd...
      Wow, HOURS?!! MAMAMIA! :P You did splendid on it though! ;)

  2. Haha, those are some pretty funny screenshots! I also LOVED that super cool masterpiece sign! Jammers are so creative. ^.^

    1. I know right? I loved that idea! I think I'll maybe do a post on items that jammers create out of other items, like that sign!

  3. How can one draw like that on the AJ masterpiece thingy?! That's awesome, Swirl! Do you use a drawing pad or what?
    These screenshot dumps are pretty funny. :P

    1. Nope, it's just me and my mouse! XD
      And thanks! :P

    2. You used a mouse and drew like that?!?!? I can't draw a straight line using my mouse. XD
      You have some serious skills. :D

    3. Yep, I guess I just adapted to using a jerky digital paintbrush, huh? XD
      Thank you!!! Although you DEFINITELY have skills as well!!

  4. Hehe, these pictures were funny XDDD
    -How can a baby like that talk???? Also, babies drink milk XD
    -There is an AJ video called ''How to draw a Realistic Potato'' or something like that, by perroamillo I think.
    -These nicknames are better than Chica and Bonnie. FNaF is dull for me, I've TRIED playing some FNaF- themed games on Sploder.And it's also creepy. And those.....things(?) that pop up all the time truly get in my nerves! I actually don't think it's scary, but I find nothing scary except ONE and only thing (I will let you guess it if you want but it's something most people are not afraid of XD Also, I don't mean ''I'm afraid some1 will hack me'', I mean something I find scary).
    -Hotness party... Looks like the idel place for...... CRUNCHY!! (my hawt panda BD)
    -O,O this wolf outfit indeed is so fab!
    Also, this masterpiece is awesome! I made some Futurama Art and some Twin Peaks Art but I didn't buy it yet.Also, the futurama 1 was a disaster, it needs LOTS of changes.

    1. - XD, I never thought about that!
      - Ohhh! That makes sense! I just thought the person was one of those potato-obsessed people. You can see that I don't watch YouTube very much, XD!
      - IKR!? I was so smart to think of 'em! Lol!
      You're obviously braver than me, because that game scares the freak out of me. XDDD
      Hmmm....:O IS IT NARWHALS?! ARE YOU SCARED OF NARWHALS!? They can impale you. O.O
      XD, just kidding, I know it's not that. But I have no clue what to guess, lol!
      - OOOO! Princess Purplelion would like to meet Crunchy! XD
      - Yas, so faboo!
      - Thank you! And I really want to see your new art! Did you transfer it all to Tzatziki ( or whatever the username is, I can't remember, lol)?
      I bet it's still good. :)

    2. O narwalz r scari :cri: XD
      You will find out soon at AJCC, I'm thinking of making a post where I will mention it.

    3. Mention the narwhals, or mention the thing you're actually scared of? XD

    4. Mention what scares me... 😮

  5. Replies
    1. I just saw it! You're awesome at art, girl!

  6. On the you can't go lower than my pig thing were you in the crystal room or in the lava room underneath the crystal room


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